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pasadenahotrod03Dreamer 23 Oct 2015 09:08 pm

02 Woodie Cruiser
Yahoo! The Di-noc wood grain overlay for the Woodies deck lid came today from Ten days from on line order to my doorstep by Fedex.
As with many woodies the deck overlay was sunburned almost completely away and looks terrible as about 70% of the wood grain was gone and the tan base layer under it is exposed and fading fast. The perimeter beams are in surprisingly good condition over the whole car and the overlays are pretty good too with just a bit of uniform fading a a few chips here and there.
The new piece is die cut for for the lock cylinder, the deck handle cup and ornament screws and looks like it would overlap the the beams by at least a half inch so it should be easy to butt it together and trim. I think I'll have to remove the deck and put it on the bench to do the job though.
Of course the new panel will shame the rest of the original ones but I will not be swayed as the back piece will only seen by itself. Once we repaint the grey bumpers it should be really nice.
I think we'll be adding a spoiler too. Auto Zone can supply spray cans of color by code for us. Still have to get the transmission "read" and out of limp mode. Darn thing worked perfectly when we got the car. Then we stopped driving it, replaced the battery, changed the trans fluid and filter, when I restarted it the trans was in second. Bummer.

LionPT 24 Oct 2015 06:56 am

Re: 02 Woodie Cruiser
Don't forget the before & after pics.

Busted_PT 24 Oct 2015 09:09 am

Re: 02 Woodie Cruiser
Put you a stick of a length That suits you between the latch and catch. Use a bungee Hold down strap to hold it to the stick. That will give you clearance of the bumper and you don't have to worry about r&it of the hatch. :D

pasadenahotrod03Dreamer 24 Oct 2015 11:37 pm

Re: 02 Woodie Cruiser
My son has the back panel pictures and should post them soon. One shows the bad panel, the other the new panel laying across it in bright brilliant color.
I have checked the 3M website for installation advise and various YouTube clips. It looks like the only problem will be wrestling that big slab of material into position and squeegees get all the air bubbles out while smoothing the panel in place. I will sand off the existing old material to ensure best possible adhesion. There a couple of chips in the drivers door overlay showing the grey body color which doesn't even look sanded, same thing on the front fender where I peeled off that spear ahead of the door that just doesn't belong there.
I think we can a good job and have good service from the Di-Noc factory piece I bought. I really didn't want to spend the two hundred bucks but the car is too nice to have that mess out back.

03TXPTGT 24 Oct 2015 11:40 pm

Re: 02 Woodie Cruiser
2 Attachment(s)
Pictures attached.

pasadenahotrod03Dreamer 26 Oct 2015 11:28 am

Re: 02 Woodie Cruiser
Well, there are the pictures.
The first is the deck as it is showing the beams are still in great shape for 13 years old but the over lay panel has died from exposure. We'll have to remove the lettering in the left lower corner, the deck lid lock cylinder, and the handle/ ornament/cup assembly and sand the rest of the Di-Noc away to have a good base for adhesion of the new panel. Glad the new panel is die cut for the necessary holes to lay under the attachments. Just have to reinstall the lettering over the wood grain after laying down.
The new panel is of course much brighter than the existing ones but that's ok. The rest have been pretty well maintained and we can enjoy it more with that ugly back panel in place.
The factory expected service life of the Woodie Trim kit is only 5-7 years per 3M specs but this one is now 13 and we'll try to get it to 20-30 if we can.
I know some folks just don't like the Woodie option but I am a big fan except for the pointed piece which is on the front fenders. I removed it because real woodies don't have wood out there, it stops at the door edge.
I thank Chrysler too for still having these panels available because no one bought them and they didn't throw them away.

ptprice 26 Oct 2015 05:24 pm

Re: 02 Woodie Cruiser
1 Attachment(s)
You might be better of in the long run to do the job in a professional manner. Remove the rear hatch latch assembly and the surrounding faux wood trim to expose your work area. Use a fine steel fishing line leader to saw underneath the surround trim and carefully separate it from the painted surface. This will expose the edges of the deteriorated faux wood sheet which you can easily remove with the application of heat from a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive. By slowly peeling it back you'll be able to remove it in one sticky piece. The remaining adhesive residue can be removed from the paint with Goo-Gone or finger nail polish remover.
This will make a clean "slate" for reapplying the new faux wood sheet without concern for fit or continuity. You'll start from the top or a side where you can perfectly align. Expose or peel back just an inch or so of the backing at first. This will also let you see the lay-out and instill more confidence. You'll probably need more that two hands for this. Without stretching the sheet, slowly peel back the backing while squeegeeing the air out and securing the sheet in place. Doing it this way give you a beginning reference point, no unsightly cut edges, and no risk of damaging the inner edges of the surrender pieces with sanding errors.
Reattach the surround pieces as they were attached originally, with 3M Super Strength Molding Tape. I used the #0309 1/2" x5' as I split it into 1/4" lengths to reattach some Chrome Door Spears. I'm sure it comes in different widths but the 1/4" roll was too long and too overpriced for my meager needs. I think this roll cost well under $10.00. This reattachment of the surrounds should be straight forward. Again reattach by exposing just a bit of the adhesion till your satisfied with the placement, then peel the rest of the backing from the adhesive and firmly press down for adhesion.
Doing it this way, will in the long run be much easier and yield a job well done.
I'd make SOOO BIG a Woody in a heart beat, I think the look is great. I'd probably only get the surrounds though and do the panels artistically in one of the painting techniques I'm familiar with.
Good luck, happy PTin', ptprice

chuzz 26 Oct 2015 05:31 pm

Re: 02 Woodie Cruiser
Even though I've never been a fan of the wood stuff, I have to admit that with the new stuff on it, it DOES look much better.

pasadenahotrod03Dreamer 26 Oct 2015 05:55 pm

Re: 02 Woodie Cruiser
Price, I understand what you are saying BUT having removed the point piece from the fender I know the surround beams would likely not survive removal to be reattached. As that stuff ages it becomes very brittle and with very little movement just cracks and crumbles. The beam have a very thick adhesive layer with a multilayer color grained section and then a clear cover protectant layer.
I had planned on saving the point fender piece for someone to use but it began to crack and die as I was starting to "saw" through the adhesive layer to remove it intact. The adhesive pretty much just rolled off the unwanted base color of the car. I call it it graphite grey, Chrysler calls it something like Metallic medium Taupe something.
I will try the heat gun starting in the center around the holes and maybe I can get the sheet up to the beams more easily up as close and under the beam edges as possible, then using something called 94 "primer" for the adhesive after washing down with alcohol. Then starting in the middle where the die cut holes are and moving center up and down and out one side then the other with squeegee and hands smoothing it and eliminating bubbles as it goes down. I'll trim it as close as possible to the beam edge and hopefully slightly under. Then let adhesive work for 24-48 hours and wax carefully. That should protect it as much as possible even in our Texas sun. This car originally was sold in Virginia to its South Carolina owner then moved here about two or three years ago.
To rewood it beams and all if all parts are available would cost something like twice what I have in the car. The beams are very very expensive if they are all still available. The sheet stuff is the cheap part. That back panel was about $225.00 delivered.
Thanks for most appreciated expert advice.

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