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AGP BIG WHEEL TURBO Is it worth it?

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Old 01 Oct 2017, 01:41 am
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Default AGP BIG WHEEL TURBO Is it worth it?

Well I have a GT Turbo stock PT Cruiser with a intune2 and a dorrito chip bov.

I recently purchased a Downpipe and Full Exhaust( 2.5 inch) for kinda cheap.

Im looking around 300-350 hp. Is it even worth to get this turbo The AGP Big

Wheel where it connects to my stock manifold or am I better off with another

manifold with a bigger turbo? Do I really need to do anything to my

suspension adding 100-150 hp? I was also thinking lowering springs. The

most important thing to me is SAFE TUNE. I dont want a fast car for 3 weeks

lol. Im trying to have a good safe tune with some power in it. Also if I wait

for a different manifold and turbo compared to this one what would be the

price difference guesstimate. I hope this answers all peoples questions from

my other post on exactly what I want to do with my car. Just a safe tune with

about 100-150 more horse power. Also should I change my FMIC how much would

that help?
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Old 01 Oct 2017, 03:07 am
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Default Re: AGP BIG WHEEL TURBO Is it worth it?

I don't think the transmission is rated for 150 more HP, is it?

I'm sure someone with actual knowledge will chip in, but 50% more HP than stock is probably approaching stress limits for crank, con rods, valve train, etc? Maybe if the whole engine is balanced and blueprinted? I dunno, sounds dodgy...
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2004 'Turbo Lite'

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Old 01 Oct 2017, 04:08 am
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Default Re: AGP BIG WHEEL TURBO Is it worth it?

we get about one of these threads a week, each of them do none of their own research, then none of them follow up or go through with their plans once they realize it will cost much more than they bought the car for.
2003 GT M/T in Onyx Green Pearl on Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3 Plus Tires 205/50ZR17. Dark Slate Gray Interior. OEM cargo net, parcel shelf, slush mats and trunk protector, mud flaps, mopar subwoofer. Platinum edition pedals, Neon SX 2.0 steering wheel with black+grey wrapped leather cover. Generic lowering springs, KYB gas shocks, Valeo solid flywheel conversion and clutch kit. Urethane insert engine mounts. Energy suspension full body urethane bushing kit. Chrysler premium front speakers, Jenson 6x9 rears. Boston Audio 4x55W amp. Panasonic head unit with xtenzi bluetooth. 300W AC power inverter. Escort 360max and Escort Shifter ZR4, dual front+rear dash camera. stage 1 blow off valve and syked tune computer . Boost and oil pressure gauges with Turbo-Timer. Needswings 3" exhaust elbow, Electric valve actuated Y-pipe with catalytic converter. To do: coilovers, 2step controller, quaife diff, Air-Fuel Meter
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Old 01 Oct 2017, 04:16 am
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Default Re: AGP BIG WHEEL TURBO Is it worth it?

What was the purpose to shit on my thread about the question I asked? I mean if you dont want to answer then dont but to be negative about it is pointless. You didnt even begin to answer the initial question I asked all you did was down talk it. If thats your response no need to respond to anything I say anymore.
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Old 01 Oct 2017, 10:16 am
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Default Re: AGP BIG WHEEL TURBO Is it worth it?

Originally Posted by PTChicago View Post
...I recently purchased a Downpipe and Full Exhaust( 2.5 inch) for kinda cheap.

Im looking around 300-350 hp. Is it even worth to get this turbo The AGP Big

Wheel where it connects to my stock manifold or am I better off with another

manifold with a bigger turbo? Do I really need to do anything to my

suspension adding 100-150 hp? I was also thinking lowering springs. The

most important thing to me is SAFE TUNE...
I don't race and if I did, it would not be a PT. But here's my opinion.

Right now, you are pulling about 12 psi of boost max. My custom Stage 1 PCM and factory turbo does 15 psi. However, you can go up to around 18 psi with stock components with the right tune. And with more aggressive tuning, you can go substantially higher with the factory turbocharger with larger Stage 2 fuel injectors an aftermarket wastegate and a 3 bar MAP and TIP sensors.

So basically, there's a lot that can be easily gained using the stock turbo, a different tune and some other minor component upgrades. Beyond this, you start needing to do a lot more to get any good out of a larger turbo.

I believe the turbo PT is a great car for some fun street-level performance. Just adding a Stage 1 PCM or DS canned tune really seems to make these cars fun to drive. But to me, you are wasting your money and effort to go much further beyond this unless you plan to race your PT. And some of our members do that and post their times here. That's very cool, but it's not for everyone and there are much better cars for serious racing.
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Old 01 Oct 2017, 01:10 pm
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Default Re: AGP BIG WHEEL TURBO Is it worth it?

Ok so I'm in the same boat as you, I wanted to know about the big wheel kit too. Unlike everyone else (Nitro don't correct me by saying "Well someone else does!!! blah blah blah" I actually recently post about my racing), I race my PT when I can. I recently posted that video of my PT autocrossing, and posted the times I got in the 1/8th mile. From the education I have received and with no testing, just application of the automotive theory. The big wheel turbo kit would allow for more of the incoming air to drive the turbo on the exhaust side and more air to be compressed on the intake side that would usually be bottle necked by restriction of the smaller stock wheels. For me, because I have found very little in the way of alternate turbos, for the price of the BWT I plan to get it once I get a custom tune, the reason being it is Better, how much... who knows. Its better than stock, but still kinda stock. Looking for an alternate turbo is going to be more work and much more money. For a starting point this is "better" than the stock turbo.

As for the other stuff you mentioned. If your going with more power, the first thing to do would be to get the willwood 4 piston (or 6 piston if you really want to) big brake kit for the PT off of modern performance. It is really cheap compared to other big brake kits on other cars at less than $600. However the only reason I haven't jumped on it is because the replacement rotors cost $180 for the solid and $280 for the drilled and slotted. So when you do upgrade you have to have the income to support that modification.
As for suspension, I'm running Eibach sway bars, Tein Springs, KYB Mono tube rears, and Gabrield Ultras in the front (would of gotten tokicos by they were too expensive for my budget but better for lowered vehicles).

Also please note, the GT PT has from the factory cast pistons, and Forged rods. The ONLY reason they don't have Forged pistons is because they have oil squirters to allow the GT to push the power level it is at and not blow up. If you are going to improve the engine by adding HP, get forged pistons. I personally am not going to touch higher HP rating beyond what a S1 tune, intake, and exhaust would add until I rebuild the engine and forge the bottom end. No cams, no bigger turbo, no porting the heads, nothing.

When building a higher than stock HP engine (and nitro should agree with this). You always build from the tires, back through the power train until you get to the intake. A Fully build and blown v8 with over 9000HP will never drive down the track if the rear diff melts instantly because it's not built for that.

Tires are the single best modification you can do, good tires will improve performance around a track more than double the HP will. Get good tires, lower wear rating means softer compound which is stickier and will grip better. I would invest in a second set of rims, one for track tires, and one for street tires. I personally plan to use Continental contiprocontact DWS 06 tires for the street, and once I get another set of rims i'll be looking for the best track tire I can find. (the PT can sure haul them to the track on it's own without the rear seats.)

For simple mods, Remove baffles for turbo noises, remove the spare, because chances it is original to the car and old, and I would not recommend driving on a 10+ year old spare. Copper spark plugs and composite plastic intake manifold will add that 1 oz of HP (I say oz, because while they do help power, but I don't have a measurement.)

Some quality of life changes, LED lights and a variable load flasher relay found at autozone (Slyvania super bright LEDs work perfect). They really brighten up the interior, and the LED tail lights and turn signals are brighter than stock, and for what ever reason the super clean white light on the licence plate looks sick.
03' Dream Cruiser Manual: 130k Stage 1, BOV, Koni Shocks, Eibach Springs/Sway Bars, TSW 18x8 Rims, Composite Manifold, 3inch Catless
Downpipe w/Cutout, Magnaflow Catback, Quaife LSD

04' GT Manual Purple PT Mileage: 95k (Died Spring 2018)
05' N/A Automatic Red PT Mileage:121k (Died summer 2017)
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Old 01 Oct 2017, 02:20 pm
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Default Re: AGP BIG WHEEL TURBO Is it worth it?

Re: AGP BIG WHEEL TURBO Is it worth it?
By the time you have a custom exhaust manifold built you would be shopping for a completely different Turbo Charger.

If you have the the stock exhaust manifold getting one correctly modified and if you first can find one that does not have any cracks the cost would be $400+

Boost Pressure is often misunderstood by people and reported badly on threads. Without changing MAP sensors and doing extensive and carefully calibrated PCM adjustments and other supporting changes, spiking 17psi and holding 15psi with a good engine will net you a solid 200+ WHP.
Now add a SAFE plug and play Sniper NOS system add up to 75 hp.

I think if you first bring your PT Cruiser up to par you may find that you have already spent some cash and a 300+ horsepower PT Cruiser will cost a lot of time and money.

The PT Cruiser does nothing well and takes a lot of effort and money to make it "just ok" in any aspect of performance. Most that have been down this trail either no longer own their PT or it ifs constant state of issues needing resolving.

There are several "HOT ROD" (sorta) PT Cruiser that come up for sale all the time in the specialized vehicle market which really is a better deal as a starting point then starting form stock. Find someone else's (failed) project that they spent thousands of dollars you can buy cheap.
These PT Cruiser are almost never seen on this or other PT Cruiser forums. You need to get on the internet and look for them.
To view larger pictures simply "click " on the picture!

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"Share you knowledge. It's the best way to achieve immortality."
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Old 01 Oct 2017, 04:28 pm
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Default Re: AGP BIG WHEEL TURBO Is it worth it?

If budget is in any way a consideration, I mean any at all, then the answer is no.

If you have more money than you can find applications for, and you don't mind spending 10 times what the car will be worth when you are finished, then by all means, forge ahead. NitroPT and others on here would be priceless resources for you.
We love super fast PT Cruisers on here, but most of us are too practical or not wealthy enough, or both, to dump a bunch of money just to have something different.

PT's are good looking, comfortable, can carry an amazing amount of cargo (not the convertible), fun to drive, and easy to get attached to. But if you need a rocket, it would make more sense to start with something else.
'05 GT Convertible Automatic (daughter's, she calls it "Matilda", I don't) and '05 Cool Vanilla Limited Turbo Lite "Vanilla Thrilla" (wish it was a stick shift)
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