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2008 Touring - Radio, Horn, Door Locks And AC issues

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Old 10 Sep 2016, 04:33 am
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Unhappy 2008 Touring - Radio, Horn, Door Locks And AC issues

Hello I'm hoping some knowledgeable PT folks can help me troubleshoot some issues I'm having with my car. I have a 2008 PT cruiser Touring that I purchased in 2011. Any input is appreciated. I'll start with the oldest issue first. I have had no service lights come on except the check tire air pressure light.

First issue is my radio, it is a factory radio and not an aftermarket. The tuning dial is possessed, the station occasionally changes a notch or two by itself and trying to tune the radio with the tuning dial is nearly impossible as the numbers go forward and backward jumping back and forth no matter which way you are turning the knob. It's irritating but I get past it with the scan function and station memory.

The second issue is my car horn, it is working sporadically, sometimes it sounds fine, then it will sound like a dying elephant, sometimes it doesn't work at all, not with the key fob or when pushing the horn, it also occasionally sticks when it is working or sort of working and you push the horn.

The third issue is that when my AC is on my car idles rough for a few moments, dropping the rpm slightly before it stops and then it starts all over. Rough idle stops as soon as AC is off and starts when turned back on. Also AC now has to be at the maximum cooling setting for it to cool. I bought some freon and my dad is going to help me put it in, but surely low freon wouldn't cause the rough idling would it?

The last issue started just a few days ago, I just happened to be in the back passenger seat at the time and discovered the problem. The back passenger door wouldn't open from the inside, could be opened from the outside but not inside. We checked the child safety lock and it was off, flipped it on then back off. Tried locking the door and unlocking the door with the power door locks (driver and passenger) but that didn't work, tried pushing down then pulling up the door lock on the door, that didn't work either but then I told my mother (she was driving, we were going somewhere she knew how to get to but dad and I didn't and I let dad sit up front) to use the key fob to lock then unlock the doors and when she did that the door was now able to open from the inside. I forgot to mention that I checked the back driver side door and it opened from the inside no problem while the other would not. After reaching our destination the door once again refused to open but opened after the locks were reengaged then disengaged.

THEN 2 days later after grocery shopping I tried to open the gate but it wouldn't unlock with the key fob, tried to open it with the driver door lock and still wouldn't open, finally gave up and put groceries in the back seat and then after getting in the car and turning it on, I hit the door locks again and got back out and checked the gate, this time it opened. Wouldn't open with the car off but once the car was on, no problem. However the gate had opened just fine 2 days prior.

Occasionally there seems to be a slight power surge in the car, it's been doing that for as long as I've had the car (same with the radio). I replaced the car battery in 2013, there was a lot of green foam-ish buildup on the connectors of the battery (the new one) earlier this year which I cleaned off (don't worry I was using the recommended products from O'Reilly's), so I'm wondering if there's a problem with the battery (I let my mom borrow my car recently and the key got stuck in the ignition, she couldn't switch it off completely so instead of telling me about it she left it there and the battery drained and had to be jump started- when she finally told me I went out, adjusted the steering wheel and then was able to remove the key. ) or maybe a battery cable is going bad. My dad mentioned the timing chain because someone else suggested that could be the problem, I'm hoping it's neither the timing chain or the alternator.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for solving my troubles?
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Old 12 Sep 2016, 10:32 pm
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Default Re: 2008 Touring - Radio, Horn, Door Locks And AC issues

I'd start by replacing the battery....
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Old 12 Sep 2016, 11:25 pm
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Default Re: 2008 Touring - Radio, Horn, Door Locks And AC issues

Welcome to the forum
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Old 13 Sep 2016, 07:35 am
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Default Re: 2008 Touring - Radio, Horn, Door Locks And AC issues

wow, there are a lot of problems you're getting here.

check engine light on ? any codes ?

never use those little ac recharge cans. they always cause more problems than they fix. can take it to a A/C shop and ask for the pressures to be checked, i recon it wouldn't cost much for this service since they just unscrew one cap and check the pressure. here's what chrysler has to say about it under the car's technical service bulletins.

Information Only

the issue with the idle and A/C is because the engine computer will open the idle air control channel inside the throttle body to compensate for the increased engine load the instant the A/C is turned on. if this system isn't working smoothly, there are problems.
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Old 13 Sep 2016, 08:13 am
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Default Re: 2008 Touring - Radio, Horn, Door Locks And AC issues

Originally Posted by Nataku245 View Post
Hello I'm hoping some knowledgeable PT folks can help me troubleshoot some issues I'm having with my car. I have a 2008 PT cruiser Touring that I purchased in 2011. Any input is appreciated. I'll start with the oldest issue first. I have had no service lights come on except the check tire air pressure light....
I would start with this issue. Many of the others may be related to this. Here's a video that may apply:

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