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What i did blow? (burnig smell '03 GT)

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Old 22 Dec 2003, 07:34 am
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Default What i did blow? (burnig smell '03 GT)

Hello, i'm new in this forum the last two days i've been reading it and now i know a little more about some issues of my PT (Perfect Toy ) like the High RPM miss and the steering wheel robotic-rubbing noise (I didn't think about visiting my dealer 'till next year but now its taking the highest priority in my ToDoB42004 list).

Let me tell you the history of my PT, i bought it on Feb (as my own bday present) but not everything was going smooth in my life so i lost my job few days after and since here in Mexico you need to pay a 2.4% TAX for owning 0-10 years old cars, couldn't afford the money 'till 6 months later , meanwhile the bless PT was stored at the garage getting dusty, it just moved to roll around the block (couldn't get far than that without the risk of getting caugh and lose my precious charriot) for keeping the battery (and all) alive.

Now after 5 months the PT is doing fine (hitting 2125ml/3400km)but few days ago i've noticed a strange oddor after driving (smells like a very hot iron) and yesterday was getting out from a basement parking at downtown, the exit ramp was not long (could hold 2 o 3 cars on its length) but the damn angle [:0] easily +45 deg. so a lot of traffic outside and a lot of cars getting out from the parking i had to wait about 10 minutes in the middle of the ramp (i swear got cramps on my legs by pressing the clutch and brake upwards) when finally the car in front of me moved, i did release the clutch/hit the gas but instead of moving forward the PT roared loud (the RPM went almost to the red line) and rolled back due the gravity, to my luck the driver behind me took his time paying the bill so when it happened he was 4' away from my rear bumper that was enough to apply the brakes, i tried again and finally climbed the ramp, but there was a strong burning smell, strong enough cuzz some ppl walking told me "smells like something is burning" pointing at the PT's hood, but no smoke comming from the hood nor engine light on, the PT did it normal in the way back to home (just the damn oddor [:0]), there i did open the hood looking for signals o cues about the "burning" but nothing visible, the oddor was much less noticiable and it seems to came from the radiator's area, i shutdown the engine and started it again with the selftest procedure but the codes were the same showed since i discovered the selftest "trick" few months ago
and they are (although,I dunno what they mean[:I]):

BL 01
EE 10

It is normal the hot iron-like oddor?
What did i blow or any clue about what happened in the parking ramp?
Thanxs for your attention!
Saludos desde mexico amigos!

PD: sorry about my poor english and the long post
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Old 22 Dec 2003, 08:41 am
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LoboMXGT, welcome to PT Cruiser Links forum. I'd say check your radiator fluid level, sorry I can't help more but I'm sure someone here will have more suggestions. Mainly just wanted to welcome you to the forum.

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Old 22 Dec 2003, 10:27 am
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how are you getting these codes, those numbers are the cluster version number not fault codes, are you cycleing the key on-off-of-off-on within 5 -sec.??
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Old 22 Dec 2003, 10:45 am
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You did not test the engine codes, you tested the instrument cluster self-test. Those 'codes' are only the software revision level of the BCM body control module.

You must turn the ignition key from off to on 3 times quickly, ending in the on position. This will read any PCM engine codes.

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Old 22 Dec 2003, 11:28 am
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When I purchased my cruiser it had very few miles on it (less than 10). I noticed the same thing. The dealer said it was the oil and grease used to protect the parts during manufacturing burring off. The car was not using oil, and the dealers explanation sounded valid. So keeping an eye on the oil, I kept driving. After a couple of weeks the oil smell was gone. Nine thousand plus miles later and no problems other than a tire coming apart.
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Old 22 Dec 2003, 02:19 pm
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Lobo one other possibilty is that your smell is the start of the famed "clutch " problem that is covered under warrranty. Your description sounds very much like one of the symptoms mine showed before it was replaced under warranty .
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Old 22 Dec 2003, 06:46 pm
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bring it to the dealership have the clutch checked out
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Old 23 Dec 2003, 07:14 am
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Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Gualajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
Posts: 26

Many thanks to everyone!
Please allowme to congratulate you, i hope to reach that symbiosis/knowledge level with my PT someday.

I went to my mother's place to check some pappers/mail i left there (one more thing to do: to update my new address with DC/Dealership), and found a CSN (customer satisfaction notice) about the clutch issue (i guess it arrived after i moved +6 months ago), then now after reading your posts the whole thing is very clear.

I've been experiencing lately when after lowering the speed almost to 0mph (p.e. pass a speed bump, enter to a high speed/traffic road) i downshift to 1st gear and barely get 20mph without hitting the 5000 RPM then just 2nd gear + 1/4 or 1/3 of gas pedal = 50-55mph, I wonder if that is related to the clutch's calamity, although sometimes the gas pedal feels so "digital/discreet" (it reminds me the expression pedal of my GSP, no middle points in the wah-wah: heel or toe !LOL!)

I think i better don't move the PT until i bring it to the dealership after xmass *sighs*...
Clutch, PCM, steering wheel noise oh well, i wonder why this (insert here your fav flattery for your PT) car had to go out with those kind of "details"? Anyway I would buy a PT again...I love this "damn" car...

\'03 GT 5 speed Steel Blue No Mods (Yet)
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