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Changing the coolant.

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Old 16 Dec 2010, 02:31 am
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Default Changing the coolant.

Well, if you all remember, I mentioned that my radiator draincock wouldn't drain when turned a quarter turn counterclockwise; nor would it come out completely when turned one-eighth turn clockwise from the full open quarter turn counterclockwise position. In other words, my draincock was stuck in the hole.

Now since I'm rather cautious when screwing and unscrewing plastic into plastic, I asked on this forum for advice. Crewzin said to just pull the lower radiator hose, and that seemed the only way to get the job done.

Pulling the lower radiator hose (once) on my PT was a rather awesome experience (the guy at the Chrysler plant stuck the clamp ears in the most wonderful position). Yet, I managed to squeeze the clamp and work it back on the hose (this took a lot of finesse and thoughts of revenge on Chrysler, since they put a radiator crossbar in the way of the whole procedure). Fortunately, PT hoses are very well made. After seven years the hose was very pliable and slipped off easily. There was no cracking or even a slight bit of hardness. Which was a good thing since I had to hook the hose back up after draining the old coolant. Then I poured in some Prestone Flush and water from the hose. Ran the car for 10 minutes, or so. Then I undid the hose again to drain this stuff out. Then I hooked the hose back up, and poured in a few gallons of distilled water to flush out the Prestone Flush water remnants (I'm glad I went to the trouble because the Prestone Flush picked up quite a lot of particulate), as well as the the hard water from the hose. I had the bleed screw open while doing this, and a lot of bubbly suds came out the three-foot-long clear hose I had attached to the open tip of the bleed screw. The suds just kept coming out the bleed screw--I just kept pouring in more distilled water till it ran clear and no more bubbles appeared. At this point I tightened the bleed screw, pulled off the hose, and installed the lower radiator hose and clamp to the radiator.

Whew! Almost done, right? Then it occured to me that there was probably some water (distilled only at this point) still in the water jacket. Since I wanted a 50/50 solution of Mopar HOAT and distilled water, I realized that if I premixed my coolant and water, that I'd not end up with a true 50/50 solution. So I simply divided the total capacity of the coolant mixture in half. I poured in 98 ounces of pure Mopar HOAT Antifreeze and then topped it off with pure distilled water (which took almost exactly 98 ounces also). The filler neck was full and I bled the works a little till the bubbles stopped; then premixed a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water, and topped it off a second time (after running the engine a while)--and poured most of the rest of the 50/50 solution into the overflow bottle (a little over the "add" mark).

Hm? This would have been easy if my draincock had worked properly, don't you know.

For all those who think I went over the top on this job, you'd be surprised to see all the crap that comes out of your cooling system when you use a product like Prestone Flush. I wanted all those gummy particles gone, as well as the hard water from my hose ....

I hope if your draincock is ever stuck like mine, that you have a half day (cooling times between drainings, included) to do the job. Yet, when done, you can just think how you won't have to do it again for five years.

I waited seven years (and also fudged by using Prestone 5-year stuff instead of Mopar HOAT) to do this job. The dealer only drains and refils (no flushing whatsoever), and they wanted $79.00. And the one guy I found in town that actually "flushes" your radiator, wouldn't use my HOAT Antifreeze. So I was stuck with doing the job myself.

That's okay. I know the job was done right. But don't ask me how I'll feel about it five years from now.

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Old 16 Dec 2010, 09:35 am
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Default Re: Changing the coolant.

Hey Tim, nice job on the anti freeze. If you have a local Jiffy Lube or Pep Boys they have a flushing machine and will use your stuff. But they are really dumb my local Jiffy flushed my car great and than after I explained to them all about using the the distilled water next to my Hoat they ended up using tap water. They agreed to do it again for nothing and a few days later I returned this time with the premixed stuff. I now have the cleanest radiator known to man. I also got my tranny flushed at Pep Boys using my transmission fluid.

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Old 16 Dec 2010, 12:40 pm
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Default Re: Changing the coolant.

Dino, thanks for the tip. I'll keep Pep Boys in mind when the time comes for another changeover.

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