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Check Engine Light Help

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Old 22 Apr 2014, 02:01 am
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Default Check Engine Light Help

So the check engine light keeps coming on, on my 2008 cruiser. I retrieved the error code from the dash board and it is showing a P0456 (small evap system leak). I just recently (within 200 miles) had the timing belt, water pump, camshaft seals, accessory belts, thermostat, and the thermostat housing replaced. Also I had the fluids flushed and replaced aswell. This was all done around 98,000 miles. The day after I got the car back the check engine light came on and showed the same code. I had just gotten gas that day so I figured it was probably the gas cap not on tight. I tightened the gas cap and took off the battery cable and reset it and it behaved itself for a couple days.

Well the check engine light came on again still showing the same P0456 code so I went to the Chrysler dealer and bought a new gas cap for it and they reset the light and I hoped all was well.

Today it came back on again with the same code. Is there anything else I should look at before taking the car back to the shop? I just put a lot of money into it and I would rather try to fix this myself. Everything else seems to be working like it should.

Also, for about the past month I have noticed that after the car has sat overnight the first startup of the day is taking longer then normel. The engine usually cranks and fires up pretty much instantly. But recently (started doing this before all the above maintainance was done) that first start has taken about 10 seconds of cranking. I don't know if that issue is connected but that's about the only thing different I've noticed with the car.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to give asmuch info as possible. Any help is appreciated.
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Old 22 Apr 2014, 02:29 am
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Default Re: Check Engine Light Help

A lot of information is best!

You wouldn't believe the people that come on here and give very very little information

If it's not your gas cap, your fuel pump and filter would be a good place to start looking
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Old 22 Apr 2014, 08:41 am
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Default Re: Check Engine Light Help

For your starting problem, try turning the key to "ON" for a bit before you turn to "START". Listen carefully, and you can hear the whir of the fuel pump - when the whir stops, turn to start.
As to the evap - look under car up toward fuel filler - next to the large (gas) hose is a smaller hose strapped to it - the smaller hose is the evap hose - inspect it.
The good news is that unless you are facing an inspection, the evap fault won't hurt anything.
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Old 23 Apr 2014, 05:26 am
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Default Re: Check Engine Light Help

For sure I would check all the related fuel evap hoses. Otherwise you need a dealer to do a smoke test. You most likely have a leak in the evap system. Since you had all this work done I would inspect these related hoses as they may have broke one or loosen. But otherwise it will take the dealer or shop with the correct equipment.


Good luck
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Old 23 Apr 2014, 02:44 pm
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Default Re: Check Engine Light Help

I had a smoke test performed on the car and my mechenic told me nothing is
leaking. He said the "leak detection pump" has failed and needs to be replaced.
Says it's not hurting the car to continue to drive it until I get it fixed which is
not expensive but not too cheap also. He quoted me about 180 for the job parts and labor. Does this sound about right? In the mean time I guess I just have to live with the light and the chime on startup.
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