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2005 PT Touring Turbo hesitation before/after $1k repair

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Old 02 Oct 2019, 04:12 pm
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Default 2005 PT Touring Turbo hesitation before/after $1k repair

I'm new to the forums for posting so I'll try to explain our issue clearly. I brought our 05 cruiser with 50K original miles into the shop because it developed this problem. After start up when you press the gas pedal from a stop it hesitates for a second or two then thrusts forward. We'd baby the gas pedal for a few miles until the engine warmed up. After it warmed up, there were no further issues for the first few weeks. I looked up the problem and it was thought to be the cam sensor. We replaced that ourselves. The PCV hose was cracked at one end and we ordered a new one. The shape didn't match the old hose but the part kept coming up as the right one for that car. We had to cut the length some or it would have kinked. It was a bugger to get back on but we did it. Unfortunately, the same problem was there and as the days went on, the hesitation happened when accelerating from a stop even after the car warmed up so we took it to the shop.

The mechanic said there was some oil getting into the spark plugs. The valve cover gasket w/tube seals, spark plugs and wires were replaced. A chemical induction service cleaning and fuel injection service were done. All those things were supposedly necessary although I'm always suspicious of "cleanings". The mechanic called to say it did not fix the problem but we're into it for $760.00

He found out the cam sensor we replaced was aftermarket and could be the problem if it didn't seat properly or the electronics being touchy could be the problem. We agreed to get that replaced by them with a factory part. He called after that repair to say once it warms up, the hesitation is gone. He suggested to put a few tanks of gas through the engine and see if the throttle will settle in better. That's what I brought it in for!! Driving it the 7 miles home, the hesitation after a stop never improved. I'm clueless beyond what I can look up so I don't know if that's accurate. If it didn't improve he claimed it could be the timing belt or there was a Chrysler bulletin about an oxygen sensor (if I'm remembering correctly) and their mechanic thought maybe it was a problem but no codes have come up yet to this point throughout the time the issue started.

I read on this site that many put 91 gas in with a turbo engine. We are the second owners of this car and to my knowledge, that was never used. We did put a couple tanks of 91 in a few months back thinking that might help, but I don't think that would have caused this problem. The car ran great for almost 50k miles and beyond a module replacement a few years ago, it's been a great car.

I'm at a loss here. Spending $960 we really don't have on repairs only to have it handed back to us with the exact same issue is frustrating and depressing. I don't even know what to do next because it feels like the mechanic is just reaching and each "idea" is costing more and more money. This repair place got 5 star reviews on Google and Garage Fly and our son's friend uses them all the time. I appreciate any feedback you have to offer. My husband has early stage dementia and I'm trying to work within his knowledge and limits but he just doesn't have the ability to handle this kind of stuff and I don't want to get taken.
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Old 02 Oct 2019, 05:01 pm
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Default Re: 2005 PT Touring Turbo hesitation before/after $1k repair

A lot of times engine issues that resolve themself once warmed up can be traced back to O2 sensors. Mechanic should be able to read the sensor voltages and see if they are performing correctly or not.
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Old 03 Oct 2019, 11:08 am
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Default Re: 2005 PT Touring Turbo hesitation before/after $1k repair

At first read, it sounded like it could be the IAC (idle air control valve). Often this can cause a hesitation or stumble when you try to accelerate from a stop. That it cleared up after the engine heated up seemed to make sense. I had a very similar issue and the new IAC resolved it.

But I am not sure how much the IAC factors in after warm up. Since you have the problem now even after the car is warmed up, I don't know. Perhaps one of the resident mechanics can shed some light here.

Do you know what the DTC codes are? You can get some of them by using the "key dance" method. You turn the key on and off 3 times, ending with the key in the run position, and the codes will display in the odometer. Knowing those codes can help us help you.
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Old 03 Oct 2019, 11:58 am
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Default Re: 2005 PT Touring Turbo hesitation before/after $1k repair

Thanks for responding quickly. I'd like to return to mechanic armed with better knowledge so I appreciate the input. Would it be wrong to presume the mechanic should have looked for the the O2 sensor voltages or IAC issues before the spark plugs? I understand that at some point, the repairs I just paid for might have become necessary but apparently they weren't responsible for the current issue. To fix the car will cost still more money. Is there no recourse for the unnecessary repairs? I chose to leave the car at my son's so as not to drive it any further with the problems it has. If the key dance works and codes come up, I'll post them. As for my ODBII scanner and the mechanic's scanner there were no codes.

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Old 03 Oct 2019, 04:22 pm
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Default Re: 2005 PT Touring Turbo hesitation before/after $1k repair

Do you actually run 'regular' gas? I have a 2004 Touring and I've been using nothing but 94 octane / zero ethanol Chevron the past six years and it's always run like a top
2004 'Turbo Lite'
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Old 04 Oct 2019, 07:57 am
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Default Re: 2005 PT Touring Turbo hesitation before/after $1k repair

Originally Posted by rockandroller View Post
Do you actually run 'regular' gas? I have a 2004 Touring and I've been using nothing but 94 octane / zero ethanol Chevron the past six years and it's always run like a top
I think that was the purpose of the "turbo-lite". For what it is worth, I have been running my GT on regular with however much ethanol is in the cheapest gas without issue since around 2012.

I will probably run into some fuel related problems now, but that is because it sat with the same gas from Thanksgiving 2018 until sometime in August and it smells a little turpentine-y.
2003 GT 5 speed
162,000 miles
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Old 04 Oct 2019, 10:08 am
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Default Re: 2005 PT Touring Turbo hesitation before/after $1k repair

You can remove the IA and try cleaning it with some electronics cleaner and see if that resolves you issue. All you would be out is a few bucks for a can of cleaner. Sounds like anything this shop does at this point to resolve your issue will be what we call in the aviation community as shot gun troubleshooting. Keep replacing parts, until the issue is resolved, rather than testing each part. Sometimes swapping parts is cheaper than the labor to test, but the costs add up quickly if the guesses are consistently wrong. On the positive side, I think evert Hong that was done, was needed, other than the cam sensor. My after market sensor has out lived the 2 oems ones.
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Old 06 Oct 2019, 11:37 pm
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Default Re: 2005 PT Touring Turbo hesitation before/after $1k repair

I would suggest checking to see if your engine attachments is loose.
Open the hood and have a person watch the engine while someone else steps on the brake with the engine running and shift the gears back and forth between reverse and drive. Post if the engine rocks back and fourth.
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