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Turbo problems... I hope

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Old 13 Jan 2011, 03:14 pm
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Default Turbo problems... I hope

Hey guys. I had a new motor put in 2 yrs ago xmas over 4k, ripped off totally on a leaking head gasket. Anyways, driving last week I noticed no power like usual. I looked at my guage and no turbo. The car ran perfect just no turbo. No smoke, notihng. I still drove it for a few days while I tried to chase it in the evenings. Cpl days later I started it up and she started smoking like crazy (like a 2 stroke with too much oil). I shut it off, could see nothing. I started it up again and bam I got Turbo. I drove it 2 miles no issues everything seemed perfect. I decided to take her home and each light I stopped at she started smoking like mad again. Other than the smoke the car ran like the day I bought her, she was perfect. I got home and she was down 3 liters of oil. The oil is smoking out the tailpipe. She has loads of power but just smokes. I haven't used her since. I am thinking the Turbo is gone for the most part but I got burned on the motor last time when the head went so I have to check this myself before I resolve to another engine. I would like to bypass the turbo and see the result. Where or what can I plug to see if the Turbo is the issue for sure. I don't believe it is the head but I didn't believe it last time. PCV is good no oil in the line, No oil in coolant, no coolant in oil, no leaks visible, Compression on engine and Turbo is fine. There was never smoke from the exhaust until the Turbo stopped and started working again. The smoke is mainly grey. The car is loosing oil but through the exhaust only, not coolant although it is more grey. I don't want to get a new Turbo until I can verify and I ain't puttin another motor in it until I know. Thanks for the help guys and I know 4k was way too much. They said 29 hours to put the motor in. I've done other cars with buddy and a case of beer in 10 hours in my yard. God love warranty work, too bad they only covered the 1100 motor. It's an 03 GT Turbo, Stage 1, with Auto stick and Turbo. Thanks
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Old 14 Jan 2011, 11:58 am
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Default Re: Turbo problems... I hope

You using synthetic? Haven't heard of too many turbos that die on synthetic.
hard to see how oil gets out exhaust on a stop-and-go basis - rings would be constant.
Take off the intake tubing and see if you can tell if turbo blades have excessive side-side play.
I guess if turbo bearings went, that would be a path for oil to get out, and it could sometimes spin, then not spin....
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Old 30 Jan 2011, 04:28 pm
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Default Re: Turbo problems... I hope

Synthetic oil does resist coking better then conventional oil, but, it can still cause coking leading to turbo failures. Proper maintenance along with timely oil changes are what is required for long turbo life. Hot shutdowns are what causes coking so try to avoid them.

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Old 30 Jan 2011, 06:06 pm
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Default Re: Turbo problems... I hope

I have run turbos literally 250K miles on synth with no failure. If it is a pure synth based product there is no carbon to coke.
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Old 30 Jan 2011, 09:21 pm
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Default Re: Turbo problems... I hope

Originally Posted by Cal Cruzer View Post
I have run turbos literally 250K miles on synth with no failure. If it is a pure synth based product there is no carbon to coke.
I agree, nothing beats synthetic oil for turbocharged engines. Our company vehicle just turned 350k and has run synthetic oil since around 50k. Original engine with no major engine repairs.

Certain popular brands of synthetic oil will still coke up with excessive heat exposure. However, adhering to proper driving techniques and maintenance schedules will reduce that possibility.

This Q&A came right off the Mobil 1 website:

************************************************** ***
Any Worries About Oil Coking in a Turbocharged Race Engine?
Hello. I run your 0W-40 in my turbocharged road race engine. Sometimes if I have to shut down hot, I will notice on my data logger later that my turbo oil exit temp hits 250C! Is this too high? At what temperature should I start to be concerned about oil coking in my turbo? Thanks in advance!
-- Matthew Shemenski, Simi Valley, CA

The temperatures you are seeing are quite high but not surprising. There are a couple of things you can do to protect the turbo from coking. You are already doing the first thing we would recommend which is to use a fully synthetic product such as Mobil 1. It will protect better against deposits and resist thermal breakdown than a conventional mineral oil. As you probably already know, Mobil 1 is chosen by leading carmakers precisely because it can protect turbochargers better than conventional and many other synthetic oils. Secondly, you should let the vehicle run for awhile after racing to help cool the oil down a bit. Lastly, you need to be careful you do not overextend oil change intervals under these severe conditions.
************************************************** ******
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