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How do You Rechard a AC?

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Old 17 Jul 2010, 10:00 pm
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Default How do You Rechard a AC?

Where is the low pressure port on our cars? How many PSI's for our ACs?
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Old 18 Jul 2010, 06:13 am
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Default Re: How do You Rechard a AC?

what year your car is ? you didnt mention it ?!

the low pressure service port is on the passenger side, it really stands out as the high pressure is almost hidden down by the compressor !

i'm not sure about the psi's as it changes by the ambient temp and i only know that the system should be charged with 1lb of 134a !!

why do you think you need a freon added ?! is there a leak ? did you try the uv leak detector freon can first so you can find the leak ?! you can recharge using through the low pressure port !

i noticed from reading this forum notes and threads that there are two things that break down in almost all pt's and need your attention
1.radiator fan ! has 2 speeds, low speed : work when car is cold but A/C is on, high speed : work when A/C is off and engine is hot and thermostat reading is almost at half way mark

check to see if your fan is working properly, one of the signs it is not is that rough idling and warm A/C air when stopping at red light or idling !

2.the low pressure switch which recycle the clutch and prevent the pipes from freezing, i dont think you have this problem (because rarely people notice it since the A/C is working ). if left untreated will damage your compressor at the end, this is what happened to me actually
symptoms is freezing cold A/C and cabin air seems getting restricted sometime due to ice building up on evaporator core and blocking air movement !
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Old 19 Jul 2010, 06:37 am
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Default Re: How do You Rechard a AC?

If you need coolant, you probably have a leak. Be careful, do not overcharge - you'll lock up the compressor...
2005 Limited Turbo-Lite, auto in Cool Vanilla
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