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NLAlston 29 Nov 2017 11:17 am

Tire pressure losses.
Our 2009 PT Cruiser causes suffrages of frequent needs for inflation of its tires. *The previous owner (wife's aunt) had revealed how she had to, often, inflate tires, due to their premature air losses. *It isn't the tires, themselves, because - early last year - we had new tires installed, and the same frequency of that problem didn't fail to exist.

It had, more recently, been mentioned that the aluminum wheels were (most likely) not allowing the tires to 'seat' properly. *Now, I'm wondering if I should look into investing into a set of steel wheels - providing that those types are still being manufactured.

Or, might there be some other type of action which would prevent this issue from happening?

rsrocket1 29 Nov 2017 11:22 am

Re: Tire pressure losses.
You could do the old fashioned soap bubble test.

The worst part is that you would need to take the wheel off the car to test both sides. Get a squirt bottle, fill it with a very dilute soap solution and squirt it around the rim and look for bubbles. If the wheel is laying flat on the ground, it would be more obvious because the soap solution would be sitting all around the rim.

rob302 29 Nov 2017 11:33 am

Re: Tire pressure losses.
don't forget to spray around the valve stem. IIRC the chrome rims corrode there and leak, and there's no good fix other than replacement

rob302 29 Nov 2017 11:37 am

Re: Tire pressure losses.
if it's just 1 rim you could most likely remove the tire from the rim, grind off the corrosion with a blending wheel, and use upgraded valve stems such as these along with the edge sealant:

IIRC we get steel rims in the PT size for ~$25 from stone wheel inc. they don't sell to the public though so you'd need a shop to order them

NitroPT 29 Nov 2017 11:47 am

Re: Tire pressure losses.

Originally Posted by NLAlston (Post 676774)
losses. *It isn't the tires, themselves, because - early last year - we had new tires installed, and the same frequency of that problem didn't fail to exist.

Regardless of what you you mention ^^^^

TAKE IT BACK to the tire store or service shop and have them find the reason for your slow loss of air in the wheel/tire combo.

Slow leaks are not necessarily uncommon and sometimes hard to find without removing the tire from the rim and inspecting the inside of the wheel.
There are DIY ways to at least see escaping air but even this requires a tub to completely submerge the tire/wheel combo and to increase the tire pressure to the maximum levels.

Some of you that ever worked at a Tire shop may remember those nasty water filled tubs that always smelled like a 3 week old unwashed jockstrap to test for leaks?

NitroPT 29 Nov 2017 11:59 am

Re: Tire pressure losses.
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Originally Posted by rob302 (Post 676778)
use upgraded valve stems such as these along with the edge sealant:

Those type you are talking about ( I have them and others) should come with warning and complete idiot proof instruction. ^^^ many tire "techies" don't know how to install them correctly and the they will fail at the worst times.

Most of the time I still prefer the old fashion rubber type.

VsandFords 29 Nov 2017 01:46 pm

Re: Tire pressure losses.
I had tires installed on my cruiser a couple of months ago and one was loosing air. Took it back and the tag with the barcode, in the bead was causing the leak. They removed it, cleaned the rim and brushed on a sealer. No charge.

Grasshopper77 29 Nov 2017 02:06 pm

Re: Tire pressure losses.
As others have mentioned, it is most likely due to corrossion or gunk build-up on the rim. Usually, on the back side of the wheel. After several tire changes and years of use, the bead area tends to build-up with gunk and rust. Most tire places focus on the outside of the wheel and hardly ever clean the bead area on the back side. I'd remove the tire and dunk it in a kiddie pool with enough water to cover the tire all the way up to the wheel and start rolling the tire until you see the bubbles. Mark the leak and take it back to who ever installed and have them remove and clean the wheel.

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