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Candyman please dont laugh....

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Old 24 Feb 2010, 09:11 pm
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Default Candyman please dont laugh....

Today i was the MASTER painter.. lol at least with epoxy once again.
dont look like ill even need to block it this time, just shoot the urathan paint.

well... it was not dust all along and if it was, there was none what-so-ever today.
theres a lil plastic screen that pulls out where the HVLP cup threads into the gun. i pulled it out (never noticed it before) and it was crappy.. lol. no wonder i had to crank the air up so much.
i threw it out, didnt put one back in. way i figure it, if your straining paint like your supposed to, why do you need this screen? well the gun worked AWESOME. better than it ever has, which tells me that screen thing restricts airflow.
layed a beautiful epoxy coat today, flawless..
now im confident i can do it with paint...
i blame YOU for not tellin' me those screens were in the guns ahead-o-time.

we are in business once again
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Old 25 Feb 2010, 02:06 am
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Smile Re: Candyman please dont laugh....

Hey their Rowdy,

Oh Man, If you had that air cranked up like that, I could just imagine how you got anything to lay down! Hahahaha!

Honestly, that one took me back a bit just picturing this before I could respond! Too good my man! Yeah, that little strainer piece will really make things kinda fun for ya! That was the first thing I ditched when I bought my new Stainless Devilbiss Finish line 3 a few months back. If you ever get a chance, that is a nice gun, nice control, and easy flow.

Yeah man, once you get that air set right, and are able to lay down a nice smooth even coat, it really doesn't take much time at all to get comfortable enough to lay down a really respectable finish with ease!

Same goes when laying out a cool Flame design. Its al about the natural flow, and feel of the design. I like going in for a little more narrow, tight flame which to me gives a bit of a more modern, more kind of edgy twist on things, but its all about the feel, and vibe your going for. Remember, its more art than anything so it doesn't have to be all A-Symmetrical, measuring each line with a ruler for hours on end. I always star out from the center of the hood, and just let the lines take over till I am happy with the final product.

Another thing to remember, is sometimes, less is more. Like on mine for example, the layout is actually pretty simple overall, and only covers a small part of the overall paint, yet its just enough to be effective without really being too overbearing if you kinda sorta know what I mean here. I actually started with over 20 renditions all sketched out, thinking of color schemes, and so on before I finally just said screw it, locked myself in the booth with some good music (Gotta have some good tunes to set the vibe) and I had it all banged out in a little over two hours, and that's the way most of my best work has come about! Kind of, if you think about it too hard, its just not going to come out as well as if you just let go, clear your mind, and let your creativity come through.

I have been big time blown away with your Body Skills alone on your build, let alone shooting a very impressive flame job at that! Too bad it turned out to be a trial run, but now that you have done it once before, as with most custom paint work, every time you will learn something new that you didn't before, and every job you do, you will see the improvement, and be able to sit back in amazement at what a great job you did! Heck, when I first started messing around with Air Brush, I was shooting flames, and skulls, and stuff on Mail Boxes for practice (remind me to try n find some of my old pic's to post), and here you are chopping, cutting, and rebuilding your PT into a total one off Custom Ride, Flaming it out, and going all no fear, and to achieve the end results you wound up with, man, my hats off! That took some mad skills to pull all you have done off in a big way! Not sure how many people here really have a full understanding of the monumental task it was, but from someone who knows, you have definitely got some talent!

For sure please let me know how it comes out now that you have ditched the plastic, and got the flow all worked out! I can't wait to see the finished product....again! I bet its gonna be one smooth finish now!

My only thing is, that flat finish just makes me big time wanna bring my High Speed Rotary over to your place, lay down some good Medium Cut, and put a brilliant high gloss shine on that thing!!! I recon its just the Detailer in me!

Anyways, now that I have rambled on way too long, you go easy, good luck, and let me know how it all comes out! I will be waiting.


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