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TV and DVD for PTs

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Old 11 Jan 2005, 07:27 pm
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Default TV and DVD for PTs

I've been researching and looking for an entertainment system for my car. I have a black 2001 PT Cruiser with gray leather interior. I've been looking into flipdown TV's with a DVD player, but I'm not too confident with this decision. I was looking at an in-dash system, but I don't think this would be too wise. Any suggestions?
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Old 11 Jan 2005, 08:31 pm
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big difference in price.....

I'd like to have the in-dash but man
huge dollars....

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Old 11 Jan 2005, 10:45 pm
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Any TV, DVD that is in the front seat area is a bad idea. To much temptation to watch TV while driving, its also a ticket to jail, not a good idea, it's right up their with drinking and driving, although it's probably the best way to run over someone without knowing it or get involved in a head on. My 2 cents. If you must have a TV put it in the back with the kiddies.[8D]
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Old 12 Jan 2005, 10:50 am
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Depends on what you want it for...

If you have leather, you probably have a sunroof, which makes the flip down almost impossible.

My main wanted feature would be stealth. I dont want anyone to see anything I have, so I would go with TVs in the headrests for people in the back.

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Old 12 Jan 2005, 11:20 am
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In the not too distant future (if not already), Navigation Systems willl have an input for Composite Video which would allow them to serve dual-use.

This type of arrangement would give you the ability to have a guidance system that could serve as a display for Video; something that the in-dash systems won't allow.

Also, if you ride alone most of the time, a system can be mounted on the back of the front passenger seat. This would allow fold-down operation for the driver, or rear seat viewing for the passengers.

In this case, a monitor could be installed on the seat back, and a separate DVD deck could be mounted in the glove box or under seat drawer.
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Old 12 Jan 2005, 08:08 pm
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Why do you want to watch TV in your car? The one in the living room is closer to the fridge.
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Old 12 Jan 2005, 09:08 pm
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I have a flip down DVD/TV in my DC2, which has a sunroof, so it does work. I also have the headrest monitors. The only problem is that you can't flip down the screen without blocking the rearview mirror, so that's only good when the car is not moving. In that case, you'd also want to have headrest monitors, so that the rear seat passengers can watch on the headrest monitors while the pt is in motion.

For the in dash units, most of them now are set up where you can't view them when the car is in gear. With the navigation systems, you can only look at the navigation when the car is in gear, and then when it is parked you can look at DVDs, etc.

I guess it depends on what you want. For me, the headrest monitors work great, my son can play video games while riding with me, and for when the car is parked, including for shows, the flip down screen is nice.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
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Old 12 Jan 2005, 09:17 pm
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A solution to the visor monitor is the rearview mirror monitor. This one has a reverse camera that activates automatically when you shift into reverse. It also has a secondary input for DVD etc. The second pic shows my dvd playing.



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Old 14 Jan 2005, 01:19 am
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Hey stonept that looks awesome and I visited ur site.. and I noticed ur from navarre and im from pensacola.. how cool
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Old 14 Jan 2005, 11:18 pm
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I Have 2 Clarion 5.8" TFT monitors in my headrests. It's a perfect fit for them too. My Ps2 is under the driver seat and serves as a DVD player and game system. I have a FM modulater installed too for live TV. Headrests are for more of Custom look and each person gets their own screen to watch. Flipdowns I think are for conversion vans,Vans and Big SUVs and they dont seem right in the PT. And with Headrest monitors, You can play something on 1 screen like a DVD movie and watch live TV on another.Just select which input of the 2 on the screen or how many that you might have that you want to see.
My friends and I were playing a game one time in my PT and they had a screen and I had to screen to view which is dead in front of your face, NO leaning or cramping up to look at a flipdown.
Headrest screens are [8]
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