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Newbie in need of help...

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Old 24 Oct 2004, 12:43 pm
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Default Newbie in need of help...

O.K. so technicaly I'm not a newbie, since I haven't bought one yet. But thats exactly why I'm here.
The other day I was wandering the used carlots for a possible replacement to my ever so troublesome car. Initialy I was looking for a Jeep Cherokee, the classic style. Low and behold, there they were, 3 PTs lined up next to each other. I couldn't resist testing sitting in it. Instantly I was smitten! My mother too.
So here is where I need your help.

Nobody can acuse the PT for having a good secondhand value. Why is this?

What are problems I might expect if I do decide to purchase one?
Is the upkeep expensive?

For me, the manual stick is the only way to go, I've heard quite abit about the auto on this forum but nothing on the manual.
How does it hold up?

When test driving what distress sounds should I be listening for, and during what conditions do they arise?

Anything else I should look out for?

Anyhelp is greatly apreciated.
P.S. This forum is almost reason enough to get the car. D.S.
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Old 24 Oct 2004, 12:58 pm
Cool Cruiser
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Welcome first of all
I have an 02 Dream Ser 1 with auto. Never had issues with the tranny. The lower control arm bushings WILL fail, mine were replaced under warranty. fuel milage is around 23-26 mpg depending on my mood!. Resale on Chryslers have always been mediochre (sp?) When the Cruiser first came on the market, people were spending thousands over msrp. now D-C has so many rebates and price cutting incentives resale value goes in the dumper. BUT it is an excellant car buy one, you wont be disapointed. BEWARE of the mod bug!
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Old 24 Oct 2004, 01:05 pm
Fresh Cruiser
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: DeLand, Florida, USA.
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I've already been bitten! After reading through these posts it's hard not to.
What will the control arm bushings cost to replace, and how do I know it is time for new ones.
I know nothing about cars, which is not good considering I'm a poor student. Then again it might just be better not knowing how much the mechanics take advantage of me.
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Old 24 Oct 2004, 02:45 pm
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We have an '03 Limited 5 speed. I enjoy the snappier, at least for an n/a, performance and the ability to control the gears and shift points myself. Overall I am happy that I chose the 5 speed. No problems so far. The only dissapointing feature is the sloppy, rubbery feel of the shift lever mechanism. There are aftermarket kits that shorten the throw and firm things up though.[8)]
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Old 24 Oct 2004, 02:47 pm
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PT Cruiser's are great cars, but take my advice, if you buy a used one get an extended warranty. It will pay for itself if you have any problems. And make sure you contact Chrysler after you buy it to have you registered as the new owner and find out if all recalls were done on your car, especially the current recall on the power steering hoses. That's the reason my old Cruiser burned. Other than that, they are excellent cars and their quality is on par with Toyota's. I personally prefer Cruiser's any day of the week, thou.

Good Luck!![?]
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Old 24 Oct 2004, 03:29 pm
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I own a 2003 Touring Edition 5 speed. The only early on problems that you may encounter are spark plugs and wires. You may want those replaced as soon as your buy your PT.
Just look, feel, and listen for the usual things you would on any other used car. Does the engine sound right? When you drive it, is there any vibration in the pedals, steering wheel, or stick? A little vibration is OK, but not a lot. Does everything look to be in good functioning order? The 2.4L DOHC is a good reliable engine. Be careful, you will get sucked into the world of customization.
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Old 25 Oct 2004, 09:13 am
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Welcome, changeling.
A stick would eliminate a major concern, and also be much cheaper to buy and give better mileage.
You got word on the plugs and wires - the brakes and tires are also junk stock. If 20,000 miles or more, brakes may need replacing, and the tires that come on PTs - Good-for-a-Years - wear out fast. For brakes, get Raybestos or NAPA ceramic pads - they last far longer and NO DUST. Tires are a personal choice - my choice is Michelin.

I have nearly 80,000 miles on mine with only a slight engine miss that I cured with new plug wires for problems.

The resale of all cars is down as new cars are discounted and given rebates.
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Traded in '02 Silver Touring Edition w/87,000 miles
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Old 25 Oct 2004, 05:26 pm
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Don't really know what you are looking for exactly but i'm in the process of trading my PT, so if you want to look into it in my car domain site and make me an offer i'll probably be better of selling it than trade in it to the dealer. Also look under classifieds for the full info. I'll be posting there soon.

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Old 28 Oct 2004, 06:12 am
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I have just over 30,000 trouble free miles on my 03GT[8)] Only one warranty claim and that was for an oil sending unit and was fixed in about half a day for free. I am going to get about 40,000 miles on tires and brakes so I have no complaints abouit that. Auto shift tranny has never given me any trouble.
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Old 28 Oct 2004, 09:35 am
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i have 70K on my '01 5speed
would still be on the original brakes but did an upgrade.
clutch is still good even with the extra 60hp from the turbo.
stock tires lasted me a good 40K
low resale value due to a flooded market, it happens with all the "retro" cars. the t-bird owners are just realizing it and the poor SSR people who spent 50+K on theirs will soon find out too.

Used PT is a great buy and they are very reliable. Remember that bad news travels faster and there are only a handful of problem cars to the many thousands out on the road.
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