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New PT owner and having problems

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Old 01 Mar 2013, 09:40 pm
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Default New PT owner and having problems

We just bought a used 2003 PT Cruiser Limited Edition on Feb. 26th of this year. The guy we bought it from is a mechanic and was selling it on Craigslist. He had said he had done all this work on it. It is an automatic, previously owned by 2 others, one a mechanic. For whatever reason, no booklet/owner's manual was included with the car. Have never had a Chrysler vehicle or Cruiser.

110,000 miles on it.
New timing belt (Good for another 100,000 miles!)
New front brakes/rotors
New motor mount
New oil pressure sender
New spark plugs (100,000 mile Chrysler Iridium type)
New air bag control module (Factory updated part. Common failure; now taken care of.)
New AC charge
New AC cooling fan assm. (Helps the AC be ice cold)
New engine coolant
New thermostat
New transmission fluid flush & filter
New professional headlamp resurfacing (as clear as new)
New windshield
Also stated all that needed to be done was to just drive it.

An hour after getting home with it, the check engine light came on. We called the guy we bought it from and he said to go to O Reily's and use the free diagnostic device to see what code it was giving us. It was for the camshaft position sensor. We called the guy and told him what it was, he went ahead and paid for a new one for us to put into our PT. After replacing it, check engine light went out. Now we get an intermittent check oil light that sometimes will stay on for hours even after turning the car off then back on again.

We are in a different state then where we bought the car due to my husband needing to start work. Tonight when he was coming home from work he said the transmission was slipping all over the place and he barely made it home. When he got home he checked the transmission fluid and it was not low. Plus check engine light came back on.

As new PT cruiser owners we are not impressed. Beginning to think this guy "doctored" the car long enough to get the sale completed. We were under the gun to get another vehicle since our Crown Vic died from a blown head gasket and my husband had to start work in ND in 2 days. We did test drive the car, listened to the engine, checked the oil, checked all other fluids, tailpipe etc. before we bought the car and didn't see/hear any issues. He also checked to see if the oil looked clean which it did.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to what might be going on? Just sick knowing how much we paid and now having all these problems. My husband's boss is not happy with him having to miss work tomorrow to work on the car. Sorry for the long post.

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Old 01 Mar 2013, 10:43 pm
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Default Re: New PT owner and having problems

for starters, do the key dance to bring up codes. on - off - on - off - on. there should be codes where the odometer is. then just type the code in google or bing to see what they mean.
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Old 01 Mar 2013, 11:02 pm
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Default Re: New PT owner and having problems

I just read how to retrieve the fault codes for the car on the forum here posted by CREWZIN

So, I'll mention it to my hubby in the morning and see if we can actually get codes that way, just haven't so far. We are new to Chrysler/PT cruisers etc. Things have been extremely stressful and didn't need this headache as well. Especially when we were told everything was fine. Thanks for the help!

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Old 01 Mar 2013, 11:43 pm
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Default Re: New PT owner and having problems

Hi, I recently bought a 2002 Inca Gold PT Cruiser and 2days afterwards the engine light came on. I took Iit to the dealer the next day and it was my cam sensor. They replaced it the same day. The engine light came back on less than 3 days later n the car turned off and stalled upon trying to turn it back on. I took it back to the dealer and was told some mechanic language that I really didnt understand. Anyway, they kept it overnight to fix the problem. That was about 3 weeks ago and my baby is doi g just fine. I wish you the best with your PT issue/s!!!!20130223_111038.jpg
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Old 02 Mar 2013, 09:16 am
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Default Re: New PT owner and having problems

Thanks! I think we are just going to have to take it to a shop. Which is so frustrating since according to the guy we bought it from all that was left to do was just drive it. My husband did the key dance and pulled two codes. One was P700 the other P522. So the P0700 one from researching online is the Transmission Control System Malfunction. Not sure what we have to do to fix that.

The 2nd one is an oil sensor issue. Which we figured may be the cause since the oil light was intermittent. Don't know of any good quality mechanics where we are at here in ND. Beyond frustrated right now and my husband is losing days of work because of this.
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Old 02 Mar 2013, 09:53 am
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Default Re: New PT owner and having problems

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope you get it fixed quickly. The PT is really a nice car to drive and hope you and your husband will like it.
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Old 02 Mar 2013, 09:58 am
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Default Re: New PT owner and having problems

Thanks DarkAvenger. So far we hate this car as we've had nothing but trouble since buying it. The whole reason we went with a "new" used car was for reliability for my husband's job. That and it was the only car we were able to find in such a short time in our price range. Anyways, will update with what I find out it wrong with our car and what needs to be fixed etc.

*Quick update*
After talking to a mechanic, sounds like the transmission is bad. Not sure what a new one costs, but I imagine it's spendy which we really can't afford, but have no choice. They will put together a quote for us and get back to us on Monday.

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Old 02 Mar 2013, 12:38 pm
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Default Re: New PT owner and having problems

I think on those there is a module, do youself a favor and bring it to a dealer. They can check the real trans codes, the 0700 just means there is something stored in the trans module.

Here is a thread on someone with an 2001 and his problem was the TCM was all coroded.

AllparForums: pt transmission trouble - PT Cruiser - Allpar, the Chrysler Car Community

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Old 02 Mar 2013, 04:54 pm
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Default Re: New PT owner and having problems

Thanks for the input VNT. The car is making a really high pitched whining noise. Hubby wasn't able to get the car in gear. I told him about unconnecting the battery (negative wire or whatever it's called) and sometimes that will get the car out of limp mode and that it could be possible to then shift into drive. So he did that, waited 15 minutes, connected battery back up, then started the car. He was able to get into drive and pull forward a bit more. Whining noise still continued, but check engine light went out. Our car is an automatic. So I'm not sure if a corroded TCM would cause a whining noise as well? I'll save the link and bring it up to my husband later. Again thank you!
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Old 02 Mar 2013, 05:15 pm
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Default Re: New PT owner and having problems

Well. a couple of mentioned a transmission flush...if this was done on a trans that had not been regularily maintained (fluid and filter changes) then some crud may have been loosened up and got stuck in the valve body and is causing trouble. Flushing a neglected trans is looking for trouble. Also, if any fluid other than ATF+4 was used then you can almost guarantee a slipping trans within a short time.

The oil pressure sender is difficult to access...make sure the electrical connector to it is secure...maybe it never got re-connected properly. Also, aftermarket sensors can be of dubious may have been unlucky enough to get a bad replacement sensor. If the oil is of the proper viscosity and is full, the only way to be sure you have proper oil pressure is with a mechanical guage.
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