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What about the oil?

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Old 03 Dec 2003, 05:08 pm
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Default What about the oil?

I went to my regular mechanic today (25years exp) for an oil change, told him I was running synth, he insisted I don't need to wast my money on the synth - so he put Mopar 5w30 in it.

He told me he just saw two '02 pick-ups lose the motor, in his opinion because of the wrong (synthetic) oil, also said no warranty because the oil was not the type recommended by manufacturer.

Is it a big deal?

My impression was if you changed back from synthetic the motor should be flushed first.

I kind of think I should have pushed for the synthetic based on the reason I switched in the first place but I trust this guy.
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Old 03 Dec 2003, 05:16 pm
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That's a BS story. I don't know of a synthetic that doesn't ALL the mfgs warranty requirements. Is it needed? No. Desirable? Yes, if you want all the reliability and free horsepower you can get! It does free up a few ponies as proven in publications before and after dyno tests. Your money, your choice!

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Old 03 Dec 2003, 05:21 pm
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Man is that guy a story teller or what? I would like to see any manufacturer deny a warranty claim for using synth. Why do mechanics always try to bolster their opinion (and egos) with BS stories like that?
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Old 03 Dec 2003, 07:42 pm
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Well until this year Harley swore Synth was the bad stuff. Would (get this) cause bearing skate. It all changed this year as they badged thier own under Screaming Eagle. All the synth myths have, and should be put to bed. The only thing that are issues with synth is:

A: on a newly honed motor with new rings and pistons you should not use synth to break it in. But two stories to that, it will not allow the rings to seat as quick as dino, but then how do we explain the newer BMW, Porches and I think the Viper coming through with synth in them from the gate. Of course there are two schools of thought on break in (On Harleys)but the base aplies here also, 50-100 miles,go up and down through the gears as much as you can, moderate rpm on warm motor, then, ride it like you stole it. Or not over 2500 rpm over a set speed for a set amount of miles. I used heat cycles, brought it to temp shut it off. Next then I ran it moderate not over 2000rpm let it cool. Next I brought it to temp and rode it like I really did steal it. Got 8000 miles on it with 10:1 compression. Cold blooded as forged pistons are,if they are not warm enough to expand they will try to turn end over end in the v-twin sporster motor, it makes me waite for 15-20 30 degree temps for the required 110 on the dip stick to run it, all synth since 1000 miles and she runs great.

B: It causes leaks. What this really came from is older cars on dino, change to synth, the synth is so good at its job it cleans the varnish that was helping to hold a bad gasket intact and you got a leak. Me on the GT, I am using dino to 5000 miles, changed at 300, 2000, and then going over to synth. My Harley when I did the top end, dino, 100,300,1000 miles synth. Runs cooler for sure, and on a air cooled motor pumping 76 RWP outa 2 cylinders, it heats up to 200-230 degrees pretty quick! Synth brought this down to 190-220, tops.

We all have to realize if we are using synth to what I consider longer milage, still have to change the filter as this is where the dirt lives. I am sure synth is good for 8000 miles or so but our filters are not, change the filter at 3000 or so. Since I can afford synth I do it. But a good car schedule of 2500 miles with dino and fresh filter for 15 bucks, is as good as synth with filter changes. IMHO
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Old 03 Dec 2003, 09:03 pm
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I would get a second opinion!
I have had great luck with Mobil 1 in every motor I own. Including a World Land speed Record holder C/STR D/STR!
Lower oil burn Lower coroission More Horspower Better protection !
Mobil 1 Is Factiory fill in Porsch, Viper and most Mercedes Benz cars!
My GT runs Hot I would not consider non syn oil
But it`s your call.
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Old 03 Dec 2003, 09:16 pm
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i want to switch ro syn oil myself
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Old 03 Dec 2003, 09:32 pm
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At my next oil change I'm switching to synth.

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Old 03 Dec 2003, 10:10 pm
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quote:...Your money, your choice!
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Old 03 Dec 2003, 10:14 pm
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In most applications, you can change the filter every OTHER oil change. This goes for synthetic as well. Synthetic does not break down as quickly as mineral oil, and therefore can double (or more) you oil change interval. Still not cost effective at 4X mineral.

The new mineral oils (labeled GF3) are very good. They essentially perform like synthetics for a quarter of the cost. Race turbo applications are the only places where synthetic truly outperform, due to their temperature resistance.
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Old 04 Dec 2003, 12:51 am
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3BarBoost--This is our 3rd oil change. Still
will get oil change at dealer. But, I would really
like to switch to Synthetic. Our daily driver uses
Royal Purple 10/30. It seems to run smoother-certainly runs cooler because it idles a lot. Seems
to me it would work even better in the more hostile situation of the turbo. Stop and Go traffic. Can you please comment? H.
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