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scary situation happened on the highway today

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Old 20 Jul 2009, 03:39 pm
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Default scary situation happened on the highway today

woooo havent wrote on this forum for awhile. anyways, as i was driving today...i was in the fast lane doing about 80mph when all of a sudden my car jerked to the left like i lost control for about a second. i thought it was the wind or a speeding car or truck next to me...but i was all alone really on the highway and the trees weren't even moving. well a little bit later it happened again. it just jerked to the left suddenly where i had to grab the wheel tight to make sure that i didnt go off the road. (after the first jerk i slowed down to about 65mph and then the jerk happened again) what could this be? it was a little scary...didnt happen again after that, just want to get some opinions. thanks!
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Old 20 Jul 2009, 05:18 pm
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Default Re: scary situation happened on the highway today

Get rid of that "Jerk". Seriously I haven't heard of anything like that happening. It is good that you slowed down to the speed limit..

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Old 20 Jul 2009, 05:50 pm
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Default Re: scary situation happened on the highway today

sounds bad
i would checking brake and caliper on that side its almost like its grabbing disc
are track rods ends ok etc
its a diffecult fault to work out with seeing car
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Old 20 Jul 2009, 07:00 pm
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Default Re: scary situation happened on the highway today

Sure the engine didn't "burp"? torque steer could pull the wheel...
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Old 21 Jul 2009, 07:53 am
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Default Re: scary situation happened on the highway today

I was in a scary situation yesterday too coming home from work on Interstate 16...

Quite possibly the worst thunderstorms I've ever seen. Visibility was less than 10 feet with the wipers wide open... rain x wasn't even that much help.

Cruised along at 15 mph with flashers on for a couple miles, then had to pull over and stop because even 15 mph wasn't safe. Most everyone else was pulled over as well.

Waited about 10 mins, then the rain let up, and 2 miles down the road I hit sunshine and blue sky.

Totally wild.
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Old 21 Jul 2009, 08:02 am
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Default Re: scary situation happened on the highway today

Also check the power steering, a valve sticking or a change in pressure might cause something like that.
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Old 21 Jul 2009, 08:06 am
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Default Re: scary situation happened on the highway today

Isn't Connecticut trying that new speed limiting control for cars? I thought it just shut the fuel off?

First; SLOW DOWN... It's not pretty when you loose control at 80.
Many things possible to what happened, bump in the road, debris that you hit, or a car problem.
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Old 21 Jul 2009, 09:06 am
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Smile Re: scary situation happened on the highway today

Hey their xxcutetaraxx,

Glad you kept under her and didn't wind up wrecked someplace! I am not a mechanic by any means so my answer is just based on my Trucking background.

Do you travel that stretch of road a lot, in that lane, on that section, or was it a one time deal? Also is it asphalt or concrete? The reason I ask is, I know fully loaded Trucks most of the time weigh right close to 40 tons (80,000 LBS) legally unless you have a permit to haul over sized loads. And in a lot of States where their may be sections of Freeways, or Highways where Scale Houses are not present, many local companies will not even bother with the weight all together! With that much weight on an asphalt roadway heavy Trucks often sink in sections causing random ruts which are really hard to see but can easily grab a wheel and jerk it from one side or the other in a heartbeat! Add to that if a Truck might have been changing lanes, or slightly jerked the steering wheel and you could easily get a pair of ruts that can shoot you off in any number of directions!

What I would do, if you drive that stretch of road often, might be to go back out along that stretch in the same place and see itf you can get it to do it again. If you find it, and it does the same things in the same place, then you know its the road and not the car, and if you cant get it to do it, then you have one more thing off the list of possibilities.

That is my approach anyways. You be carefull out their, and I will catch ya later on.


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