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Im a new PT Cruiser owner who is looking for help.

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Old 04 Feb 2008, 12:16 pm
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Question Im a new PT Cruiser owner who is looking for help.

When I bought this car on Saturday the dealer told me it gets 32-34 mpg. That alone sold me on the car because I'm a single mom trying to go to college. The look of it had me exstatic (I know you all understand) Now Im very torn. I have read through posts here on gas mileage and its very upsetting. I would have expected at least 24mpg. Heck at this point I'd settle for 22. If it really only gets 17mpg I am completely sunk. I have today and tomorrow to decide if I can keep it. I REALLY want to but have no idea how to pull it off.

I have a 2005 automatic PT Cruiser Model MP (non-turbo) in Midnight Blue Pearl with 48606miles (a few more now). It had one owner with no wrecks on the car fax. I DO NOT want turbo anything and I personally don't like hearing a car so I'm not looking for that either. Im just looking to find out what I can do to increase gas mileage. At the moment 95% of my driving is city.
I plan to inflat the tires 2 or 3 points higher than recommended on the sticker. I will coast on red lights. I've read some about the Airaid Intake Systems. Does that really work? Can anyone install it? Does it make the car any louder? How much will replacing the spark plugs and wires cost me?

I REALLY want to keep this car so Im trying to figure out how in the world to do it.

What gas should I use?

I greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.

2005 automatic PT Cruiser in Midnight Blue Pearl

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Old 04 Feb 2008, 01:22 pm
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Default Re: Im a new PT Cruiser owner who is looking for help.

Welcome to the forum!

Don't know about everybody else, but I'm not doing anything special, and my 2003, a non-turbo with an automatic transmission, is getting 25/26 mpg. Would you know if yours has had regular tuneup/oilchanges/etc? Basic maintenance is, after all, one of the biggest things that'll affect mileage.
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Old 04 Feb 2008, 03:13 pm
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Default Re: Im a new PT Cruiser owner who is looking for help.

i think you should keep it, like mentioned have a good tune up done
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Old 04 Feb 2008, 03:16 pm
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Default Re: Im a new PT Cruiser owner who is looking for help.

As much as I love my PT, and as much as I understand you like it - I say take it back to the dealer and in no uncertain terms tell him you don't want it because HE LIED.
I don't know of anyone getting 32-34 MPG - and I've been on PT Forums for years. He knows he was lying - don't let him make the sale - that rewards lying.
You can get another PT from another dealer or private seller.
Since you said: "At the moment 95% of my driving is city." I think you'll be lucky to get 20.
All PTs except the GT turbo run fine on regular. You're wasting your money putting in anything other than regular.
The AirAid is louder, and it isn't cheap - you can buy a lot of gas before you'll pay off an AirAid in gas savings. Best is to buy a K&N replacement filter. (around $45) Advance Auto carries them.

Ask around for a good Mechanic, then ask what they charge to replace the wires with Crane ignition wires (stock are crap) Champion plugs are fine, but should be replaced when new wires are done. DO NOT GO TO DEALER - they will sell you the stock wires and charge too much.
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Old 04 Feb 2008, 03:56 pm
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Default Re: Im a new PT Cruiser owner who is looking for help.

Dear BDgcham;

QS is right, my wife and I have owned 4 pt's, since 2002. I've owned a 2002 Limited edition, now driive an 04 GT, my wife owned an 03 Touring edition and now drives an 07 PCH, (Touring Edition) Normal for this car city driving is 20, Normal for Highway is 25-27. That's if it has good plugs, good wires, clean air filter and your foot isn't too heavy.

PT's we've found are very dependable, but, as with any used car, will depend on how well the original owner took care of it, and how he drove it.

As much as I love PT's, if I were you I would return the car, just based upon the fact that either, the salesman doesn't know what he's taliking about, (to be kind) or he's out and out lying to you.......

If you're still interested in owning a PT, I would try to buy either at a Chrysler dealer, since they would hopefully be able to properly prepare the car for sale and would probably give you a decent warrenty on your car, or, privately from some little old lady.

Good luck, and remember to ask any question about PT ownership here, you're talking to people who own and use PT's everyday.


PS- Don't put too much trust in CarFax, from firsthand experience I know that they aren't too reliable.

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Old 04 Feb 2008, 04:13 pm
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Default Re: Im a new PT Cruiser owner who is looking for help.

Welcome to the Forum bgdcham. That salesman is full of "S*it". Everyone on the forum here will tell you that probably will get between 18 - 20 MPG. A Airaid system will run you about $180.00 and it is a snap to put on I love the sound, but thats me.. I have had 2 and both time it did increase my highway mileage, didn't make much difference city driving. All I can say is the previous posters have suggested the best ways to increase the mileage.

Return the car and let them know the reason you are returning it. Talk to the Sales Manager and also tell him the reason. If they won't lower the price, don't walk, run out the door!!!

There will be another one.

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Old 04 Feb 2008, 09:06 pm
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Default Re: Im a new PT Cruiser owner who is looking for help.

yup id walk into the dealer ship toss him the keys and say no thanks !! if he or she lied to you about the mileage who knows what he or she is also hideing do not let him trap you in to a sale you know you cant afford they will try to trick you to buy the car this i swear they will do . if you cant handle it alone bring a friend to give you support. the dealer dont care about you its there job to sell you a car if they cant they lose money. if you can honestly afford the pt and you like it keep it.if you need mileage maby look into a kea reo nice warrentys cheep to buy new 10yr 100000mi warrenty.good luck and keep us posted.. ps your pt looks just like mine
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Old 04 Feb 2008, 10:23 pm
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Default Re: Im a new PT Cruiser owner who is looking for help.

everyone else has pretty much summed it up nicely. as for CARFAX, ive said it before and Ill continue saying it.... DO NOT BELIEVE CARFAX REPORTS! any reporting of accidents or lemon problems is strictly voluntary. so unless forced by someone else, repair facilities will not report damages. the only way to be sure is to pay a good reputable bodyshop to look the car over top to bottom, they will be able to tell if the car was worked on, painted, etc.

Also, Welcome to the forum!!!!
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Old 04 Feb 2008, 11:18 pm
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Thumbs down Re: Im a new PT Cruiser owner who is looking for help.

Agree much as i Like my PTs!
The sales person LIED TO YOU!
(just take a look at any new and old window stickers)
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Old 05 Feb 2008, 10:02 am
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Default Re: Im a new PT Cruiser owner who is looking for help.

If your main need is a high gas mileage car, then the PT will never deliver 30+ mpg city. If your main drive was highway then you could get high 20's. But since your only city driving, as I am, then 20mpg in the summer is about top but in the winter it will be less (18+). I completely agree with the others about the salesman lied to you about mileage estimate. That is not even close to the EPA rating for the PT. This deal sounds like the classic used car salesman line "A little old lady only drove this car on Sundays"

Recommendation, take this car back and find a different place to buy your high gas mileage car. Every time you put gas into it you will be angry . It is not worth it to feel that way.
07 PT Cruiser Limited, Cool Vanilla - NA
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