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2005 pt battery

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Old 16 Jan 2011, 11:19 pm
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Default 2005 pt battery

Hi everyone,

I got my 2005 pt cruiser last August, it was a basic model, manual transmission, and was in great condition when I got it (one owner, low mileage, no accidents)

It's been really cold in Missouri this winter, two heavy snow storms, and I left town for a while and when I came back the car battery died. I jump started it and drove it for a while, it got charged, but not much. I tried to start it the next day and it worked, but it died again the day after.

I took it to Walmart yesterday for a battery check after jump starting it, they replaced it right away saying the battery was in poor shape, didn't cost much and it's working now. I tried this noon and tonight and I can start my car. But I'm just curious whether the alternator may have a problem or not. I did the headlight test in the evening, no changes of headlight when I press the accelerator, and the light dims after I turn the engine off. Is this normal?

And I'm enrolled in the snapshot program of Progressive, which is a small device pluged in my car to monitor my driving habits. I called they said that thing runs every time the car runs and every five days when the car is parked (they said about 2 minutes per time to gather data). Would this be a problem? Is there anyone else in the program or have the same problem?

Thanks a lot
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Old 17 Jan 2011, 06:53 am
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Smile Re: 2005 pt battery

Hey their Goblet,

As far as checking your Alternator and Charging System, you should be able to stop by your local Auto Parts Store like Auto Zone, or O'Reilly Auto Parts, and they should be able to offer a free Test. It is just a basic Test and should only take a few minutes to perform.

What they do to perform this test is to hook a simple digital Volt Meter to your battery and take a reading while the car is running. Then they will ask you to create a draw by turning on your headlights, radio, wipers, etc, and watch the Voltage. It should momentarily drop a couple points and then come back up normally somewhere within the 11.6 - 14.00 range though it could have a bit more variance depending on the vehicle and system being tested. The PT is a little weaker over all as compared to other vehicles so I would expect a bit more variance when checking it. If its too low, it could potentially mean a bad alternator. If it is way high, their may likely be an electrical problem of some sort and can eventually fry your battery as well as possibly some fuses, and hopefully not other things in the process.

Even though the PT seems to have a somewhat weaker Charging System over other Vehicles within its Model Range, but appears to have at least somewhat of a decent Alternator as a whole I recon, as it seems that having to change one out just doesn't seem to come up around here all that often. I know I have been putting a pretty significant drain on my System for some time now having a large Sound System with 4350 Watts, 3 Monitors, 2 DVD's, a full Air Ride Suspension set up, and much more and all is still plugging along without incident so far (knock on wood). Watch me now go and Jinx it and wind up with my Alternator giving out on me. LOL

Anyways, that is my short take on checking your Charging System. The average life span of a Car Battery especially if your under the strain of day to day while exposed to heavy type of weather is normally not much beyond 5 years. With that said, I would say if your Battery had never been changed it was most likely beyond its prime and was just waiting to be replaced especially if you are no longer having any issues.

I hope that might help to somewhat answer your question. As always, should you ever have any more questions on this, paint and body, custom interior, detailing, and much more, please feel free to ask me and anytime. I am always more than happy to try to help out wherever I can whenever a fellow PT Enthusiast might be in need of some good solid advice.

Again welcome, and I hope to see you around.

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Old 17 Jan 2011, 08:18 am
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Default Re: 2005 pt battery

Hey Goblet,first off welcome to the forum.As mentioned above your battery was probably at the end of it's life span anyway.As long as there are no other problems I wouldnt worry about the charging system.
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Old 17 Jan 2011, 02:47 pm
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Default Re: 2005 pt battery

Thank you very much for your advices, Candyman & SCBluePT ! I'll do the check at autozone sometime later.

I hope the battery was the only problem, it got charged the first time since it stayed overnight and wasn't died the next morning after the first time I jump started it.

I'm the second owner of the car, and since I got it from a dealer I didn't have any records of what's been replaced and when, and the car was five years old when I got it, so probably the previous owner never replaced the battery.

The only problem for me now is to reactivate my radio system, they told me to get a code or sth from chrysler dealer.
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