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Chrysler makes a profit

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Old 03 May 2011, 12:12 pm
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Default Chrysler makes a profit

Chrysler back in black with $116M first-quarter profit | | The Detroit News

I strongly feel it was the right thing for the government to keep GM & Chrysler from going under.... It would've meant around 1 million jobs lost and may have pushed us into a depression.

Now GM and Chrysler can pay the loans back...

the crap about "government takeover" - was just that - crap - just as there was no takeover of the banks or healthcare.

I've seen some Chrysler ads - "imported from Detroit"... go Chrysler! Go USA!
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Old 03 May 2011, 03:18 pm
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Default Re: Chrysler makes a profit

I agree, hopefully Fiat isn't the nail in the coffin. I'm hoping the little Fiats can compete with the Honda's and Fords etc.... I know Chrysler can compete with muscle cars and SUV's and trucks but they need some good little cars with the price of gas.

"the people should not fear their government, the government should fear the people"- Thomas Jefferson
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Old 03 May 2011, 05:09 pm
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Default Re: Chrysler makes a profit

Far from where they were when I got such a good price on my PT, but paid too much for the 01 5 months before ... about a week before the bankruptcy notice.

I looked at the Fiat lineup when first announce they may be back over here. They have some very Advanced Technology in their cars, should be able to rival the likes of the little fords that can park themselves and can play any tune you ask it to. The are a little pricey too.

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Old 04 May 2011, 08:59 am
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Default Re: Chrysler makes a profit

Chrysler sales for April are up 37%, the largest sales increase of any domestic auto maker. Way to go Chrysler ! Rental fleet sales were not included.
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Old 04 May 2011, 11:11 am
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Default Re: Chrysler makes a profit

regardles of what the price of gas is doing, I believe that we're slowly but surely pulling ourselves out of this recession. I'll grant you, we've still got a LONG way to go, but at least the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer a train coming at full speed

I would agree Chrysler is doing well with their line up, and I think Fiat will make a nice addition to it, though I don't believe the sales of the Fiats will be comperable to what is currently available for several years. It's going to take time for Fiat to prove themselves in the US market, as too many people will remember the horrors of Fiat of yester-year

Chrysler has also made some very serious mistakes the past couple of years with the cars that they have. Why would they make the Dodge Challenger available with a manual tranny on both the V-8s but not on the V-6? Both the Camaro and the Mustang (in my book the 2 largest competitors) have this option. They also don't offer the Challenger in a vert, again the others offer this...

The redesign of the fleet was a step in the right direction, the new Charger, 200, 300, and Durango are all bada$$. I just wish I had $40K+ to throw at one of them that's equipped with the way I'd want it...

just my opinions

I tend to ramble and repeat myself, please try to over look my ignorance.

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