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One Big Family

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Old 10 Jan 2005, 01:12 am
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Default One Big Family

Whe I rode motorcycles we would wave at each other when we passed in opposite directions. As a new P.T. Cruiser owner I have noticed that we often do the same thing. Recently I have noticed something odd. Mini Copper drivers also wave at me. Is this a common thing to the rest of you? Are the Mini Coppers also a part of our big family??


2005 Convertible (Basic), Midnight Blue, Stock (at least for now).
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Old 10 Jan 2005, 01:43 am
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Enjoy it while you got it. The trend I noticed is that fewer PT
owners practice the wave thing. So wave on.[8)]
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Old 10 Jan 2005, 03:29 am
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quote:Originally posted by ragtopjim

Mini Copper drivers also wave at me. Is this a common thing to the rest of you? Are the Mini Coppers also a part of our big family??
Hmmm, never had a Mini Cooper driver wave at me. Never had a PT driver wave at me either for that matter. And no, the Mini isn't part of our family at fact, we had a rather heated debate with a group of them on this very forum. Must just be the retro thing. Keep your eyes peeled for Chevy SSR and Ford Thunderbird owners waving, maybe New Beetle, or even the new Mustang or the upcoming Chevy HHR. Heck, that last one was even penned by the same guy who did the PT in the first place. He seems to be out of ideas though
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Old 10 Jan 2005, 03:59 am
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Back when we bought our PT new in May of '01 a lot of PT owners waved. Nowadays we might get a wave from a PT owner every 6 months or so. Seems the PT has become just basic transportation and to the newer breed of owners they are just BT Cruisers. It's nice some owners of other retro cars wave.
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Old 10 Jan 2005, 08:39 am
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Welcome, Jim.
I always wave or toot my aoogah horn at other PTs, get about half returns. Haven't gotten a wave from minis, but I'd wave back - why not? Too much hostility in this world - a wave can't hurt.
"Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life,
nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."
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Traded in '02 Silver Touring Edition w/87,000 miles
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Old 10 Jan 2005, 12:21 pm
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Have gotten a nod of "right on" from a PT owner and waves and big smiles from Mini owners. We have both a GT and a Mini Cooper S. We've got fun all over the place.
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Old 10 Jan 2005, 12:40 pm
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Send a message via AIM to Konkeler

I never get anything... But I do get talking to people who have them, every owner seems to love it, even the guys whose wives use the car all the time.
Here is picture of My Cruiser\'s Mirror

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Old 10 Jan 2005, 01:52 pm
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People Talk or PT as many know.
I have carded over 50 cars in my local area, with no reply, wave and get a strange look. [:I]

Some people are learning.
Just Cruisin, 03 N/A auto. TE Steel Blue w/ pearl coat & chrome package. Too many extras to list, see pics
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Old 10 Jan 2005, 07:17 pm
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I just got my cruiser and found myself waving at an oncoming one. A little embaressed but now I feel better. With the dark tinted windows, how can you tell!
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Old 10 Jan 2005, 07:59 pm
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Back when we were a "small group" of PT owners there was much more openiness between folks, now that "feeling" belongs to only a minority of PT owners.....the "enthusiasts".
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