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cooling problem

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Old 04 May 2015, 11:12 am
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Default cooling problem

I have an 04 GT with 95000 miles. I had the timing belt and water pump replaced this past winter. I recently topped off the ac coolant. Now the car overheats. I drained and replaced the engine coolant, replaced the thermostat, and rad cap. Still overheats at freeway speeds or after a couple hours around town. Heater works fine, helps delay overheating when on full blast.

Should I check the timing belt tension, and can I do that? Any other things to check?
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Old 04 May 2015, 11:24 am
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Default Re: cooling problem

are you saying the car overheats with the AC on at freeway speeds since you added refrigerant? if so, you may have overfilled it. when i fill mine i would only add when it was low and causing the compressor to cycle. when the compressor would stay on i would stop, as adding more just puts strain on the motor. if you put waay too much in there it usually results in a rough idle and a laggy feeling from the car.

or are you saying it overheats since you added coolant to the radiator, that's a different story. for this i would recommend bleeding it and topping it off. you probably still have air trapped in the system.

other recommendations you'll likely get is are to check the fan and to feel the radiator hoses to make sure one's hotter than the other.
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Old 04 May 2015, 04:08 pm
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Default Re: cooling problem

Thanks Rob. The overheating did occur after adding refrigerant, however, the gauges show proper system pressure and car overheats even with heater on.

Not sure what else I should do as far as bleeding system. Car has been up to temp and cooled several times, coolant is going back and forth to resevoir and no more bubbles to top of radiator. Top hose gets hot and heater is putting out plenty of heat.
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Old 04 May 2015, 04:54 pm
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Default Re: cooling problem

The problem initially began after I added refrigerant but before I changed the engine coolant. Changing coolant and thermostat and cap have not improved problem.

Car runs well, fan comes on when hot.
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Old 19 May 2015, 11:28 am
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Default Re: cooling problem

Cooling fan is possibly toast , crawl under disconnect plug, jumper from battery if fan spins in high or low that eliminates it. Or bad relay . The fan went south on my 03 I had replaced it 4yrs ago , replaced it all good!
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Old 19 May 2015, 07:12 pm
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Default Re: cooling problem

Does the PT Cruiser still overheat with the A/C off?
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Old 24 Jun 2015, 02:00 pm
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Default Re: cooling problem


I had a similar problem with overheating my 2001 PT Cruiser after removing the old coolant, and filled with Water and Flush Solution yesterday. With NO AC running, I got good heat inside, and confirmed the Fan runs in both low and high speed.

After making a short trip, I noticed the temp gauge rising above normal, so I turned the heater and fan on blast, and the temp started coming back down. Once I got home, I shut it off and I started hearing gurgling near the fire wall and found that all of the water was rushing out of the radiator up the overflow hose and into the overflow tank. I let it cool down, went and bought a new thermostat and radiator cap, and installed them and refilled and tested again. Same exact problem happened!!!! How Frustrating!!! I was prepared to purchase a Radiator as the original one was replaced around 80k miles and it was stuffed full of crap from not keeping the coolant replaced on schedule I guess. This current problem exhibits a similar symptom, but only seems to have started immediately AFTER doing the drain and fill of the Flush/Water Solution to try to clean the system out.


This morning I got hold of the factory manual and it gives step by step instructions to empty and refill the system. I followed it to the letter and guess what? No more overheating!!!! I drove about 30 miles today, several short trips of 3-10 miles around town in the 97F degree Florida Heat with the temp coming up to the normal 3 o'clock mark on the gauge, and never going any higher!!!


Evidently, due to what I would consider a really poor design by Chrysler, when you fill the radiator, an air pocket is formed just under the thermostat. When you fire up the car, the engine and coolant gets hot, but unfortunately the hot water cannot make its way to touch the bottom of the thermostat due to the trapped air pocket, and therefore the thermostat never gets hot, and never opens! Duh!!! (I had to sleep on this logic overnight before the bell rang in my head!)

So, here are the refill steps direct from the Factory Manual that I followed...

ENGINE - 2.0/2.4L DOHC (Non-Turbo)


Do not run engine until all steps are completed !!!!

(1) Close radiator draincock. Hand tighten only.
(2) Open, but do not remove cooling system bleed valve (located on the front of the engine just under the thermostat location. It looks like a grease fitting but will let air and hopefully a small amount of coolant escape.)
(3) Attach a 6.35 mm (0.250 in.) inside diameter clear hose that is 120.0 cm (48 in.) long to the bleed valve. Route the hose away from the accessory drive belts and radiator fan. Position the other end of the hose into a collecting container. The hose will prevent coolant from contacting the accessory drive belts, A/C compressor, and other components. (Oops, I missed that little step... Oh Well )
(4) Remove the cooling system pressure cap. Install Special Tool 8195 Filling Aid Funnel (I just used a regular big mouth funnel from an old Prestone Flush and Fill Kit).
(5) Use the supplied clip to pinch overflow hose (You can use a pair of vice grips to do this or a funnel with a neck big enough and snug enough to keep coolant from flowing up and into the overflow hose).
NOTE: Be careful not to spill coolant on drive belts or the generator.
NOTE: While filling the cooling system, pour coolant into the larger section of the Filling Aid Funnel 8195.
(6) Slowly fill the cooling system until a steady stream of coolant flows from the attached hose on the bleed valve. (I missed this step entirely, until today!)
(7) Close the bleed valve and remove the hose.
(8) Remove clip from overflow hose and remove funnel 8195.
(9) Fill coolant to the top of the pressure cap neck.
(10) Install cooling system pressure cap.
CAUTION: Coolant may leak out of the bottle overflow tube if filling too rapidly.
(11) Slowly fill coolant reserve/recovery bottle to at least the FULL HOT mark with the recommended coolant.

It may be necessary to add additional coolant to the reserve/recovery bottle after three or four warm-up/cool down cycles to maintain coolant level between the FULL HOT and ADD marks. This is due to the removal of trapped air from the system.

After I performed this procedure, everything worked normally. I did notice the first few times I stopped, I could still hear a little gurgling coming from the overflow bottle on the fire wall, but it was simply some air that was trapped somewhere else in the system escaping into the bottle. After a few trips, this should not happen any longer.

Hope this helps everyone! It sure did a great job for me and saved me about 100 bucks on a new Radiator!
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