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Hello! I'm new and have a question.

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Old 21 Sep 2009, 12:11 am
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Default Hello! I'm new and have a question.

Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and the pt crowd. I have a question. I'm considering buying my first cruiser. Its a 2004 Touring edition. With 54000 miles and going for about $7000. I've test drove it a couple of times now and I found that I'm rapidly falling for it. Everything so far checks out ok; handling, electronics, a/c, etc. The body has no scratches on it that I can find.

Now, here is the thing. I looked up its history via carfax, and discovered that it had been involved in a accident almost 2 years ago. The front left side was struck and actually caused the airbag to deploy. Now the damage was repaired obviously. And the former owner drove it for almost another year.

Now I'm wondering if I should just look elsewhere at another cruiser possibly. Or if I should just throw caution to the wind and just get it already. The dealers are offering me affordable payments to me which is nice considering I'm a first time buyer. And I've driven cars that have been in accidents before. My 94 altima, for example was involved in a accident a few years ago and is still putting around at 173000 miles.

So any thoughts?

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Old 21 Sep 2009, 03:32 am
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Smile Re: Hello! I'm new and have a question.

Hey their Samael244,

Welcome to the Forum.

OK, to answer your immediate question on the accident situation, this is one of those times where like any good body and paint guy, I wish I could actually see the vehicle in person to see what was done to it. Their is an air bag senser upwards by the front side bumper area that could have been triggered even by a pretty miner impact. The real question would be how the location, and how extensive the damage was. Obviously it was not in a significant impact as any thing at any rate of speed would have almost definitely caused some kind of structural damage, so it is likely to have just been a light fender bender, my guess somewhere around the front fender/bumper area considering the bag deployment. The fender, bumper, bumper structural support, and so on are all very easily replaced, but the question would be if their was any type of shift from the inner structure of the vehicle. Here is an example of what I am talking about on a shift. Of course this is an extreme case and was a total, but you can kind of get the general idea.Even a slight shift could cause problems, and should be seriously addressed. If their is a body shift, most shops would probably total it out, but unfortunately, their is always that one shop who might try to cover over stuff, and put it back out on the road. Anyways, here is that pic. You can see how the impact on the left side appears pretty straight, but look how far it shifted the rest of the front body structure by how far the radiator support, and rest of the structure has shifter to the right.

Now their very likely is no problem with the vehicle, but like I say, their is always that one time when it isn't right, so that would be my concern, and unfortunately, I might be able to tell you somewhat by taking some specific pictures as a general reference, but the only way to tell for sure would be to see it in person which is probably not too likely unless you happen to live in the Los Angeles CA area. IF you want, a couple of things you might try just to see might be to first very closely inspect the left front fender, and front door to see if you can see where the color is different to see how far back they had to paint it. This may be hard unless you know what your looking for if the painter was pretty decent, but you can always tell where it was re-sprayed at. Next, take a long straight edge and check the alignment of the left front fender in respect to the door line. This can be as simple as a good piece of string. Have one person hold one end as straight as possible somewhere around the middle of the front door, and about mid way up the door. Then have another person hold the other end of the string tight, and as level as possible so that it meets up with the seam where the bumper assembly meets up to the fender by the headlight. Then you should be able to roughly see if the body lines are straight, and if not, then how far off are they.

As far as cost, that roughly sounds within ballpark for high book around my area for a Limited. If you could give me a bit more info, I can give you a better idea price wise, and Carfax often isn't the most thorough, but if you would like to PM me over your VIN I can run it through my VIN Database software and see if anything else pops up on it.

Sorry for the long post, but I like to be thorough on these kind of questions.

Go easy.


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Old 21 Sep 2009, 11:50 am
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Default Re: Hello! I'm new and have a question.

Thanks man! I'll pm you.
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Old 21 Sep 2009, 11:34 pm
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Default Re: Hello! I'm new and have a question.

Hi, welcome to the forum. As far as car is concern the car will remain the same after the accident but it might effect the performance of the car. Research the market u might get good deal. It seems little expensive to me. All the best.
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Old 22 Sep 2009, 07:27 am
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Default Re: Hello! I'm new and have a question.

Dude - You can buy NEW in this market for that.........

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