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reaplaced axles and all hub bearings, humming sound???

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Old 25 Oct 2007, 12:29 am
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Default reaplaced axles and all hub bearings, humming sound???

Hello I am working on a non turbo 2001 or 02 pt cruiser for a co-worker.

someone replaced both axles and all the hub bearings as far as I was told.
The car has been driven about 40 miles since.

the transmissions was "tuned up" I guess filter, fluid, and pressure test.

anyway the car is humming from what she has told me and when i went for a ride it seems to get louder with speed.

I fixed a popping noise for her, which was the lower ball joint bolt that connects to the knuckle, the nut was completely lose and the nut was just hand tight, so no wonder the ball joint stud was banging the bolt from inside the hole making the noise.

anyway I got a new bolt and tighten it up and that was instantly fixed.

she wants me to check this humming out for her.

I checked to make sure the axle nuts were tight, I had a really big breaker bar and put all my weight (225 lbs.) and it didnt budge so I guess its tight at least.

can the bearings / axle hum from being too tight? I was thinking about lossening up the nuts and retighten them and go for a ride.

I am trying to fix things with out doing alot of work since its not my car or type I like to work on, and its been worked on by so many people I dont want things blamed on me for breaking, etc....

I assume the guy who did this work installed the bearings right with a press and got the correct axles. I checked for any movement in the axle with the rims off and nothing really out the ordinary.

thx for any help, I have a few days till the rain goes away so I am not in a hurry.

I think I need to find out what this guy replaced and on what sides so I can get a clearer picture. she had this stuff done since I guess she was getting metal to metal noises, vibrations, and/or shimming.
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Old 25 Oct 2007, 02:21 pm
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Default Re: reaplaced axles and all hub bearings, humming sound???

i would say check the wheel bearings
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Old 25 Oct 2007, 05:26 pm
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Default Re: reaplaced axles and all hub bearings, humming sound???

Drive Axle/Hub Nut = 180 Ft lbs Torque. Any more than that and the bearing will burn out.

The humming noise could be coming from a lot of different places including the transaxle or either half shaft. Try to get it up on a lift that lets the wheels move freely and with someone in the car, put it in drive while someone below listens to pinpoint the humming.
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Old 25 Oct 2007, 09:37 pm
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Default Re: reaplaced axles and all hub bearings, humming sound???

I am going to take it apart and listen to each side while it is idling in drive.

I suspect if all front hub bearings were replaced an new axles, I would assume the axle nut is maybe too tight i guess.
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Old 29 Oct 2007, 08:13 pm
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Default Re: reaplaced axles and all hub bearings, humming sound???

Well after looking over everything I couldnt find anything wrong with the installed hub bearings and new axles.

The car drives fairly smooth and does sharp turns with no clunks, etc...

About 60 mph just cruising I do get some road noise like a humming or maybe a vibration of some sort.

I retorqued the axle nuts to 150 then went alittle bit more. one parts site noted that for some aftermarket brand of axles that they only required 135 ft. pounds, not sure if it was a mis print, however, these axles are not oem ones they are aftermarket from some parts store and as well as the bearings I assume.

The drivers side axle doesnt even have a hole for the cotter pin or the lock hub nut, and even if it did it doesnt have much threads left to put that stuff on anyway. the passengers side does, however, those pieces are no where to be found anyway. I let the lady know that the guy couldnt really put it on the drivers side anyway, and I highly doubt it will come lose at those torque specs.

the axle for the drivers side looks like an abs one however the car doesnt have abs, but from my researching it doesnt effect the install.

overall I told the lady that the hub and axles are tight and dont have any play in them so its good to ride IMO. maybe everything needs to set together and the high speed humming will go away.

I gave her back her keys and said basically I did everything I can without replacing any parts or taking things all apart again. I also said I dont have the real tools required to isolate noises however I told her IMO its coming from the transmission area where the axles go in at. I put the car in N and turned it wheel locking the other side and its somewhat gritty feeling, both sides did it and the sound was coming from the inside area it seems. I assume its just the internal gears.

Sorry guys but I dislike front wheel drive cars alot, the car looks good at least but man do I dislike front wheel drive!!
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Old 31 Oct 2007, 12:44 pm
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Default Re: reaplaced axles and all hub bearings, humming sound???

My hunch would be tires....
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Old 31 Oct 2007, 06:19 pm
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Default Re: reaplaced axles and all hub bearings, humming sound???

new tires mounted and balanced.
car also had a tranny tune up and well as engine full tune up.

either way I dont think she is driving now since the first day she drove it in awhile Tuesday on the way to work someone hit her apparently

not sure how bad the damage is either. since she took off today as well as yesterday she is unhurt at least.
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