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Buying PT Convertibles

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Old 01 Apr 2008, 10:03 am
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Default Buying PT Convertibles

Since there is so much talk about the Conv. being dropped and people having trouble getting one. I thought this might be helpfull to some. Last March I bought a Used GT turbo 06 with 25 miles on it from a dodge dealer in New Jersey for $18K (list for 28k). I found it by using Auto trader. Click used cars. Year 2006 to 2008. Model Conv. Expand your search to ALL. Click more search criteria, then Sort by. Then mileage-low to high. You will find cars all over the country starting with 10 miles. These cars are brand new but can not be sold as new because they were bought at chrysler auctions all over the country and once they leave the original dealer they must be considered used. Checking car fax will varify. At these prices you can have a car shipped and still make out. Also high output GT turbos are gone so this is an oppertunity to get a new one. I have 15k on mine with no problems. The only draw back is the warrenty starts at the date of inseption not the purchase date. I lost only 4 months. Good Luck
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Old 01 Apr 2008, 10:33 am
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Default Re: Buying PT Convertibles

That is exactly how I recieved my loaded 2007 GT Convertible with only 130 miles on it. it stickered for over $31,000 when new paid under $17000 with a full warrannty till Aug 2009.
The car is a BLAST! Gas mileage is low(SHOULD IMPROVE WITH AGE) but FUN factor is HIGH.
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Old 01 Apr 2008, 06:37 pm
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Default Re: Buying PT Convertibles

Originally Posted by uxb2001 View Post
The car is a BLAST! Gas mileage is low(SHOULD IMPROVE WITH AGE) but FUN factor is HIGH.
it doesn't
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Old 01 Apr 2008, 09:49 pm
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Cool Re: Buying PT Convertibles

Actually, the consensus on the posts about mileage is that mileage does improve after 20,000-30,000.
(I've already gone up to around 30 mpg on long runs on the 2006 NA/manual tranny soonercruiser. And she only has 23,000 on her!
The 2006 GT HO turbo vert is only getting around 24, at best; but only has 11,000 on her.

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Old 01 Apr 2008, 10:18 pm
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Smile Re: Buying PT Convertibles

If it doesn't it is because I am flooring it to get that turbo going, I love the acceleration.
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Old 19 Apr 2008, 12:35 pm
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Default Re: Buying PT Convertibles

We bought a 2005 Dream Cruiser (High Output Turbo) convertible in December, 2006 w/17K mi for $15K. We love the car, but we found a few drawbacks. One is that there's already a wear spot on the convertible roof from the top going up and down. Were told when under full warranty that Chrysler wouldn't fix it, that Chrysler said it's normal wear and tear. Also found out that although Chrysler used to sell just the fabric top, now it only sells the convertible top as a single unit costing around $5,000. Same for any other part of the convertible top system such as the window. Since our top is a special color, I'm not even sure that Chrysler would have that color when it wears out. Doesn't have a lot of other things for that car now. Guess I'll have to go to the antique car parts dealers like Bill Hirsch for a top when the time comes.

Also been having weird electrical problems that come and go that the dealers can't figure out, specifically a gas gauge that can read empty when it's full and full when it's empty and a left rear brake light that occasionally works and occasionally doesn't. Naturally, trying to find the problems has cost a small fortune as well as left the car with a sympathy vibration in the dash. Have never had an electrical problem with my 2001, but brakes, whoo boy! Searching now for a better braking system not just rotors & pads.

Also, keep an eye out for rust in the welds of the frame on all PT's. My 2001 has had rust there since almost Day 1, but, of course, that's "normal wear and tear" per Chrysler as was the rust on the OEM sway bars that appeared about a month after I bought the car (new). So much for the rust warranty.

Still, we don't want to ever give up either car. We love them too much. Just got to find somebody who really knows how to fix them. Dennis
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Old 06 Sep 2008, 11:41 pm
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Default Buying PT Convertibles

Hi Fellow Cruisers, I did the same thing last year mid June looked on Ebay though instead of Auto Trader and found a new 05 GT 5 Speed in Arlington, VA at Rosenthal Chrysler with 45 miles on it. The car had never been titled, etc they sold it to me for 15,000 which was betail retail at the time and I paid 1000.00 to ship it thru DAS. Great Car, No problems and now has 5400 miles on it. Loving every minute of this great car!

Side Note - I checked Auto Trader before posting this and there are still some 05, 06, 07 GT Convertibles ,ETC that were never sold out there
and have less than 100 miles on them. As the origional poster mentioned it effects the 3-36 Bumper to Bumper and in most cases voiod the 7 year / 70 K powertrain if you are buying an 05. My warranty expires Nov 30, 2009... I lost six months roughly off my warranty but the cost savings all but made it for it. Happy Shopping.
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Old 07 Sep 2008, 08:10 am
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Default Re: Buying PT Convertibles

seems like some great deals !!
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Old 07 Sep 2008, 10:29 pm
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Default Re: Buying PT Convertibles

Converts are Def worth it!! :-)
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Old 22 Sep 2008, 04:17 am
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Default Re: Buying PT Convertibles

Some thoughts before you purchace,to late for me

Do you have cats,they love to sun bath on the roof
Do you live in the country ,squirrels seem to think canvas is a chew toy
Do you have bird feeders around your property ,dive bombers
Do you live in the snowbelt
Do you own a garage

Love my cruiser but personaly ,I should have given it more thought

Spending fall building a garage to hide from critters and the elements
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