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03 crank no start.

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Old 18 Jan 2012, 10:31 pm
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Default 03 crank no start.

I'm sure with any forum this has been brought up plenty. I have been reading google, and forum searches and just would like a little input from the wizards.

Wife has an 03, auto, 4 cyl, cruiser. Has been running fine. Yesterday she backed it out of the driveway and pulled into the other side, (she was in my spot ) ten minutes later went to start it and it will only click.

I have a Jeep with a deep cycle winch battery and figured she killed her battery so I jumped it. The thing with that is I had to let it charge for about ten minutes, and really crank the thing. Basically to get it started I had to take a huge draw from the Jeep. I actually thought it was going to stall, but the cruiser started. I was thinking alternator since I know her battery is under a year old. I let it run for 30 minutes with lights, radio, and heater on full hoping it would either get the system charged, or drain the alternator. When I shut it off I tried to turn it right back on and got nothing but the dreaded click, click, click...

I just took the battery in to get tested and it came back good. After reading for about an hour tonight I see it can be anything from the coil pack to the timing belt.

I am working 60 hour weeks so don't have more than an hour or so a night to mess with it so any input here I will get back to you it might just take a day.
So any suggestions on where to check next?

Does it pulling hard on the Jeep like that give a clue?
I did pull a bonehead move. I forgot I could pull codes using the key and did not do it before I pulled the battery.

Sorry about the long story, and any ideas will be very helpfull
Thank you
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Old 18 Jan 2012, 10:32 pm
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Default Re: 03 crank no start.

I completely forgot to mention the biggest lead to this. She got the title for the car in the mail today... Something was bound to happen..
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Old 19 Jan 2012, 12:34 am
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Default Re: 03 crank no start.

My suggestion is to buy an inexpensive volt/ohmmeter from sears and test voltage.
There's multiple parts, including wiring.

I can assure you it's a straighforward fix, you just have to track down where the fault lays.

You can ask member Chromenut for a FSM, or google 'PT Cruiser FSM download'

It'll give you very specific troubleshooting steps, but really any electrical system is basically the same.
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Old 19 Jan 2012, 08:44 am
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Default Re: 03 crank no start.

Clean Battery connections good first and charge battery good. Dirty connections and a low battery will cause a hard draw when boosting. When you ran it with everything on, it didn't have a chance to charge the battery because car was using all the charge the alt. was putting out. If every thing checks out look at the other end of your cables too. Might need to clean these connections to. Alt. might be weak but I don't think so as it ran OK with every thing on.
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