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question on tire pressure

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Old 27 Mar 2009, 08:05 am
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Default question on tire pressure

I wanted to bounce this off of some of you. Several years ago, after having lots of problems, I replaced the good-for-a-year's with BFG TractionT/A's. There was a huge improvement all around.

Recently I had some brake work done on the rear at Midas. They do an all-points courtesy check. They commented that the tires are wearing on the edges "as if" they were under-inflated, but my tire pressure was just over 36 all around. The tech said that he's seen where some tires (especially performance tires like these) have a stiffer sidewall and require a higher pressure than what is recommended by the car manufacturer for the vehicle because that is based on the tires they are shipped with (i.e. Goodyear). He said he's seen this happen with Michelin Harmony's and some others.

He suggested bumping the pressure up to 38 or 40 to counter this.

Do you guys concur that tires like I am running (BFG Traction T/A) should be run at a higher PSI than the Chrysler recommended pressure for the PT?
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Old 27 Mar 2009, 08:30 am
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Default Re: question on tire pressure

I've seen a number of different views on tire pressure for the PT. Myself, I put 3 lbs over what's recommended on the placard that's on the door edge. I've done that for so long I can't remember why I started doing it but with continued rotation at every other oil change and constant monitoring to keep the pressure where I want it, I've never seen any uneven wear.
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Old 27 Mar 2009, 08:41 am
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Default Re: question on tire pressure

I run 38 to 40 in the PT's (especially in the front), and 36 in the Miata's. Makes for a little stiffer ride, but not too hard.
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Old 28 Mar 2009, 08:29 pm
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Default Re: question on tire pressure

I always go 2-3PSI above the door sticker - always have. Tires loose air so I put a bit over. Also, firm tires are good for mileage.
My tires are worn evenly.
How often do you check the pressure?
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Old 31 Mar 2009, 04:35 pm
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Default Re: question on tire pressure

The recommended tire pressure for the OEM tire is designed to give you a "Load rating" which the manufacturer considers correct for the car. It's a combination of handling & ride quality.

The OEM Goodyear Eagle is a P205/55/16 "89T".

In the same size the Traction TA could be either an 89T or 90H or 90V. Technically the 90 tires require slightly less air pressure than the 89 to get the same load rating. They have slightly better heat dissipation and traction. They also have a lower wear rating. So I would say that edge wear should be about the same if not better than the OEM. If you went with a lower profile wider tire which has a lower load rating you would need to increase the pressure to compensate and bring the load rating up to where the OEM was at standard pressure. Falken Tire has a good chart to show this.Falken Tire

It's hard to see from the photos of both, but if the TA's have a more squared edge than rounded edge this would cause faster edge wear as the suspension geometry would have be designed for the OEM profile. If you switched to a lower profile, wider tire the same would apply.

This is all to say that it is not unusual to have to change the pressure if you change from OEM tires.
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