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Just Purchased My First Car 2006 PT Cruiser

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Old 25 Oct 2017, 02:28 pm
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Default Just Purchased My First Car 2006 PT Cruiser

Hi new member to the forum, I am 17 and have just purchased my first car a 2006 PT Cruiser with 160k KM with a broken timing belt for $250.

Got the car towed to my shop through CAA.

Previous owner was honest, Just bought new car, No one wants a PT cruiser with a dead timing belt, Older gentlemen did most work himself, Have service records. No rust, stored indoors. Just wanted someone to use it. he was going to send it to the wrecker if no one picked it up by Today.

I know the timing belt is a royal pain in the ass, I'm not a mechanic I would like to be and have all the tools to fix it, I have watched 6 hours of youtube videos on how to do to it. My grandfather is a master mechanic and has a 2002 PT cruiser. We hope to get it on the road soon!

I bought the belt, and waterpump. Awaiting arrival from shipping. Anything else I should do while I'm deep inside this car?

Best way to remove AC freon? I don't the proper tool to drain it like a dealer would.

Any other general upgrades or updates I should do to this car?

Within the last 20k it has had:
New alternator
New Bushing
New Brrakes
New AC Compressor
New Sparkplugs+wires
New Headlight housing
Rebuild Transmission

Any other common issues with this car that I should replace?

Any upgrades to consider? Its the 2.4L Non Turbo Model.

Tires are certifiable in Ontario, However I will be buying new ones for winter.

Thanks for the replys guys, hope to be semi active

Someone might post that, that a PT cruiser is not a good economy or first car, I know its bad on gas, I know its heavy.
If I wanted a regular car I would have bought one. I love the PT cruiser, Before my grandfather owned his, It was my grandmothers who we lost to cancer in August. I loved being in the PT cruiser with her and this car reminds me of her every time I walk out of my garage. And thats why I wanted to own one.

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Old 25 Oct 2017, 03:13 pm
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Default Re: Just Purchased My First Car 2006 PT Cruiser

Welcome to the forum.

You definitely want to change the water pump while your doing the belt. Everything in the way has got to come off anyway.

We have a HOW TO thread of the forum under the Tech & Performance section. In that HOW TO is about 5 different threads on the timing belt. Just skim through the titles to find what you need. There's tip and tricks on how to make the job easier. Here's a link: HOW TO's
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Old 25 Oct 2017, 03:16 pm
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Default Re: Just Purchased My First Car 2006 PT Cruiser

1) Belt
2) pump
4)Cam seals
5) crank seal
6) Motor Mount
7) A/C & Alternator belts
8) inspect the torque struts

This might be of some help...

Timing belt replacement on wifes 2006 NA
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Old 25 Oct 2017, 05:35 pm
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Default Re: Just Purchased My First Car 2006 PT Cruiser

Welcome to the forum and good luck on the car. As said elsewhere, watch MotorCity Mechanic's 7 part YouTube videos for an excellent tutorial.

You can wait on the upper and lower torque struts until you take them off as part of the timing belt job. Out here, they are readily available and around $10 each.

The drive belts are coming off anyway so this is a good time to inspect and replace them if necessary.

The center motor mount is definitely worth replacing, so is the idler pulley, tensioner and pulley, water pump, cam and crank seals.

Assuming you have a set of socket wrenches, box wrenches, 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" torque wrenches (you'll need to torque fasteners anywhere from a couple dozen inch pounds to nearly 100 foot pounds)

To remove the bolts for the cam sprokets, a cam adjuster and breaker bar are priceless. about $32 mail order or $44 locally.

A crankshaft pulley removal tool is also needed. You can borrow one from a car parts store, but even if it's designated for Chrysler engines, the center bolt may not be long enough. You need to do some creative doubling up of the bolts to get the pulley off because the hole is just too deep for either bolt by itself.

Of course jack stands to hold the car up and a jack to raise and lower the engine multiple times as you take things off the top and bottom. I also found a painter's spatula a real helpful tool to shoehorn things in and out of the engine compartment when you find that things can't clear by 1-2 mm (several items).

When adjusting the tensioner, get a telescoping inspection mirror so you can get the right angle to see the gap aligning with the spring on the tensioner.

A set of ratcheting box wrenches also come in handy because there are places where you have little or no clearance to use a socket wrench and turning an open end wrench 1/8th of a turn each time gets old.

I was able to do the timing belt without disconnecting the A/C lines and there were only a couple of instances where they made for a tight fit. My PT does not have cruise control so that area was less cluttered. The recommended procedure is to take it to a shop to have it evacuated and then refilled after the job, but that takes time and could cost upwards of $100.

Last but not least, come back and ask questions if you run into a snag or need advice.
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Old 25 Oct 2017, 06:47 pm
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Default Re: Just Purchased My First Car 2006 PT Cruiser

What rsrocket1 said. I picked up a 2006 PT Cruiser (not nearly my first car) a few months ago, had to replace the timing belt pretty much immediately. I managed to do so without discharging/disconnecting the air conditioning. The tool list he lays out is pretty complete- especially in terms of getting a Chrysler-specific pulley puller (I broke a generic Harbor Freight puller trying to go the cheap route), and having to fabricate an extra inch or so of bolt to get the pulley completely removed (I used an inch or so of the unthreaded portion of an 8mm bolt to get enough length). This will make sense once you tackle the job. A pneumatic (or electric) impact wrench will make the job considerably easier as well.

Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask questions!
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Old 25 Oct 2017, 07:05 pm
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Default Re: Just Purchased My First Car 2006 PT Cruiser

Welcome to the forum from the great Sovereign state of Arkansas!

The other members have already given some great advice. Follow it and you can't go wrong. If you have any questions, just ask.
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Old 25 Oct 2017, 07:17 pm
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Default Re: Just Purchased My First Car 2006 PT Cruiser

Welcome to the forum from Southern California.

Great information already given in the previous posts. Give us a shout if you need any other information.
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Old 25 Oct 2017, 09:31 pm
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Default Re: Just Purchased My First Car 2006 PT Cruiser

Welcome to the forum from Texas. Been there done that on the timing belt job. As said previously, you can change the upper and lower mounts later but do the middle mount while you are in there. Have fun, time spent with Grandpa should be great!
2004 LE "Dolly" 61K miles
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Old 25 Oct 2017, 11:42 pm
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Default Re: Just Purchased My First Car 2006 PT Cruiser

Welcome to the forum

The body looks in great shape for a $250 car

If the previous owner had just done the timing belt work when scheduled, it would probably would still be running strong today.

I sent you a PM with links to download the Service Manual, you'll be needing it
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Old 26 Oct 2017, 07:52 am
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Default Re: Just Purchased My First Car 2006 PT Cruiser

Welcome to the forum and I think you got a heck of a deal on that PT.

Aspire to inspire before you expire.
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