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paranoid transmission

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Old 22 Sep 2004, 01:56 pm
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Default paranoid transmission

with all the talk lately about the cruiser's automatic trans problems, i am getting paranoid. any little hiccup and i'm ready to run for service. got me thinking of a few questions for all the mechanics and pt gurus on this forum.
1) has anyone noticed a pattern of failure, or is it all random? does weather, driving conditions, or driving styles tend to cause these problems?
2) what is best way to prevent it? or maybe the better questions is, is there any way to prevent it. will changing fluids more frequently and regular service prevent failure, or is it just destiny that the unit will go no matter what you do? (living in warm so cal with stop and go traffic, i always change all fluids more frequently than suggested).
3) is a chrylser extended warranty worth it? seems the price of repair is over 2K, lots of money. any chance that DC will recognize there may be a large problem with this unit, and offer a fix?
i love my cruiser and plan to keep it for awhile, but if this is a growing problem, i may have to rethink that. i have a year left on the original warranty, and almost 28K on the odo, just think it is too early to be worrying about a problem like this. any opinions are appreciated.
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Old 22 Sep 2004, 03:36 pm
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Anytime you intend on keeping a car long term an extended warranty is a good idea. I bought a Chrysler ( don't buy anything but factory ) contract 6/60,000 0 deductible for $ 1150.00 so like any other item you have to shop. I'll already get something out of it my radio has no AM ( covered ) so I'll get some of what I paid on that.

This dealer sell Chrysler contract online.
Greg Gavencky
The New Jersey Cruisers
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Old 23 Sep 2004, 07:42 am
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Agree with you about the tranny . Don't know why Chrysler can't make them more robust. Wife's old mini-van went thru TWO in under 100,000 miles! Fluid flushes help, and Grouch has a very logical argument for the warranty. I don't have extended warranty on mine, have nearly 78,000 miles with no problems, but I am getting it for wife's new mini-van, and not just for the tranny - it has powered doors, dual digital temperature control, a dvd player, automatic headlights - stuff that I wouldn't have a prayer at fixing if they broke....
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Old 24 Sep 2004, 04:17 am
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Automatic transmissions are not DCX's strong point, but nor is it as bad as people keep claiming it is.

Service with a qualified individual who knows DCX vehicles in and out would be a good start. Good dealers is something that everyone will need to work for to find. Even the best dealers do make mistakes, I like my dealer, but they can't do some things right (I actually have to put some of my parts back in the car properly!). You play Russian roulette if you have someone else service your car (unless this person lives and breathes Chrysler for a living).

DCX auto transmissions are quite sensative and require very specfic tranny fluid to be used ATF+4 (may have changed over the years to AFT+5?). I would think that the dealer can figure this one out.

To prolong the life of an auto transmission. You might want to avoid alot of hills, as it gets pretty rough on a tranny. Stop and go traffics are a given, but wears down a tranny. Overloading a car also isn't a good idea either. Avoid driving your car like you stole it.
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