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Moving the luggage racks after many years

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Old 21 Jul 2015, 08:29 pm
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Default Moving the luggage racks after many years

This is a 2002 with factory luggage racks.

It's been years since I slid the racks all the way to the back. I don't remember it being very difficult to do.

But now it is nearly impossible. Not only are the latches difficult to move, it's been long enough now that I don't remember how they were supposed to move (the latches, that is). I can't find anything in the owner's manual, Google, or YouTube.

I've sprayed silicon lubricant all over them, but they remain stiff.

One latch appears to swing outward like a door, but it takes some measure of force. I'm hoping that's what they all are supposed to do, and that I haven't broken anything.

I'm hoping you guys can save me a trip to the very rude service department of my local dealer.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++

OK. The silicone spray just needed a few minutes to loosen things up. I found they all swung to the unlocked position fairly easy after ten or fifteen minutes. The plastic is dry, and so the latches aren't as smooth as they should be. Maybe now someone could suggest something to recondition them?

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Old 18 Sep 2015, 12:09 am
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Default Re: Moving the luggage racks after many years

Before I get into how I managed to move my PT's luggage crossbars to the back, let me say that from some comments I've read on how they succeeded, I was left rather confused....

So... with my '02.... I learned that you work with the end of the locking mechanism(the part you easily see) that is curved or shaped to accommodate a thumb or finger, pushing on it towards the center of the roof, while the other hand works to push on the smooth ungrooved portion, pushing in the opposite direction or toward the outer edge of the car. The mechanism are sort of like a horizontal toggle switch on it's side. The goal is to push the curved end far enough that it unlocks the mechanism and the bar can be moved on the track.

Both locking mechanisms were really stuck and the secret I think is getting them lubricated and free to move, and spraying a little silicone in the tracks the crossbars run in I believe also helped. Maybe other years are different so I hope I'm not confusing the issue also... this is my first PT 'fix it' experience.

Well, from personal experience from just moments ago, I can absolutely say that silicone spray worked much much better than did WD40! I realized that my gas mileage should be a tad better, after reading other PT owners' comments here and there. Then I searched further out here in cyberspace, to find that moving both luggage racks crossbars to the back, is actually recommended if they aren't being used for purpose intended. And assists the aerodynamics, noise reduction and may assist in little better gas mileage. After driving it today, the day after moving both crossbars to the back end of the car... I can honestly say that the wind vacuum like or weird interior pressure or waffling like effect I had been experiencing, thankfully has now disappeared. I was unable to drive with the driver and passenger door windows all the way down because of weird wind currents. And I've read PT owner comments that have said they had a window pop out, no wonder with the aerodynamics all messed up when crossbars are improperly positioned. Easily drive around now with windows down all the way, no problem. It's like driving a different car!

I wasn't going to go to bed last evening before I conquered this challenge, and let's see it took me a couple hours to figure things out and get my act together and actually succeed!

You can't really appreciate this sharing until you know that I'm a 70 year old lady, living alone these days, but thankfully my farm girl skills kicked in eventually and I conquered those darn crossbars. Now on to the next challenge in my life.... bring it on, I'm ready! Had to apply some hand salve to my beat up hands and take a nice hot bath to relax, it was an intense time, but all is well now!

So I'm telling anyone looking for help on this issue, that silicone spray available at hardware stores(isn't cheap but useful for many other things like spraying in the sliding glass door/screen door tracks, bicycles chains etc) is the BEST for this situation. I tried WD40 but it's not as useful as is the silicone. I sprayed in and around the locking mechanisms and even the track surface that the crossbars move in and let it all sit a few minutes. Within a couple minutes I had both side freed and in place

Oh, if you're wondering, I downloaded a free PDF of the repair manual for 01-04 PTs and there is NO help within those pages(that I could find) on this subject, so save your time searching there for help! Let me apologize right now if I too have confused others, that was not my intention.

By the way, how in the heck does one delete photos from their profile or presence here? The first 3 images I put of my Cruiser were those taken by the first owner and I really don't care for them, so I put up two of my own that I like better! Thanks for helping me with that in advance!

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Old 18 Sep 2015, 01:23 am
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Default Re: Moving the luggage racks after many years

Great information. None of my PTs have a luggage rack. I wanted one with a rack but none have turned up yet. I'm guessing after 2002 cars with racks are few and far between although I have seen at least one 03 GT with a rack.
WD40 is a water disperser or displacer best used spray on wet ignition parts after a rain or high humidity. Not too great for rust penetrant or preventer.
PB Blaster is the best I have found for that purpose.
Silicone sprays are quite good for lubrication of plastic parts and seem to stay slick for quite a while.
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Old 19 Sep 2015, 04:48 pm
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Default Re: Moving the luggage racks after many years

PB Blaster???? So tell a little more about this product, good for rust penetration? Haven't heard of it as yet. Where does one find it? You think it would have worked better on the crossbars then.... well that's good to know. You must love the Cruisers.... I've had lots of RX7s but gave them up when moving here as there aren't any mechanics on the Oregon coast that know how to work on them.

What years have you had, do you have? Just curious... newer ones I assuming!

Take care...
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Old 19 Sep 2015, 08:46 pm
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Default Re: Moving the luggage racks after many years

You can get the PB Blaster at most chain auto parts stores. I THINK I've even seen it a Walmart, but am not positive. Two brain surgeries have caused multiple brain farts!

Aspire to inspire before you expire.
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Old 20 Sep 2015, 09:36 pm
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Default Re: Moving the luggage racks after many years

OK, I'll check good ole Walmart first and if not there then we have Napa auto parts place here.... thanks a bunch for the info!

Oh, FYI, one can have brain farts even without having had brain surgeries, so don't feel too badly ok? Ok!
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