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Need help after a turbo was replaced and it still makes the noise

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Old 20 Jun 2012, 03:00 am
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Default Need help after a turbo was replaced and it still makes the noise

My turbo is out, or so I've been told by 3 mechanics that heard it. it first started making a noise when i went a little of 60mph and let off the gas. the sound is obviously pressure being released that's a cross between an 18 wheeler j-break and one of those kids flip over cans for the whinny long cow moo. it took just a few days (afraid to go over 60 so i wont deal with the noise for caution till diagnosis) and it gradually started to get a tin can ratting noise while idling and it increased during driving. this all occured over a thursday after i picked up my car after a $600 bill for tie rods, engine mounts, breaks and some other crap. and i took it back on mon for an idea as to what it was now. he said that the last one he did was 3,000 in dealer parts a few years back. not satisfied i search online and fine a rebuild with a manifold for $350. another friend of mine is a mechanic and asked me to check for to be absolute sure by just feeling for it for any kinda play in the turbine. i did, but i had to call my uncle whole is a master mechanic. he recently retired and easily the best guy i know for info in regards to cars. after removing some tubes i felt no play. well, it was in the range of what any spinning part should feel like. he told be to drive it over. it wasn't the turbo and he'll diagnose himself.

after hearing it he said that it definitely sounds like the turbo and the play feels so minor that it could be just enough and he also noticed that it had very few and very minor scratches. blades look to be fine and without chips, bent or burnt. so to be sure he had me rev the engine while he used the lengthy stethoscope thingy to try and pin point the sound and really couldn't locate the point of origin. He said it sounds like it
s all over the place. in the end he still said it's gotta be the turbo. He told me to get a turbo core off ebay for $200. I asked my buddy mike to help install cause i can build a house, not a car. mike was hell bet on being able to get a whole assembly off craigslist for $200 instead. More parts for any unknown pitfalls. i wanted to disagree and tried, but he started to make some sense. after all, it was cheaper then the $350 and i really didn't want to have to **** with the manifold cause the bolts looked rusted enough to be yet another problem.

after 2 evenings of work we got the top throttle body and turbo off. during this process i noticed the 3rd spark plug cap was off an inch and decided to get spark plugs while i had the chance the next day before we started to button it up. well, oil was at least a 1/2 inch thick down each spark plug tube. back to the store for a valve gasket we went. we got it all back together and it went pretty well. sadly the noise did not change. left us thinking that it had to be the waste gate in the manifold. so i went looking for a manifold. also learned that they only come a turbo attached. i had another waste gate the i wanted to put on from the new/used turbo and one bolt is broke off and it has 2 cracks. (I'm going to post pics here in a moment of everything i see.)

Today yesterday i took off everything on the top and my brother helped me take off "most" of the heat shield, bottom it stuck on something and supposedly the 4 bolts with nuts on a flat doughnut connection are pretty damn rusted. my bro says that it needs to get torched, but the car will easily go up in flames be cause today i learned that my driver side axle is smashed and leaking, well, rather its splashing an impressing amount of grease over everything, despite this, I've heard no noise from the cv joint yet. but that could be because of the turbo noise.

that's pretty much where I'm at this far. after some serious comparing the two turbos, both have there quirks. my inside turbo of the old one is supposedly kinda ****ed. (ill post that pick later) and the other used one i bought has the house,bushing, whatever the lid/cap that's directly below the external turbine is moving in and out easily by hand making a similar noise. my old one does not move, seems to be molded as a solid part. this part kind of confuses me. One last part, the 1st external fan on the turbo came out looking pretty white compared to the replacement one i got. when i took out the 2nd one, the blades looked incredibly white. I can't help but think its oil burning up inside there. btw, it IS getting oil from the line.

so this is my options and im asking for your helpful insight and experience. 1) buy a rebuild kit for $50
2) Buy a core replacement for $210
3) send in for a full rebuild for $350 (mind you, i'm ****ed getting the manifold off as it is due to rusty bolts.

any advice?

not important, but to give some back story of why shit is so messed up. I purchased this as a wrecked car that i was going to invest some money in to get it to rebuild title and sell it for half price. i had purchased for $850, & $1,250 with feels and taxes. Body work was quoted at $750 and then the frame needed to be straightened. add another $1200. i personally bought a new hood, new bumper bar, new fender, a runny, orange peal and several fish eyed paint job that took a month and was told it could have been better if he had more time. i STILL have to take it back and do the ****ing work myself. seriously, myself. i don't do body work, but i will do this wall ****ing better then him at his own place for nor charge. i also replaced the radiator and the a/c condesor. after picking it up from the body shop he informed me (after i spent $900 on parts and 3 days installing parts after i saw that i paid for someone else to $300 and it was clearly ****ed up because of the oil and tranny fluid leaking. he also said he needed to wet sand and buff the car when i wasn't so desperate to have it done in a month. i took it to my garage cause it made a really strange noise on the passenger side. after an inspection my mechanic said after the inspection part of the moth was over he'd fix what easily sounded like a tension torque bar mount that's lose and to put new o rigs and some other small parts to seal up the a/c that wasn't put in correctly. well, what was a $100 fix for both ended up being $600+ because after further inspection the tire rods needed to be replaced, the breaks and several engine mounts. also, somehow how things happened, the a/c belt was cutting into part of the frame. also i got the window washer tank replaced also.

Yes, this has been a crazy long post. just felt the whole story might let you know what i know as of yet in regards to everything. I do have one more important question, more honestly, but this one is really important. beings that this car was hit hard, the airbags went off. both driver and passager. the guy that replaced them didn't plug them it. so the lights on. he said he never hooks them up, he had one hit them and doesn't want anyone else to experience it. I noticed he just got mismatched ones because of the plugs being different. i went back to the junkyard to find one with the right placement of the radio and pulled it. i have a limited edition so my passager cover is gray. the one i found is blue. haven't taken off the passager side yet again because of the turbo is much more important at the moment. my 2 points 1) if the passager airbag i got has the right plug, can i somehow take that off and swap it for the silver that currently matches my car? if the adapter is wrong, can i solder a clip that would fit from another cruiser to make it fit without setting it off as soon as i put the negative battery on? same with the driver side wheel bag. i got the old one with the exploded cutout bag and it has the right clip, but i can't find a used matching airbag other then what i got now. Or i could do the most brilliant advice that most certainly bite me in the ass long after i sell it. dude who installed said to take the simple 5 min it takes to remove the airbag bulb.

well, after all that, i just need to have 2 seatbelts rebuilt cause of the charges that went off. then replace the headlights cause they are foggy as all hell and the driver side housing is supposedly broken on the back and prob best best be replaced. buy fog lights cause the driver side has to housing and a bulb just hanging from a wire. the taillight are fine aside from the passager side seems to be getting moisture. lastly, i have to spent $80 for it to get detailed cause the body shop decided to keep a stray dog the owners wife saved and they decided to keep it in my car. all and all I've been going to hell and back and every project uncovers more problems. 3 months now I've replaced 80% of the mechanics and fixed and painted 90%.

Thanks your time in the very least to read this. now i gotta post up some pics of where i'm at.

Hopefully this link to the pics works. If you need more i'll take more after work from any angles you need. I also want to put a blowoff on to control the waste gate. i just want to be sure that its not that problem also. i'm lost on the blowoff point, what to get and how to make sure it all works out. but i am loveing the idea i learned after the several searches that i can get one that will add that whoosh sound. I drive like an old man so i'm not worried about the 4th gear rule to not blowoff then, but it'd just be cool to add after i already have so ****ing much ripped off. no better time then now and maybe if its not the turbo and it is the wastegate, another could fix it. although, i got no ****ing clue how they work, the type i'd need with the factory and if i need to tune it with some tool i don't have.

thanks again for any help ahead of time.

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Old 20 Jun 2012, 03:03 am
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Default Re: Need help after a turbo was replaced and it still makes the noise

well the pics didn't work. maybe this link will:
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Old 20 Jun 2012, 07:07 am
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Default Re: Need help after a turbo was replaced and it still makes the noise

You using syntheic oil in the car?
Did you replace the oil feed lines? If oil lines to turbo aren't replaced, you'll kill replacement turbos.
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Old 20 Jun 2012, 11:16 am
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Default Re: Need help after a turbo was replaced and it still makes the noise

Sorry for the length. I never posted in a forum and after years of reading them, it seems everyone that posts a question catches hell for not being clear.

Yes, new oil line and it had oil in both turbos.
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Old 20 Jun 2012, 12:58 pm
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Default Re: Need help after a turbo was replaced and it still makes the noise

Originally Posted by mrpilat View Post
the airbags went off. both driver and passager. the guy that replaced them didn't plug them it. so the lights on. he said he never hooks them up,
now that's funny!

I just cut skin off and toss the actual bag- But ONLY ON MY FRICKEN CAR!!!

The guy probably shouldn't be at liberty !!!!

Sounds like you got yourself into more than you bargained for-
Don't understand turbo stuff- It's good, BOV is bad, but turbo needs to be fixed?
Fixed because BOV thingy is integral, or?
Rattling tappets at idle just sounds like oil pressure is a little low- goes away with a little revs is classic
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Old 22 Jun 2012, 01:31 pm
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Default Re: Need help after a turbo was replaced and it still makes the noise

Take a look at our PT Cruiser Turbo User's Guide located in our album section here.

It should provide a little more insight on what can go wrong inside a turbo and cause failures.

As already mentioned, you need to switch to Synthetic oil (Mobil 1 or Castrol GT recommended) and replace the oil supply line. Also, we have found that catalytic convertors are killing many of the turbos that come in for repair. The exhaust back pressure forces the soft carbon seal up against the inconel turbine shaft spinning upwards of 225K RPM. Depending on the severity of the restriction the seal can wear away and disintegrate in only a few miles with extreme cases.

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