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2007 PT Cruiser Suspension and Wiper Fluid

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Old 12 Jan 2017, 01:39 pm
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Default 2007 PT Cruiser Suspension and Wiper Fluid

Thanks to all of your replies in my last post, I found a new mechanic and he determined that I had some parts in my suspension which needed to be replaced. He's told me I need to replace the Front Driver side Sway Bar linkages, passenger side lower mount and the passenger side tie rod. He's given me an estimate of $350.00. Does that sound fair? Is there anything else you would change at the same time?

I have a new issue as well, the mechanic removed a portion of the fender liner to get a better look at the suspension. He re-connected everything before I took the car. Today I started my car and used the windshield wiper fluid. The fluid sprayed fine but after driving forward i noticed that the fluid was leaking from the passenger side inner tire area. I had two puddles of fluid. I took a flashlight and the fluid is coming from the inner edge of the fender liner. It looks like a dangling hose to me. It's connected to the fender but slightly lower. I called the mechanic and he said it was excess wiper fluid that was draining however i don't remember seeing that there before. The driver side fender liner is straight. Is there supposed to be a drain hose there, I just want to make sure that the mechanic didn't forget to re-connect anything when i went for my suspension issues. The leaking did stop after about 20 minutes. I am going to check later tonight.
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Old 12 Jan 2017, 06:46 pm
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Default Re: 2007 PT Cruiser Suspension and Wiper Fluid

If the leaking stopped 20 minutes later, that means that your wiper fluid jug is now empty. Sounds like he either forgot to connect the hose, or broke the damned nipple off and tried to hide it. Personally, I think he's a little steep on his price, but I'm a cheap old bastard that doesn't trust other people to work on his stuff. AND I'm NOT an ASE Certified mechanic and don't know what current labor rates are. I march to the tune of my own drum, and it's not in cadence with the rest of the world. THANK GOD!

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Old 12 Jan 2017, 07:41 pm
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Default Re: 2007 PT Cruiser Suspension and Wiper Fluid

If he is including a front end alignment in that price, it isn't too bad. The parts can run $100, most shops charge $100-120 per hour, and the front end alignment is about $80 at most shops. He probably is going by the book estimate of repair time, which is probably about 1.4-1.8 hours.

As for the windshield washer fluid, leaks are NEVER good. You could have been seeing the fluid run down the windshield, and then down the inner fender. Check the bottle in the morning; if it is empty, you may have a cracked bottle, broken hose connection or some other place where it is leaking. Check the bottle to see if there is anything in it. If it is above freezing there, just test it by filling it with plain water to see if it holds water.

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Old 12 Jan 2017, 09:05 pm
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Default Re: 2007 PT Cruiser Suspension and Wiper Fluid

I just went and checked the wiper fluid level, and the bottle does have fluid, i tried spraying it and it does work. I had a lot of salt in the morning on my car windshield and i may have overdone it causing as SanAntonioJoe said excess fluid to drip through my fender. I'll keep and eye on it.

The hose which I mentioned earlier turns out is the fender liner, I had to get a replacement on the passenger side and the one i ordered is slightly different from the original.

This is the first time going to this mechanic after issues with my first mechanic and I just wanted to make sure he wasn't over charging me.
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