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2001 pt 2.4L overheating

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Old 23 Sep 2010, 08:57 am
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Default 2001 pt 2.4L overheating

i no there are plenty of threads about overheating but i have not read anything with the same prob of this 1.

prob= overheating. what has been done= head gasket,timing belt, water pump, thermostat. the head was machined & checked for cracks. steel head gasket not the fiber. ive heard there were issues with the fiber ones. new radiator, block has been flushed & the fan kicks on with hi & low. a 180 degree t-stat was put in after the head gasket.

it is intermit. i drove dam near 50 miles & finally it overheated after sitting in the shop for over an hour running.

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Old 23 Sep 2010, 09:24 am
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Default Re: 2001 pt 2.4L overheating

check your hoses to make sure one isn't collapsing. could be the problem when pressure gets built up
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Old 23 Sep 2010, 09:27 am
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Default Re: 2001 pt 2.4L overheating

roger. already done that. niether main nor niether heater hose collapsing. also done a combustion gas check before & after the head gasket. the results afterwards were negative
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Old 23 Sep 2010, 11:01 am
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Default Re: 2001 pt 2.4L overheating

Its all be said before but my buddy would overheat sometimes. If you've checked all that you say, check the hose to the expansion tank. Thats what his problem was. Pressure built up and blew out through a faulty hose. Cost $13 from the dealer. No more overheating for him. Hope its something simple like that. You did use HOAT didn't you?
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Old 23 Sep 2010, 11:16 am
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Default Re: 2001 pt 2.4L overheating

I take it something else happened to the car for you to replace all those parts and have the head work done. Front end crash? That's too much work for a simple overheating problem. Don't wanna think how much it cost so far.

Check to make sure all the air is bled out of the coolant system. A bleed valve is located just below the radiator cap.

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Old 23 Sep 2010, 11:58 am
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Default Re: 2001 pt 2.4L overheating

not really. we got it with a new rad. & it overheated on a customer. checked for combustion gases & ended up doing the head gasket. timing belt was a lil ruff so we replaced it along with a new waterpump. all while doing the head gasket. yup, i am sure that all the air is out of the system. tahts why this is so dam wierd
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Old 23 Sep 2010, 03:03 pm
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Default Re: 2001 pt 2.4L overheating

ok fellers' rechecked compression & #'s 1,2 &4 have 177lbs & #3 has 160lbs. according to alldata the spec is 170-225lbs & a max difference of 25% which would put max diff from the 177 at about 132.75. the cyl is well above that. the max diff from the 225 spec is 168.75. which would put it below spec.

right or wrong?
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Old 23 Sep 2010, 07:31 pm
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Default Re: 2001 pt 2.4L overheating

Nothing wrong with the compression.

Have you tested/replaced the radiator cap?

Maybe a dumb questions, but how do you know it is overheating? I.e. does it boil over, or is it just the gauge that shows the temp in the red? Because it could just be a faulty temp sending unit, or temp gauge.
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