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Some problem?

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Old 30 Dec 2012, 03:29 pm
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Question Some problem?


I currently own a 09' PT Cruiser and I'm having some problems with it. I bought it used in 2010...and don't think I should be having these problems.

I recently went on vacation (during Thanksgiving) and I've had my car parked at my aunts house for about a week. Around August or September I had to replace the battery. It was literally dying everyday. Replaced the battery and had it checked out for making strange jolting sounds. They said everything looked okay and it was running fine up until I left.

Since then it's had to be jumped because the battery has been dying AGAIN. It's recently gotten more cold, and up until a week ago, I haven't had issues with the battery. However, the fuel gauge has been going up and down and when I turn up the heat it makes funny noises.

This is odd because when I took it to a mechanic they said it looked fine and it was driver side Power Seat draining the battery, so we detached it. Auto Zone said the alternator looked fine as well.

I need to get it checked out soon, but wanted some input until then. It's kind of worrying me, because I love my car...
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Old 30 Dec 2012, 04:38 pm
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Default Re: Some problem?

Welcome to the forum. As I see it, the thing to do now is wait to see if the diagnostic of the power seat causing a drain was the real problem. You'll know soon enough as the battery will die down again if it's not.

Other things to check are all the connection to and from the battery. Any sign of corrosion could mean the battery isn't being charged back up when in use because of a bad connection. Also, is the fuel gauge the only needle jumping around. A bad battery connection plays havoc with all the gauges. If it is the only gauge, sounds like a bad grounding issue which would have to be traced down.

"Strange jolting noises" isn't something that's easily diagnosed over the Internet unless a lot more information comes forward.

You say you shouldn't be having these problems but please put this into perspective; You bought a used car and the battery (which sounds like most of your problems) might come with the car, but it's going on 3 years old and you don't know how it was taken care of, meaning it could have been sitting in one spot, not being charged up and not moved for a good length of time. Same with joints, bearings and bushings that also could have been sitting for a length of time in all kinds of far as the "jolting sounds".
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Old 31 Dec 2012, 02:37 am
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Default Re: Some problem?

Yes, I believe so. It's goes from all the way down (from when I start it) to mid-way (when I've been driving it for 5-10 minutes). It's only started doing this recently.

I probably wouldn't have even noticed this until someone pointed out that I should be looking at the gauge levels when I mentioned I was having car problems. As far as I know, it's pretty much been mid-way every time I've glanced at my fuel level...although, I can't completely be sure of this. They also said my engine smelt funny...but the engine light isn't even on. However, it did come on a few weeks ago, but it went off once my oil was changed.

I guess I'm confused since I'm having problems, yet the mechanic said the car was completely fine a few weeks ago.

Thanks for the welcome! I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my post!
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