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Potential Owner Needs Help!

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Old 09 Sep 2010, 08:39 pm
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Default Potential Owner Needs Help!

Hi Everyone! I have wanted a PT Cruiser since they came out and never have been able to get one. I found one recently, a 2002 Sport Touring Edition for what seems a great price and it runs so quietly I couldn't tell it was started. I read a lot of good reports on the type of car as well.

Doesn't sound like much of a problem, but it is. As always, I called my trusted Mechanic to ask about it and after only hearing the make of the car he said Walk Away from it! He said PTs are always in his shop and need a lot of work.

Now I have a BIG problem. Can anyone shed any light that would help me?
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Old 09 Sep 2010, 09:31 pm
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Default Re: Potential Owner Needs Help!


Every car has problems but a lot of us on this forum have more than one PT and they certainly wouldn't go out and buy another one if it was a problematic car. I've had mine for over 100,000 miles and have only been in the shop once. I did have other small problems but fixed them myself.

If you trust this mechanic so much, have him check out the car before you buy and have him keep up the preventative maintenance so you have no future problems.

The only problem you do face is that your buying a 9 year old car that an unknown person has had before you. You have no idea how they treated the car so again, have your mechanic give it a good going over to make sure you don't start out with any problems.
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Old 10 Sep 2010, 02:27 am
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Default Re: Potential Owner Needs Help!

Well, of course hes going to see a lot of cruisers in his shop, theres TONS of them out there because their very good cars.
Did you ask why cruisers are always in? Im almost at 120k miles and have only had the basic upkeep costs. Considerably less than most other cars that ive owned.
But like CREWZIN said, always be VERY careful buying any used car, because theres usually a reason that the person got rid of it.
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Old 10 Sep 2010, 11:52 am
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Default Re: Potential Owner Needs Help!

Does the seller have a stack of service receipts? That's a big plus. An alternative to that is a service log book, like I keep. Some mechanics just don't like one particular kind of car. My mother's mechanic looked after her 1974 AMC Hornet for more than 100,000 miles. He absolutely hated AMCs, saying they were unreliable, junk, awful, always needed work, never held up, and on and on. All he really did with hers was oil changes, brakes and tune-ups. But the fact that he looked after it for 15 years never changed his mind.

There is no question that PT Cruisers have a few issues that are common from car to car. The timing belt is a difficult and unusually expensive job that needs to be done at 100,000 miles or sooner. The cooling fan assembly is a weird design because it has to fit a narrow space, so it fails sooner then it ought to. The PT Cruisers, all Chrysler products really, require a different coolant, and using the so-called "universal" Dex-Cool will clog the radiator, so it will seem that they have "bad" radiators.

What it comes down to is how well the previous owners looked after it, and if it is one of the statistical few that are just plain lemons.
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