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shaking today stepping on gas p2074 + p0122

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Old 21 May 2009, 08:39 pm
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Default shaking today stepping on gas p2074 + p0122

so i was on the fwy today around 60mph constant around 2500rpm or less
and suddenly car shook a little then engine light
then if i would move the gas pedal from the position it was in - car would shake again
(probably it shook mostly if i would step on the gas pedal and the rpm got around 2500)
so i just drove it like that to work,
did the ignition key to get codes p0274 and p0122

drove it home, called chrysler service
drove to service about 10 miles, but i didnt notice any more shaking related to gas pedal, rpm went 2800 1 or 2 times, 60mph...

so when they turned it back on engine light was off
they said from the "stored codes"
this is the diagnostic for the "car shaking at 60mph"
(well, this is a picture i went back and i took from one of their pages, because the page printed for me has nothing of these things on it - it just says "world class inspection" by technician ABC, labor 115$, thats it... nothing about what has to be fixed)

so i'm guessing all those with .xx are part prices
then i got to add their 200$/hour labor

i said, what about the code p0274 something about vacuum loss doesnt that have something to do with stepping on the gas? they said no?

from their parts list - is the tps sensor for 122, and the gaskets would cover 2074?
i have no idea...

they cant provide me with loaner because i didnt buy the car from them,
and then my extended warranty co. Zurich wants to inspect the car before all these repairs.

then all that was capped with
charged me tax for diagnostic fee?! i asked - tax on labor? they said yeah we tax everything here except state inspection.

meh, im a bit hypertensive at the moment... uhhhhh .. actually its just 130/77 so not hypertensive
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Old 21 May 2009, 09:47 pm
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Default Re: shaking today stepping on gas p2074 + p0122

I have no idea either but about 2yrs ago before i even knew of this forum, my PT started shaking at 60mph but no trouble codes. took it to a mechanic and found out that the emergency brake was shot and was rubbing against the roters an that wasnt too bad but what you got sounds a little pricey. anyways i know someone will come along and help so let me know how things go.
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Old 22 May 2009, 06:07 am
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Default Re: shaking today stepping on gas p2074 + p0122


Only the last 3 things on the list have anything to do with your engine problem and the rest I'll assume they found while performing the "world class inspection".

You've already spent the money for the diagnostic and hopefully that will go towards any work you actually have done, at least most shops will do that.

Hopefully you were wrong about the $200/hour labor charge, if not, they should be reported to the BBB for gouging. If your right, you should have asked beforehand and found a different place to diagnose your problem.

Without knowing a heck of a lot more about your PT, we really can't say if they are just trying to soak you about all the front end parts that they say you need. The front suspension is known for failed parts but not everyone suffers that fate. I have 98,000 miles and had the whole front end checked out and everything is fine.

The $100.60 TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) is probably one of the easiest things to replace (located next to the Throttle Body and as far as the intake gaskets, they probably only need to be tightened down, but if your not into maintenance, you'll have to let them do it and hopefully it will clear up your problem.

Take it somewhere else for a FREE diagnostic of your front end parts. Most shops will inspect everything for free on hopes that you'll buy parts and labor from them, but you don't have to do it unless something they show you is life threatening and needs to be done "right now".

Good luck.
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