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Fan speed when a/c on? And a/c pressure going high

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Old 09 Jun 2014, 02:40 pm
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Default Fan speed when a/c on? And a/c pressure going high

Well 2003 na cruiser when turning on my a/c everything turns on like it should but when idling when parked somewhere or so the a/c starts blowing warm air then suddendly I can hear some sort of preassure relief valve and the psssttt noise that follows then when reaching speed the a/c will blow a little cold air. Is the fan speed supposed to be low or high when idling with a/c on and engine at normal temps?
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Old 09 Jun 2014, 02:52 pm
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Default Re: Fan speed when a/c on? And a/c pressure going high

We've had some discussion about this and it might have changed through the years but when I turn on the A/C and the engine is not warmed up, the fan speed is on low and it will stay low as long as I have the A/C switched on. When the engine coolant temperature raises to a particular temperature, the high speed fan kicks on and stays on till that temperature lowers.

Some say the fan automatically comes on at high speed when the A/C is switched on.
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Old 09 Jun 2014, 03:01 pm
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Default Re: Fan speed when a/c on? And a/c pressure going high

So probably the reason my cruiser keeps shooting all the freon i give it is because the fan wont kick in on high when idling at normal temps? Everytime im in the store i sometimes stay in the car with ac on high and idling but as soon as i turn it on when idling the air is warm and then suddendly i hear preassure releasing and bye bye freon. It has no leaks because it was tested and when i turn my ac on when driving on the interstate it blows cold air but when idling my the preassure in the ac is ejected which i assume is that loud pssst and white smoke coming from the front right side is.
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Old 09 Jun 2014, 03:10 pm
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Default Re: Fan speed when a/c on? And a/c pressure going high

IMO Someone is improperly filling the AC system or you have more trouble then a questionable fan operation.

You should be sampling the air temperature coming out from the vents with some form of thermal registering device and comparing it to the ambient air temperatures.

Simply expressing your personally description of what you think is warm air may be the normal acceptable raise in temperature during your idling periods with the other factors included.
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Old 09 Jun 2014, 03:39 pm
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Default Re: Fan speed when a/c on? And a/c pressure going high

Mine just did the exact same thing except I knew what was going on and turned the AC off before it vented. It would try to die, sputter and the temp gauge would start to raise with the AC on. It would also blow warm air. As soon as I took off the air would get cold again. Mine is a 2009 and with it if the AC is on the cooling fan runs at high speed.

I was able to get it home by keeping the AC off or turning the AC off when I had to come to a stop. The high speed on my cooling fan had went out. I replaced the fan with a Dorman unit with a lifetime warranty.
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