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still having problem

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Old 04 Feb 2004, 05:32 pm
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Default still having problem

Hello all....once again thanks for all the suggestions last is an update.....still experiencing significant spiking and surging in acceleration...was usually at the 2500 - 3000 rpm range, but today several major surges at low speed, leaving a spotlight, let off accelerator, felt like I hit a wall. Last time, I took the advice, reset the computer, no change. Last week I took it to a 5star dealer here in LA, they took it out for a test ride, several speeds in driving conditions, found nothing, did a diagnostic test, found you all know, we spend so much time with our cruisers......that we know when just not right......I have that feeling....any advise for next step.....or do I wait till the engine light comes on......try another dealer?......Thanks everyone...Jim
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Old 04 Feb 2004, 06:33 pm
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I had a similar problem right before my tranny froze up (and at 12,000 miles!!!!). Don't know if the dealer checked the transmission fluid to see if it was burnt or anything like that, but you could give it a shot. Good luck!!!
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Old 05 Feb 2004, 12:18 am
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When I had my saturn the dealer hooked up some gauges and drove it with the gauges and it showed the fuel pump was bad. It didnt show it with out a load.. ha load is a funny word.. But I know what you are talking about. Seems like your car will knows it's at the dealer and will act like a good child then as soon as you drive it home it starts acting up again. Thats when I start talking to it and tell it that I am going to trade it in if it doesnt start being nice. Might try that.
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Old 05 Feb 2004, 09:31 pm
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with out driving it it does not sound like a trans problem. possible fuel issue but very unlikely if only at 2500-3000 lack of fuel would be worse the higher rpm you go. for the surge is it on hard acceleration? possible detonation then pull back of timming. should not be harsh but you may notice it.[:I]
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Old 06 Feb 2004, 12:27 am
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Sounds like it could be a cam position sensor or a map sensor? But we all know what happens when we ASS U ME something. These and other components can begin to fail and not set a code, but, I am somewhat surprized that you are not getting a code. If it was a fuel problem or even the above mentioned I would think that the idle and or the part throttle adaptations would be at their limits or close to them and the o2 sensor would be wigging out. Did they check these? It's tough if you can't get it to fail when trouble shooting. It very well could be the trans, I am not sure what monitors the trans has but I would suspect it too would set a code if there were slippage problems? Strange.
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Old 07 Feb 2004, 02:28 am
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LOL 03Bagged

What does the tach read when it is surging?
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Old 10 Feb 2004, 09:16 pm
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thanks for all the suggestions.....seems that on the 3rd visit to the geniuses at Buerge Chyrsler in Santa was a sensor from the throttle to the transmission...seems much better now.....seems to happen a little now, only when maintaing a constant speed going uphill. But a s all of you know...these dealerships kill me...the first 2 visits to the dealership, no solutions, I was told that they had road tested my car, under many conditions, but the odometer had changed by 1 mile......many conditions??...I asked and they shrugged..".well we did it quickly?"...They also brought up the whole.."your mods may be voiding your warranty"...which they then stammered through as I pointed out my work, had no bearing on this or any problem....but the capper is the service advisor pointing things out to me under the hood....that were factory installations!....moron....
On the hunt for another dealer.....thanks again everybody...
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