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My PT hates me and I need some help please

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Old 23 Oct 2007, 08:04 am
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Default My PT hates me and I need some help please

Alright, so I have a 2003 Limited that just hit 50,000 miles and about 3 weeks ago, I was at the mall and when I went to leave, the car wouldn't start. You could hear it trying to turn over, but it just wouldn't fire. I had it towed up to the dealership (Jerry Ulm Chrysler in Tampa) and they called me back later that day to let me know it was the fuel pump which was along the lines of what I thought the problem would be. They told me they had to order the part and it would be in within a day. The next evening, they called me up to tell me that they got the part and installed it, but the wiring harness was shorted out and it would take a 3-4 days to get the part in. Well, after they got that fixed, they called me up to tell me that the water pump was leaking which would be another $600 which pushed the total to just over $1600 for the entire repair. The following day, the car was ready, but there was now a problem with the ABS sensor which would be another $100 (parts only). They said it was fine to drive the car and to just bring it back in when the part arrived, so as I drive away, not only is the ABS light on, but the traction control light is on and the AC doesn't work. The dealership was closing so they told me to bring it back in the morning, which I did and the AC issue turned out to be a fuse issue.

At this point, I've dropped $1600 on the car, not to mention $200 for a rental car and I have another $100 for the upcoming ABS sensor replacement. The repairs were completed 1 week ago.

Everything seemed to be running fine until 2 days ago when the car was slow to start. The battery was fine and it seemed like it wasn't getting enough fuel and the problem occurred sporadically. It would struggle to start one time, but then be fine for several starts. On top of that, the car started idling really low like it was going to stall out, so I made an appointment for the dealership for tomorrow.

This brings me to a new issue. I get up to take my daughter to school this morning and the check engine light is on. I did the key thing and got a P0700 error code. Then driving the car, it was like it was stuck in 2nd gear. I'm scared to death at this point at what this is going to cost me. I'm a single mother of 2 kids and I do not have the money for another major repair.

Does anyone here have a clue what might be going wrong with my PT? She's been babied her whole life and I can't figure out why all these problems are happening and I'm seriously about to have a nervous breakdown.


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Old 23 Oct 2007, 08:09 am
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Default Re: My PT hates me and I need some help please

Sounds like the next thing you need is another dealer..........
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Old 23 Oct 2007, 09:06 am
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Default Re: My PT hates me and I need some help please

Kim. I agree with Tom. I think your being taken advantage of by that dealer. Ask around your neighbors or at a local car cruise-in for recommendations of an honest repair shop.
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Old 23 Oct 2007, 09:43 am
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Default Re: My PT hates me and I need some help please

Agree withthe others. That dealer sounds like a shark...
The P0700 is a transmission code - but is not a guarantee you need a new transmission, which I am sure your current dealer would sell you.
Read the following about it - it was for someone with the same conditions and 76,000 miles:

Tranny in limp mode and check engine light...

Don't get discouraged ---- yet.
It will cost about $100 to get the proper diagnostic readout from the dealer. I'm sure you plan to do this anyway.
There are several possible culprits which are external to the transmission itself: The transmission computer (TCM), conntections from the TCM to the engine computer, and
the solenoid block (attached to the transmission). My problems (not exactly the same as yours) turned out to be a broken wire. If it turns out that the transmission is not really to blame, do yourself a favor and get the fluid changed. 76K is too long to go without a fluid change with this transmission (figure about $200 to get the change done right).
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Old 23 Oct 2007, 01:50 pm
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Default Re: My PT hates me and I need some help please

Kim, if you have issue with getting another dealer / shop (too far, etc.) or even if you don't, have you considered detailing the issues, as you've done here in this forum and asking to review the invoices and issues with the dealer owner ? Not to be out of line, but I have seen the same situation with my mother who lives 6 hrs. from me - dealers or shops taking advantage of people. When I step in on my mothers behalf and try to make whomever is telling her she needs parts and labor for her car, at times they stumble in their explanations. My point is, if you go to the dealer and specifically to the owner (they should NOT be unable to meet with), at the very least you'll be letting them know you are not to be taken advantage of. At best, you may get some settlement from them by challenging their diagnostics. Drag Chrysler's name into the equation and ask specifically, why a car with 50,000 miles would need all those parts you've had to replace and especially WHY ALL AT A ONE TIME VISIT ? ... suggesting his dealership is taking you for a ride. If you bought the car from them, drop that ball in their lap as well and express concern with ever doing business with them again.

Shops and dealers need to be accountable rather than running wild. Do you have that latitude in your job ? I suspect not. I suspect your accountable for your work. Put them in your shoes.

Good luck.
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Old 23 Oct 2007, 02:46 pm
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Default Re: My PT hates me and I need some help please

get a second and maybe third options
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Old 23 Oct 2007, 03:06 pm
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Default Re: My PT hates me and I need some help please

wow...! that dealer's giving you the run-around, alright! if you have documentations of all the repairs, and it turns out to be JUST the tranny issue, then you can complain to the attorney general's office about this dealer's shady business--and THEN confront them according to calflan's suggestions. By telling them you've already filed a complaint with BBB and the Atty General AND the State of Florida, and by saying they've created hardship for you and your daughters, they'll have to concede and give you what you needed done for your PT, hopefully a FREE repair!

I, too had my tranny fixed, because I had the same engine light (error code P0605), and I had a friend of mine tell me that my tranny was stuck in 2nd gear. That was when I had my 2002 PT (Basic). And because I didn't have an extended warranty on the tranny issues, I had to pay $90.00 for the diagnosis and $350.00 for the computer module replacement. I was told by the owner of the transmission shop that despite that I didn't have extended warranty, the government is still obligated to cover REBUILDING of the tranny, but they don't cover the COMPUTER part of it. Check out your warranty and go to a reputable transmission shop (friends or club should know!)....don't go back to that...friggin' dealer--EVER.

Get your spark plugs changed, air filter changed, fluid changed FIRST...and if that engine light STILL pops up then it's a tranny issue.

Let us know how it went!
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