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Error Code PO117

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Old 11 Jan 2008, 11:35 am
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Default Error Code PO117

I have an 04 GT and I just experienced my first error code. I have determined it is the ECT Low Voltage code from the sticky list. Now my question is what to do about it????? Keep driving it and see if it goes away?? The car seems to run just fine. The temp gauge is in safe range. The only thing I noticed when this happened was the temp gauge needle moved all the way to the top briefly and then settled back about midway.

Thanks for any guidance.
04 GT Graphite Metallic
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Old 11 Jan 2008, 08:47 pm
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Default Re: Error Code PO117


These include P0115, P0116, P0117, P0118 & P0119, and can be set if the coolant sensor readings do not change as the engine warms up, if the readings are too high or too low (out of range), if there is no signal from the sensor, or if the engine overheats.

The coolant sensor monitors engine temperature. This is a key function because it allows the fuel management system to go into the closed loop mode of operation when the engine warms up. The computer also uses engine temperature to control other functions, too. A failure here can prevent the system from going into closed loop causing a rich fuel mixture, and an increase in fuel consumption and emissions.

A coolant sensor's resistance changes as the temperature increases. If you don't see a change in the resistance as the engine warms up, or the resistance is out of specifications, the sensor is bad.

Other things that can cause bad sensor readings include a low coolant level in the cooling system, a thermostat that is stuck open or shut, or a thermostat that has the wrong temperature rating for the engine.

Sounds like your thermostat might have stuck open/closed for a brief period. Keep an eye on the guage for the next few days. To get rid of the code, take off your negative battery cable for a few minutes. Your car might run a little ruff for a little while after disconnecting the cable while it re-learns your settings and driving habits.

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