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Another fond farewell!

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Old 17 Dec 2016, 10:45 pm
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Default Another fond farewell!

Sorry, couldn't help capitalizing the thread title on another post like mine.

For months it seems my PT Cruiser is possessed. Clearly there is a short in the electrical system somewhere, possibly computer. My mechanic suggested trying to find a used computer to borrow and if that solved the problems I could buy it. Problem is he hasn't found one yet, but with the recent snowfall he'd been hoping a PT Cruiser would be in an accident!

To recap. Engine light always on. Sometimes the air bag light comes on and stays on until the next time I turn it off and start it again. Sometimes the speedometer doesn't work. Not at zero, sometimes about 5 km and other times around 20km, forcing me to bring my GPS with me for back up the times it doesn't work. One time the Trak light came on. But stayed off the next time I started the car. The most frightening thing is sometimes the car shuts down. Sometimes this happens when I'm at an intersection stopped for a red light. Other times its when I'm driving and all of a sudden no power, engine is off. Usually this happens between the first 2 to 3 minutes of starting the car. And not the first start of the day. I might have driven it to and from work and out to see my horses. And then its the next start. Usually the pattern is the speedometer isn't working, sits just above zero. And if I notice then I know I might have trouble. Other times the speedometer sits just above zero and I'm shaking, terrified it'll shut down, but then it tricks me and gets me where I'm going OK. And these are just short drives, I probably don't drive the car more than 25 minutes at a time. When the car dies, it won't immediately starts. Sounds like the engine's flooded. After 5 minutes, maybe as much as 10, it starts and then acts normally. Sometimes for a week or 2 before it happens again. On Thursday night I'd made a few stops, last stop groceries, and then 10 minute drive home. About 5 minutes, at a red light, it shuts down. Oddly enough it started up right away and got me about 4 blocks before it shut down again. I waited a couple of minutes, started it, and got another 4 blocks before it shut down. I was close to an intersection, so I could see traffic lights all directions, and in my rear view mirror see any traffic coming behind me, same direction. I waited about 4 minutes for a clear shot, and then went, hoping it wouldn't die at the next intersection, my street, about 4 blocks away. Whew! It didn't. It waited another 3 blocks until I pulled into my driveway before dying. I walked up to the house and came back 10 minutes later and drove it the rest of the way in - I live on 10 acres towards the back of the property.

Oh yes the other thing is the famous leaky Chrysler rims. I have 3 bad ones. I check all tires and put air in before driving anywhere. In this below freezing weather its getting tiring. All I want is a car I can just get in and go and not worry about tires or if the car is going to shut down.

This morning I stopped by a car dealership and put a deposit on a 2012 Mazda 3 Skyactiv that just got traded in. Not even in the inventory yet, not clean, not looked at by their shop, so they didn't want me to take it. The shop is closed Sunday, so they can't promise Monday either but they'll update me. Tuesday at the latest. I really wish faster, like today because the Cruiser died on me a few blocks after leaving the dealership.

The only reason I chose this one was because the back seats fold down flat, easier for my big dogs. I loved the Cruiser and the back seats somersaulting forward. Oh the Mazda drove really well too. I like it.

So its the end of an era. The dealership is taking the PT Cruiser off my hands for me. I imagine due to its age 2003, it'll go straight to a wrecker for parts. The car itself looks good. Regular maintenance. 95% of the time it behaves itself. The snow and freezing temps have just quickened my decision that its time for me to get a more reliable, safer car.

It still has a couple more days left to act up on me, and unfortunately snow in Sunday's forecast.

Just wanted to stop in and say goodbye to my gangster car. Farewell.
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Old 18 Dec 2016, 09:48 am
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Default Re: Another fond farewell!

i think i'd be excited to move on as well. seems like you've been through quite a lot. i had a prelude that was sporty and fun, but would occasionally try to kill me. the best was merging into 75mph traffic with the shoulder closed by construction barrels and then the car sputtered and quit. i bumped a barrel out of the way to prevent causing a hell of a wreck. that part of it was kinda fun.

your ordeal is interesting to read enjoy the mazda
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Old 18 Dec 2016, 07:24 pm
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Default Re: Another fond farewell!

I'm not proud to admit ..
I've cut up a couple of cars because
I felt they had hate for me....
It sound strainge.only way I could discretion the relationship I was having with those cars.......W
Originally Posted by Canadian Moose View Post
Just answer one simple question. Do you own any of the following?: Opel, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lada, Yugo, Kia, Daewoo, Volvo, SAAB, Jaguar, Land Rover, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Lancia.

If you answered “yes” then parts car is a really good idea.
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Old 19 Dec 2016, 05:42 pm
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Default Re: Another fond farewell!

I wish I had a cliff near by.

But it would prob. already be full.
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ain't this boogie a mess
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Old 21 Dec 2016, 01:12 am
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Default Re: Another fond farewell!

Yikes! I think I'll stay away from Preludes!

Aside from the leaky rims, the car behaved itself over the past few days, last stall was just after leaving the dealership on Saturday. It's almost like the car was trying to lull me into a false sense of security so I'd keep it.

I bought it in August 2011 so I've had it awhile. One leaky rim began after about a year and eventually 2 other tires joined the party. It's only been since this past summer that I've been having the strange electrical/shorting out issues. At some point I had to decide to stop sinking money into it and the recent freezing weather made me speed up the process.

I picked up the Mazda 3 today and the dealership is now the proud owner of a possessed PT Cruiser. I think they'll be getting it off their lot asap. It looks good, its not a rust bucket junker or anything, never been in an accident. But its a 2003 with over 200,000 km with leaky rims. They're transferring it to a wrecker.
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Old 21 Dec 2016, 04:59 am
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Default Re: Another fond farewell!

Sorry to see you go.

Remember, PT Cruisers are cheap and plentiful. You can always pick up another (without the gremlins) for pocket change. I hope to see you around in the future.
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