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Debating buying a Pt Cruiser

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Old 25 Dec 2010, 12:51 am
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Default Debating buying a Pt Cruiser

Hi, im new to the forum. I am debating buying my first PT Cruiser and would like some basic info on the cars.
I have wanted a PT since they first came out. At the time i needed a new car, but the PT was impossible to find and the prices were outrageous, jacked up beyond belief by dealers wanting to make a easy buck. Now i am at the point where i can afford one, the prices have came down and also frankly im going to need a car soon. I have been driving the same car for going on 10 years and its just time for a change.

Enough of that nonsense and down to business. Just a few questions. Reliability, what would you give it in a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best.
As far as doing general maintenance on the car, i like to do some basic maintenance on cars myself and the majority of other maintenance a friend of mine who is a mechanic does for me. After looking under the hood of a PT i must say im a bit concerned, everything looked fairly cramped up. Is it easy to get to the oil filter? What about things such as the starter and alternator? Eventually those things go bad, how hard is it to get to these and other components under the hood? Anything i should be concerned about as far as problems that seem to be common among the Cruiser?

Ive looked at several used PTs around town and have stumbled across one im in love with. A 2008 PT "Street Cruiser" Sunset Boulevard edition. Fully loaded, leather interior, appears to have all options. Its in a odd color that i dont know how to describe, somewhat red-i believe they call the color Sunset Crystal Pearl Coat. This car has only 17,000 miles on it and the dealer is asking $12,995. I will try to post pictures later.
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Old 25 Dec 2010, 01:08 am
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Default Re: Debating buying a Pt Cruiser

here is my take

Its a good car I drive mine about 4000 miles a mount
no major problem
you have to change the timing belt at 100,000 and that is about a grand
some have wheel bearing issues
the plugs and wires from the factory are crap
the MPG is going to be between 19-25
its is not a short turning wheel base
mine is a non turbo auto and i love it it is dependable and it gets me where im going day in and day out

would i buy another YES
would I buy a 2010 turbo 5 speed HECK YES--but they dont make them

this is just my 2 cents worth
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Old 25 Dec 2010, 01:13 am
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Default Re: Debating buying a Pt Cruiser

Here is a couple pictures of it. Not the best pictures, They really dont do the vehicle justice in my opinion. It looks better in person.

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Old 25 Dec 2010, 01:34 am
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Default Re: Debating buying a Pt Cruiser

Hi and thanks Cruiserdad!
Most of what you said sounds like Non-Issues that i really wouldnt worry about to me. Things such as wheel bearings, plugs and the such - well i expect those to go bad on just about any car with time.
Right now i average around 12,000 miles per year on a car, thus i wouldnt hit the 100,000 mile mark for many years down the road unless something changes.
Im really just concerned with some odd nightmare stories that maybe you have to pull the entire engine out to get to the alternator or something crazy like that.
I have a friend who is a mechanic at a Chrysler dealership, but it is a different one than where this car is located at. I might give him a call and see if he has any connections with these people or maybe can give me some further advice.
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Old 25 Dec 2010, 02:50 am
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Default Re: Debating buying a Pt Cruiser

Originally Posted by Daytondave View Post
Here is a couple pictures of it. Not the best pictures, They really dont do the vehicle justice in my opinion. It looks better in person.

just my opinion, but it's not fully loaded. it has manual mirrors. don't know what part of the country you're in, but for just about 13 grand, it should have power/heated mirrors. can't tell from the pics if it has power locks. the mileage is decent for a 3 year old car.
again, just stating my opinion. btw, my 2002 is the same color.
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Old 25 Dec 2010, 06:33 am
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Default Re: Debating buying a Pt Cruiser

As far as reliability goes,the PT is just as good or even better than any other car out there.If you maintain it properly it will serve you well.That looks like e real nice car but as mentioned above it's not fully loaded.I would offer $10,000 for the car and go from there.I thought (before the post above) that the color was a special edition color for the Sunset Boulevard edition but maybe I'm wrong.I didnt think that color was offered in 2002.

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Old 25 Dec 2010, 07:19 am
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Default Re: Debating buying a Pt Cruiser

Hi, and once again thanks for the info.
I might have said "Fully Loaded" out of the excitement. Believe you me, compared to what i drive today or to what i have ever owned in my life for that matter this PT Cruiser is fully loaded. What i drive now is a stick-shift, has roll up-crank windows, manual locks, no cruise control, about the only luxury it has is air conditioning. I have never owned a car that had power windows or power locks for instance, to me this is a huge step up in the driving world.
As far as heated mirrors go, i can live without that.

I know it has power windows, power locks, air, leather seats, i assume it has cruise control. I am hoping it has satellite radio, im not certain of that yet. That is something i probably can add later on though.
Price, i havent even talked to a salesman yet. I know i will be able to do some dealing to bring it down some.

Here is the car on the dealers website:

Used 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser Street Cruiser Series For Sale | Troy OH
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Old 25 Dec 2010, 09:02 am
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Default Re: Debating buying a Pt Cruiser

Several other things for those interested. As far as the color goes the photos i posted earlier made it look just maroon or red. In real life its actually this color:

I also have eyed several others for sale in the area, including a 2009 with a few more miles than this one has but at a lower price, i believe they said around $9500. Its color is "Brilliant Black" which appears to be a graphite black in actuality. Downside it just comes with plastic hubcaps, no chrome, a few options, just a basic PT.

One more question. Why do used PTs seem so cheap? I mean i cant think of any other 2009 or 2008 car which would sell for around the 9,000-10,000 dollar mark, yet i have seen plenty of PTs going for that.
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Old 25 Dec 2010, 09:09 am
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Default Re: Debating buying a Pt Cruiser

With the exception of the leather seats it seems to be the same as our 2008 Touring PT.

The price seems high for the mileage and the suggested MPG is high for city and highway. We get 17-19 city and unless you drive less than 70 highway you may get a avg of 24. This is the 3rd PT we have owned and I drive it lightly, nothing over 70 for a extended time. It does have a digital readout on the dash for mpg, do not go by that. If you buy this one figure out the mileage each fillup by pencil/pen and paper or use
Good luck either way.

2008 Silver Steel Metallic, Touring, NA, Sirius; Chromed door handles; lower grille; fog light surrounds; chrome front & rear bumpers strips; Airaid air filter; Bassani duals; Modesty Cover; Autolite AP5263 Platinum Plugs (.040); Crane Plug Wires; NAPA Ceramic pads; Blane hood struts; PTeazer Gas, Brake & Foot Rest Pedals, '05 Rear Step Pad, Stainless Door Sills, Llumar tint, "A" Piller chrome; APC Strut Bar
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Old 25 Dec 2010, 11:14 am
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Default Re: Debating buying a Pt Cruiser

Welcome to the forum.

Looking at your pictures and the dealer web site, I can tell you that there's no satellite radio and it doesn't look like you have cruise control. That's a separate stalk on the right hand side of the steering column which I don't see.

It's very clean and seems to be well taken care of. Like a couple of the others have said, it's a little overpriced but dealers have to make money. You should be able to talk them down a bit.

You asked why PT's are a little cheap. Maybe because they aren't being made anymore. That and the fact there's a million and a half of them out there, mostly the older ones with higher mileage and people seem to trade them in before the 100,000 mile mark (major expensive service due at that time) so the lots are full of used PT's. Not good for resale.
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