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Codes galore

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Old 11 Dec 2012, 08:19 am
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Default Codes galore

Last week I saw some fluid leaking out of the PT which I thought was brake fluid but was actually the driver side strut. Brought it to the shop since it is getting too cold last Monday but it stayed there for a week since he was too busy. The temps went down to almost -50C with the wind.

I finally picked it up yesterday and my wife drove it to her work. She said she parked and shut the engine but the engine kept turning with out the key in the cylinder. When she started it again the check engine light came on. So I went to check it and pulled P1681, 0700, 0480, 0481 also saying something about an 02 sensor and catalyctic. I only have a cheap OBDII reader and tried to clear the codes but no luck. I removed the negative terminal off the battery for a few hours.

I returned this morning after work and the car started but check engine is still on. From reading in here, the car might have went to limp mode with the 1681 code but she drove fine and I drove for about 20 minutes and shifting was fine. No overheating too, temp gauge stayed in the middle hash and comes down when fan kicks in (or maybe it is just too cold).

I will check for codes again when I wake up later but my main concern is the engine still running after shutting down, runs for about 2 seconds. What's the fix for this? Is this related to the 02 sensor? Talk to you guys in a few hours.
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Old 11 Dec 2012, 09:43 am
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Default Re: Codes galore

Try here:

Keys out of the ignition, engine still running...
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Old 11 Dec 2012, 10:31 am
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Default Re: Codes galore

Clear all your codes to see if any and which ones return. It may have been simply an anomalous event with the ignition key sequence. The ignition run on may be a faulty ignition switch needing to be replaced. I do not believe there is a code for ignition switches? That so my recommended comment applies.
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Old 12 Dec 2012, 02:58 pm
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Default Re: Codes galore

I Tried to get some codes yesterday before I went to work, was able to pull but cannot delete. Tried many times but my hands got cold and I had to abandon the mission. Tried the key dance too but it did not work. I drove it around and I started to get the door lock/unlock while driving . I was like WTF!

I was able to get it in a warm spot and let it sit for a few hours. I started it and shut off, it did not diesel anymore. Great! I was able to pull the codes and it showed there were more, P0462, 0562 but I was able to delete them.

I drove around for about 20 minutes and, lo and behold, no more check engine light. I noticed the temp gauge being in the middle hash which where it had been before this shenanigan happened (I noticed that it took a little longer to warm up yesterday and temp gauge needle was below the middle hash).
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