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Electric Door lock system - explain please !

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Old 06 Nov 2013, 12:28 pm
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Default Electric Door lock system - explain please !

I have been having problems with the car (2002 PT limited 5spd) not cranking over, only clicking when turning the key. New starter and battery and still once or twice a week she won't crank over. The battery was reading right at 12 volts ignition on, 11.4 volts when trying to start holding the key. Door locks were doing strange things, sometimes locking/unlocking while engine running. Also I will hear the locks click when coming to a stop 10 mph to a stop. Could someone tell me what is telling the locks to lock when starting to drive. Where does this thing get its info,where is the module etc. I have pulled the elec. lock fuse but wow is that a pain not having them working. The wife will not drive the Cruiser anywhere after dealing with this for a couple of months. Thanks for any thoughts on this. BigHowie
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Old 06 Nov 2013, 10:51 pm
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Default Re: Electric Door lock system - explain please !

The RKEM Remote Keyless Entry Module - is above behind the radio.

Have you replaced the Multifunction switch? It controls the lights and goes bad and allows the fog lights to come on when you think they are off - draining the battery.
When the battery gets drained, strange things start happening...
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Old 08 Nov 2013, 10:07 pm
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Default Re: Electric Door lock system - explain please !

quicksilverdon, no I have not replaced the multifunction switch, that went bad years ago, never replaced because there was little info at the time about doing myself, and heard it was costly. I removed the fuse have been running without fog lights, without issues except the door lock which have been strange for a couple of years. Do you think I should replace the multifunction ? I guess It is still doing other things right ?
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Old 09 Nov 2013, 05:38 am
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Default Re: Electric Door lock system - explain please !

Howie; My 2006 automatically locks all the doors at ~15 ? mph. And they stay locked. I think that's the way all PT's are?

The locks are probably not related to the MFS. [this is a guess]. The locks are controlled by the body control module? The RKEM is also involved [see Don's answer].
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Old 09 Nov 2013, 07:38 am
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Default Re: Electric Door lock system - explain please !

After reading many of the responses on the MFS thread, I am going to order a new switch from Rock Auto, does anybody have a preference on brand ? OE PRO or STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS.
PT 06, My doors lock at 10-15 mph when starting to drive, but they also sometimes click once(trying to lock) when coming to a stop. In the past the locks have done the locking/unlocking thing when the car was not running and the key was out of the ignition switch. Thanks folks
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Old 09 Nov 2013, 08:32 am
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Default Re: Electric Door lock system - explain please !

Autozone carries the MFS in stock. Part # SW2287. $56.99.
Very easy to change. Go to the "How To" link here on the forum and will tell you step by step and what tools needed.
The MFS with fog lamps is cheaper than the ones without for some reason. Don't forget to pull your old Hazard Warning Flasher from your old unit and install on the new one or you won't have any turn signals
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Old 09 Nov 2013, 10:44 am
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Default Re: Electric Door lock system - explain please !

The description of your symptoms really does sound like a low battery. It's pretty common for a brand new battery to crap out. Battery manufacturers hire engineers to eliminate as much material as possible to save nickels and pennies on each unit. The MFS can pull your battery down over night or, like I said, the battery could be a boat anchor. I'm not sure how or when you tested it but it needs to be checked in the morning when you have the starting problems. One quick check you can do is to turn on the headlights and see if they appear lower than normal which would indicate low power in the battery at that time. Some other possibilities are corroded/dirty connections at the starter or ground. I hope it's something simple...... and cheap to fix.
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