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Old 05 Jun 2009, 10:51 pm
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Default radiator

somebody give me some tips on removal of the radiator on an 05 turbo, anything to make it quick and easy as possible.
2005 gt inferno red airbox silencers off K & N sounds good
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Old 06 Jun 2009, 07:17 am
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Default Re: radiator


Fan and housing removal on the Non-Turbo PT.

I don't have the Turbo but I'll try to help you out the best I can. I'm not sure how the intercooler is attached or how it might get in the way of taking the fan housing out so what I tell you might have to be modified because of it.

First take your time, don't rush it or you'll mess something up.

From under the car on the left side of the fan housing is the electrical connect to the fan motor. The red locking tab slides to the right and the connection comes apart.

The fan housing has 6 bolts to hold it to the radiator. 2 at the bottom, 1 on each side and 2 at the top. While you under the car, take off the bolts at the bottom of the housing and if you can reach, take off the bolts on either side.

The radiator has to be drained just a little bit because you have to take off the upper radiator hose (not the bottom hose). There a rubber drain cock on the left side of the bottom of the radiator. Turn it counter-clock wise till it starts to drain and take out about 1 quart of anti-freeze. You can re-use it when your done.

Back to standing in front of the car. Take off the front grill. There's a top bolt on either side and the bottom of the grill is held on by two plastic hooks (one on each side). Be careful not to break the hooks. Once the top bllts are off lift the grill up and out.

Now the top of the radiator has a support that runs all the way across and has a couple of bolts on each side. The hood latch is right in the middle and if you don't want to take that apart just lay the whole support down in the front (see picture below).

Now the top radiator hose has to come off and pushed out of the way.

The radiator has to lean forward to give enough room for the fan housing to come out the top. There a bar in front of the radiator that has 2 10mm bolts on each end. They are very hard to get at without the proper tool (wrench with built in ratchet) but that bar must come off to the radiator can lean forward.

Once that is done, the 2 remaining bolts on the fan housing have to come out and the whole fan hosing with fan motor and about 10 inches of electrical connection cord will lift up and out while the radiator is tilted forward.

Don't think I left anything out and as I said, I don't know how the intercooler plays a part in taking the housing out, you'll just have to find out when doing the whole job. With any luck, the intercooler is attached to the front of the radiator and it will tilt forward and give you enough room to lift the housing. Bad luck wold be if you have to take the intercooler completely off to be able to tilt the radiator.

Good luck.

P.S. Looking over your question, you only asked about taking out the radiator itself ad not the fan and housing. Same sort of procedure except you must drain the radiator fully and take off the lower radiator hose. It should also lift up and out from the front and you might not have to take off the fan hosing first, it might just lift up and out all together. Maybe, maybe not.

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Old 06 Jun 2009, 11:10 pm
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Join Date: May 2003
Location: mocksville, north carolina, USA.
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Default Re: radiator

Thanks Crewzin

I haveing a hard time getting the fan out is my problem now everthing else is working ok.

Thanks Much
2005 gt inferno red airbox silencers off K & N sounds good
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