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Blind spots quick fix

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Old 25 Sep 2004, 10:20 am
JGN JGN is offline
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Default Blind spots quick fix

I also found the blinds spots on the PT to be very bad

So here what i did

I removed the rear seat head rest

I also went to Canadian Tire and for 4 bucks bought those 2 inch round convex mirrors the kind your see on trucks and they came with two way tape and installed them on both my side view mirrors..

THEY WORK GREAT no more blind spots,, no more having to look over my shoulder to see whats comming up beside me just one quick glance in the side views,,I highly recommend them
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Old 25 Sep 2004, 10:57 am
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As once told my a very wise man (Turbo), it is recommended to set your side view mirrors out enough to NOT be able to see the side of your car, actually the mirrors are almost viewing the middle of the lanes on both sides of the car.

This way reduces the blind spot almost completly, cars move from the rear view into the side view and are still visable when they show up in your side window whenre you can see them.

It does take some time to get used to using your mirrors this way, give it a good week and you will never go back.

Some good examples are here

Thanks Brock, you have saved me much grief over the years with this one tip.

2004 Midnight Blue GT
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Old 25 Sep 2004, 12:04 pm
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tepcin, I started adjusting my mirrors as described in those two links many, many years ago and it really does give you a far greater view of what's coming up behind you. JGN, you think the blind spots on the PT are bad, try driving my wife's '92 Camaro - the mirrors are miniscule so no matter how you adjust them you still can't see a darn thing!
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Old 25 Sep 2004, 02:56 pm
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I found an easier and cheaper way of seeing your blindspots without having to remove your rear headrest or buy little mirrors......Look over your shoulder before changing lanes.
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Old 25 Sep 2004, 11:33 pm
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My 16 year old daughter just finished driving school and my husband and I were required to ride in the back during her 6 hours of behind the wheel driving time. We both learned a lot...
He teaches a 3 point mirror check list:
move side mirrors just off of sides of car so as to see all to the left and the right sides of the road, that's 2 points
center mirror as before to see all of back window, 1 point
We use the small curved mirrors too, applied with sticky tape.
No more blind spots. [|)]
I agree about the PT having limited back window view. This was an adjustment from my old 1990 Nissan, which had a nice spacious back window.
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Old 27 Sep 2004, 06:20 pm
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Another source for the same basic advice:
I just tell anyone who asks that "PT" stands for "Plymouth's Tombstone"
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Old 29 Sep 2004, 01:28 pm
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These tips saved my car from some serious "paint transfer" in Chicago this weekend. Thanks to all for the help !!

Jeremy Bays
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Old 02 Oct 2004, 10:15 am
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I've wondered how car manufacturers get away with building cars with such large blind spots. It seems like somebody would have sued them for millions by now for neglegence!

I investigated putting trailer mirrors on my PT, but in the end settled for little stick on concave mirrors. They reveal what the manufacturers mirrors don't, and I wouldn't drive without them!

\'03 PT Turbo 2CN
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