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Old 08 Aug 2007, 01:14 pm
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Default ATX to MTX

Pt Cruisers,

i was searching other forum's and some people are thinking of converting their ATX cruiser to an MTX. What would be involved? what advantages to that be?
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Old 08 Aug 2007, 01:32 pm
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Default Re: ATX to MTX

Are you talking about changing over from Automatic to Manual Transaxle? if so, there's probably too much involved to be worth it. Even the computer would need swapping, let alone putting in a clutch system and pedals.
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Old 08 Aug 2007, 02:15 pm
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Default Re: ATX to MTX

there would be a ton of work !! like crewzin said it wouldnt be worth it
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Old 08 Aug 2007, 03:01 pm
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Default Re: ATX to MTX

Originally Posted by CFS View Post
Pt Cruisers,

i was searching other forum's and some people are thinking of converting their ATX cruiser to an MTX. What would be involved? what advantages to that be?
I am not sure where you might have seen this, as it has been talked about a lot on all the forums over & over for years.

But to answer your question, unless you are a serious well experinced mechanic, or have Mega $$ to pay one, the answer is no.!

But, for those that say, well why not? I don't see why it can't be done!

Keep all this in mind:
You would have to have a pretty much complete 5-speed PT Cruiser to swap the parts from, besides the MTX and mounts, and shiftter assy , peddle assy, all cables etc, you will need all under hood wiring, dash wiring, instrument cluster (they are different) PCM, ignition cyl/key switch, ignition Key for the 5-speed PCM.

But the biggest problem for a street legal car that would stop most people, (also in case you ever had to sell it), It would also not be legal, as you would have to have 2 VIN numbers, the one for your original Auto car for your Motor Vehicle papers,Tags, etc, and a second VIN for the programing of the 5-Speed PCM, inst cluster, anti theft mod, if equipped, as all shift signals auto or stick go through the PCM, and they are programed to the VIN of the car they came from and won't mix or match.

So can you, YES, but do you want to do all this for a off road (not street legal) car? It would be cheaper, easier, and legal, to trade your auto PT for a 5-Speed PT, if you really want that 3rd peddle, But if you just want the auto to be able take more power and abuse, then for about $2700.00, not much more than a regular stock rebuilt trans), you can have a rebuilt & upgraded heavy duty performance automatic trans with hi po converter, that will handle the same or more power than the clutch in the stock 5-speed will.
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