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Generation one Vs Generation Two

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Old 04 Aug 2010, 01:15 pm
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Default Generation one Vs Generation Two

HI Gang
We just bought a 2007 PT last weekend for the lady of the house...
We love it already.... so much so I am considering getting one for myself.

Have a question for all you PT Experts
One I am looking at is a 2004.
What are the advantages / disadvantages between the two different generation of PT's
STuff like problems people have had, general repair items, etc.
I assume that the generation two PT "should" be more reliable seeing as it was the 'second try'.... should be improvements to quality, etc.
Just wanted to ask and get people opinions...
If one is better than the other,.. thats the one I will concentrate on looking for.
Being new to PT's I hope you experienced owners can give me some insight
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Old 04 Aug 2010, 01:21 pm
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Default Re: Generation one Vs Generation Two

If you're tallking turbos, later is better - the plastic intake - on all '06s (but on some '05s as well) is better.
Main difference introduced in '06 was styling, and different wiring bus (CANBUS)?

So, styling is a matter of taste (the passenger "towel bar") and what features you get (Sunroof, etc)....
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Traded in '02 Silver Touring Edition w/87,000 miles
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Old 04 Aug 2010, 01:53 pm
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Default Re: Generation one Vs Generation Two

ok.. thats the kind of info I am looking for..
The 2004 I am looking at IS a Turbo.. I don't think our new 2007 is.
Any benefit to the turbo (especially early models).. how much trouble are they, any particular problems, repair expense, etc..
Don't want to buy a car and have to start pouring money into..

Everyone feel free to comment on both questions.
You all seem like a great bunch, and I look forward getting to "know" everyone.
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Old 04 Aug 2010, 02:12 pm
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Default Re: Generation one Vs Generation Two

the 2nd gen is just differnent body style and interior.
there is nothing wrong with the 1st gen. i accually perfer the first gen styling to the 2nd. but that person pref. the turbos last a long time and alot of fun. but once the mod bug bites its hard to keep yourself from modding the hell out of these cars.

the 05 and up turbos have the plastic manifold which is better then the alumium ones but is just another upgrade you can do to the 03-04s. is not that expensive and worth it.

even through its a little more compact then the neon there is still pleanty of room to get in there and get your hands dirty for the do it yourselfers.

good luck with your future purchase. im thinking of adding a second one to the family in the near future.

03 SRT-4 132k mi ported stocker and lots of other stuff

68 Mustang Coupe project fail!!

PT Less - ex wife took in the divorce 3/2011
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Old 04 Aug 2010, 09:07 pm
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Default Re: Generation one Vs Generation Two

If you want good fuel economy then I would avoid the turbo. But if you want performance, then the turbo is definitely a plus. Just beware that the power of a turbo can be addictive - I have had 3 others before this one so I am speaking from experience.

I currently have a 2004 base model with 5 spd manual and an 06 Limited Edition Turbo lite with automatic and have really enjoyed both of them. Both of them are fun to drive, but the 04's fuel economy is much better at 30 mpg hwy, whereas the 06 has so far only manage a best of 22 mpg. I drive about 90 miles a day to and from work, so I get a lot of drive time there.

Both models handle well, but the 06 is a little stiffer I think mainly due to the Goodyear performance tires on it. The last set of tires I put on the 04 were Faulkens and I would say they are a much better tire that compliments the PT's ride - smoother and much quieter, and I'd venture to say they also contribute to better fuel economy. The previous Goodyear tires I had on the 04 also seemed to wear unevenly, eventually causing a pull to the right. I figured the car needed an alignment, but was delighted to find out it was just the tires. The Faulkens have proven to wear better and the car still tracks as straight as an arrow even after 20K miles on them.

There are aspects of both models that I like. The interior of the 06 is a little more stylish, but I also like the more classic look of the 04. The 06 has heated leather seats, but I really prefer the 04's cloth seats as I find them to be a little more comfortable. However I have always preferred cloth over leather or vinyl - just my personal preference there. I also prefer the 04's arm rest to the 06 because they are a little higher and more comfortable for resting the elbows in relation to the steering wheel. The 06 is loaded with power everything and cruise control which I like over the 04. Plus I also enjoy the sunroof, uConnect, and 6 disc mpg player in the 06 as well. I prefer the 04's rear seat levers to tilt the seats forward, but really like the adjustable rear shelf in the 06 which the 04 did not have.

Overall, I have to say it's a toss up as to which one I like better. If the 06 just got a little better fuel economy, I would give it the hands down - I was expecting about 25 mpg and would be happy with that. All my other turbo mopars got just about as good of fuel economy as their normally aspirated siblings. So I have been a little dissappointed with the 06 in that regard.

As for reliability - I have not had the 06 very long, so I can't say yet. The 04 has been as reliable as any car can be. The only things I have had to fix on it is the camshaft position sensor ($20) and the front wheel bearings ($300) - both items done at over 100K miles so I chalk those up to normal wear. The A/C has also caused with the common stuttering problem at idle and I just haven't had a chance to fix it yet. However it has not been a major issue because as long as you are moving the A/C works fine. Or at least if you are moving down the road when you turn the A/C on.

Last but not least, I have been driving Chrysler products for the past 24 years putting well over 100K miles on every single one of them and found all of them to be very reliable. So that is why I have been so loyal to the brand.

Last edited by johnnylightning86; 04 Aug 2010 at 10:17 pm.
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Old 04 Aug 2010, 09:39 pm
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Default Re: Generation one Vs Generation Two

I can't say much more thans already be said...My first was an 01LE that I loved the next was an 02LE Woody that replace the crunched one. I was also looking and a newer one but still went back to the first gen. I like the interior and all the options that were avalible. I also like the full grill better on the first ones...not matter which one you buy it's still a PT and Cool..
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Old 05 Aug 2010, 08:05 am
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Default Re: Generation one Vs Generation Two

Originally Posted by johnnylightning86 View Post
If you want good fuel economy then I would avoid the turbo.
GT turbo takes premium. the "lite" available starting in '04, uses regular, and my '05 actuallly get about 1 MPG MORE than my '02 did - and both had intakes and exhausts....
Can only get the "lite" in auto.
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Old 05 Aug 2010, 09:17 am
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Default Re: Generation one Vs Generation Two

I always liked the older style better, I think the 06 up lost something when they changed the front end slightly. I still love both and would have no problem owning either new or old.

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