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Did DC Mis-judge the Demographics

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Old 20 May 2003, 04:01 pm
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Default Did DC Mis-judge the Demographics

I will pose a question that you can reply to:

Did the Damilier Chrysler folks think enough about the folks that saw a customised fourties style body in the PT, or did they just see a smaller minivan?

Why put dual exhaust and Tolico shocks ONLY on the SRT4?

Why not let the PT/GT buyers configure their GTs more like a GT automobile?

Where is Damilier Chrysler in supporting a Rausch or Saleen builder for a VERY exciting automobile?

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Old 20 May 2003, 04:56 pm
2sb 2sb is offline
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DC is stupid...No, I mean DC is STUPID!!!

DC saw a mini-minivan with a trick front end that they could advertise as "retro" and "out-of the-box thinking". As "fresh" and "new" they targeted early-nesters and got empty-nesters. Basic components are tried and true minivan or neon style parts.

DC buyers can't configure their PTs or GTs because DC buyers only get what is in the showroom or preplanned off the line.

Unfortunately, PTs won't get SRT4's stuff because it can never beat an SRT4. It's height and added weight make it slower both straight ahead and laterally. Whatever you do to compensate can also be done to the SRT4 and it still wins... but the PT looks better, cooler,etc[?]

Back to demographics:
One of DC's biggest current mistakes... not building a Dodge Charger. If you're middle of the bell curve (50-55) for PT buyers, what was your testosterone level when you first saw the Hemi Charger,Hemi Cuda, Hemi Dart? (1968)
DC canceled production plans for the Charger because it was a rear wheel drive platform. Next year they're producing a new Chrysler 300 that's Hemi powered on a rear wheel drive platform! Duh!!! You've got the Hemi..You've got the platform...What's some modified sheetmetal cost? You build the Viper and the Prowler at a loss for image enhancement. Do you think a HEMI CHARGER would help the image?... and sell at a PROFIT???[:I]

I think my soap box just broke...sorry

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Old 20 May 2003, 04:58 pm
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I personally find the GT to be a VERY exciting vehicle. Of course, this is my first car that can go 0-60 in less than 15 minutes so maybe everyone else with 'vettes, 'cudas, GTO's and the like may find it to be a slow vehicle, but I get a smile on my face every time I go for a spin.

With the way the interior was set up I think it was designed to be cool on the exterior, and "functional with class" on the interior. I mean, the grocery bag holders on the bottom of the back shelf is pure functionality, while the leather interior is classy.

I think the 2.4L turbo was designed for the SRT but placed in the Cruiser to quell all the talk about lack of power. Also, while I like to go fast at times (more than I thought I would! ), I love to drive the back roads at a leisurely pace with the windows down, the moonroof open and my arm resting out the window.

There are enough aftermarket companies out there that will help you trick out your GT if it isn't fast enough in its factory delivered form. Heck, it'll probably cost less than if you had Chrysler / Mopar do it for you!
2003 PT Turbo Deep Cranberry \'R\' Package Stock + AutoStick
Came off assembly line 1/14/03 (Tuesday) between 2200 and 2300.
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Old 20 May 2003, 05:19 pm
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I am probably more like DT than I would normally admit, but when I press on the pedal of my silver GT and hear those sweet tones from the dual exhaust, I have an imagination like "Walter Mitty". Some of the pleasure of owning an automobile is how your ride makes you feel. I may not have a Saleen PT, but I feel just a little of that when I turn the engine over and hear the BTG exhaust come to life, or when I actually feel G-force from acceleration when I need it. With a small tweak of Eibachs the suspension is not bad at all, as long as the rear sway bar is added. My other cars are an old Mustang GT and Porsche 944, the PT doesn't miss a beat in comparrison.

The american public is fickle and what was exciting one day is tomarrows trash. I sincerely hope that Damilier Chrysler is able to sustain some interest in the Performance end of the PT.
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Old 20 May 2003, 06:18 pm
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Keep in mind the Neon product folks at Damilier Chrysler did not think up the SRT-4. It's a product of the SPO skunk works. It's a limited production (5000 units) one year only car. It's purpose in life was to generate show room traffic to sell non-turbo Neons by cashing in on the sport compact interest. Keeping that in mind DC may have been willing to risk the potential warranty claims on a more razor edged car that is in limited production than they would be with the main stream PT turbo.

Since the Neon becomes a Mitsubishi Lancer joint car next year (or is it the year after) and the PT continues you may see a PT SRT-5 next year, especially with the intro of the convertable and two doors. And, they may have learned enough to give us a 250 hp PT to boot.

Also, the 2.4l turbo motor has been around since 1996 (in non intercooled form). I used to see 4dr Stratus R/T's all over Mexico with 2.4l turbo motors when I was traveling there for work.

BTW, the whole LH line of DC cars switches to rear wheel drive over the next couple of years. It is my understanding the Charger Hemi has been resurected to be Dodge's answer to the Cherysler 300N Hemi.

FWIW, there were only 75 Hemi Darts and 75 Hemi Barracuda's made in 68 and it was a race only car, no warranty and could not be legally registered. I do not know the actual production numbers but it as quite small. It would not suprise me that all street Hemi equiped cars made between 66 (first year) and 71 (last year) are less than the SRT-4 production.
Dave Clement
\'03 GT, Electric Blue
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