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Have you gotten tape-mark bumpers painted?

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Old 22 Jul 2004, 11:11 am
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Default Have you gotten tape-mark bumpers painted?

If so, I'd like some feedback...

Spoke with my dealer's body shop manager and NO problems getting the bumpers pulled and painted. Kinda surprised me how easy - heck I had printed off various posts on forums and had my red-headed temper checked and ready...

They are talking painting with a matching grey matte finish. I asked about painting to match the body color. He's going to check into that, considering it involves one more step - clear coating (they will NOT sand the texture finish though).

Those of you that have had them painted - has anything come up that you wish you would have known ahead of time? Did you go with grey or body color? Is there a problem with scratches in the body color revealing the grey underneath? What about warranty of the paint? How has it stood up? Have you added anything, like those chrome bumper inserts over the paint?

As much as I think I would like them painted the body color, my biggest concern is scratching. At least with scratching the grey, it wouldn't be as much of a contrast between the greys as it would the cranberry and grey.

Well guys? What do you say?
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Old 22 Jul 2004, 11:40 am
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I have a Xenon cover over the front bumper I got from Crewzin painted body color. Dunno how long Crewzin had it on, but I've had it for several thousand miles, and it looks great. To me, the front of the car cries out for body-color bumpers to unify the look - the rear being gray/black doesn't look out of place.
Chips are going to be inevitable, but the plastic seems less prone than metal - the lower valence of mine has fewer chips than the face of the hood had (before repainting), and I'm sure crud has hit both with equal frequency.
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Old 22 Jul 2004, 01:24 pm
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had mine painted about three months ago. no problems so far. paint has held up well and the color matches perfectly. my dealer replaced the bumpers with new gray ones (under warranty, so no charge, but could not replace with the smooth bumpers because of the warranty). sanded as much texture off as possible, sealed, painted, and clear coated. dealer said they do it all the time, and showed me another cruiser in their shop having it done (that car actually had damage to the side, but while in the shop owner requested bumpers painted to match car, dealer said this is really common for cruisers).
would suggest that if you go this route, you pay extra if needed to have the texture removed, think that would help with the overall quality, reliability, and finish. also, dealer should blend the bumper color with the rest of the car if it is painted, so their may be extra work or painting involved that could cost more. i paid 150 bucks for the paint work (which was much lower than body shops quoted me.). also, lots of people have reported that the tape marks come back or show through the painting, so sanding and sealing should help prevent this.
only scratches i have had were from the bra (which i no longer use, as quicksilverdon said, chips are inevitable). meguires scratch x removed them no problem...
hope that helps, i have been very happy with the results and love the look of my car even more now!
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Old 29 Jul 2004, 01:00 pm
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Location: San Diego, CA, USA.
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forgot to mention that i did get a warranty with the work, the standard warranty the body shop gives for all repairs. 12 months or 12K miles. compare that to the body shop i almost went to and paid out of pocket for the work, they would not give any warranty. also have not applied any chrome to the paint yet, waiting for the bumpers to get chipped beyond repair to do that
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Old 29 Jul 2004, 10:41 pm
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I have a '02 Steel Blue, and had the bumpers repainted a blue color that Ford uses. It does not match and has a little contrast, at least is isn't black!! The work was done in November of last year and I have yet to see the re-accuring tape marks. The color works for me and it is a flat rather than a gloss. All done under warranty!!
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Old 29 Jul 2004, 10:47 pm
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I had tape marks on my stock bumpers, then I had the dealer look at it they wouldnt do anything but Just replace it with a new stock bumper.. so I called around for a body shop who will do the job.. and finally I found one who would do both for $200 and $50 for the mirrors done too.

so ive had the painted mirrors n bumpers for 2 years now and no problems with it, its still fresh new looking.

and my pt is a 02 LE..
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