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New GT Owner...A few Questions

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Old 17 Mar 2004, 07:53 am
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Default New GT Owner...A few Questions

I just traded in my '99 Neon ACR on an '04 GT (couldn't convince my wife to get the SRT-4, thought this would be a good compromise). I was pretty familiar with modified Neons (campaigned mine in SCCA Autocross - DSP), but wanted to get the board's assessment on a few of my queries:

1.) Is it me, or is redline on a stock car @ 6,000 rpm?

2.) The exhaust/intake sounds on the car seems to be pretty tame (read: boring). Any dealer suggestions for a slightly more "mellifluous" but not too buzzy sound?

3.) Do GT's come with swaybars, and do aftermarket jobbies have a noticable effect?

4.) What's the 1/4 mile time out of a stock GT?

Thanks for your assistance.

The Rookie
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Old 17 Mar 2004, 09:34 am
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Gt has front sway,integrated rear sway ( take as you will ) . Redline is 6250 rpms, but max torgue/horsepower is below that around 5250. You can get axle backs,catbacks and intakes. The 3.0 intake from neons will work in modified form . Your wallet is your limit . Welcome to the forum.
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Old 17 Mar 2004, 10:45 am
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With the turbo, you don't need much more than 6 Grand on the tach. I have a modded 98R/T the I shift at about 7500 RPM and it took a while to get used to the 6000 RPM shift points, but you will learn. The Neon doesn't start pulling till about 5Grand, but the Turbo PT pulls from ground zero. Lots of mods for this one -- start with the stage one upgrade, then exhaust, then get some real tires and wheels.

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Old 17 Mar 2004, 11:37 am
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jbrown1977 welcome to the forum.

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Old 17 Mar 2004, 12:40 pm
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Start by removing the silencers from the air box. Some people have an air intake made by a member on this forum, do a search for amx intake. I have a custom dual exhaust on mine that has the resonators from a SRT4, and no muffler. It sounds just like the SRT so if you like that sound than maybe that is a way you could go. With my g-tech pro I ran a 15.2 with the silencers removed, and just ran a 14.59 with the exhaust and my manual boost controler set-up. I do all the runs on the same stretch of road so I think it gives me a good idea of what my mods have done for me.

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Old 17 Mar 2004, 04:45 pm
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Welcome to the forum, jbrown1977. [^]
Removal of the silencer(s), install a K&N drop-in filter and a single straight-through (no baffles) performance exhaust such as the BTG which many forum members have and recommend would get you off to a good start...[8)]

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Old 17 Mar 2004, 07:51 pm
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Thanks for all the responses...a few more questions.

Are the baffles in the stock airbox, or further up the intake piping?

Anybody in the DC Metro area know of any good PT Cruiser-oriented shops, or is online ordering the best way to get parts?


\'04 Silver GT
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Old 18 Mar 2004, 02:28 am
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Jim Brown???? I knew a Jim Brown at Syracuse in '60, I lost track of him when he moved west to Clevland..any relation? Look KID, you'r about half the age of most of us guys with PT Cruisers, but your getting savey with the COMPROMISE for a '04 GT. I did the same thing. Took my wife and her 90 year old dad on a ride in the Mini Cooper S, then an open air ride in the VW turbo rag top...and oh well, I COMPROMISED on the 220 HP PTGT...reverse psychology.

Ther are no PT shops around DC...opps Washington,DC not Daimler Chrysler, all are in California, just shop on the web. Welcome to the Club KID.

Say something to W for me[8)]
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Old 18 Mar 2004, 05:05 am
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Welcome to the forum. If you want and stop at Stage 1 then the BTG 2.25" axleback or catback exhaust is for you. The sound is aggressive tho doesn't drone at freeway speeds. If you are going to Stage 2 then a 2.5" catback exhaust is needed. Borla makes a nice catback 2.5". I have a 2.5" catback Heartthrob single exhaust and love it. Some here like the dual exhaust system. It's nice for the cosmetic look and looks cool but does nothing performance wise for a 4 cylinder and cost more money.
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Old 18 Mar 2004, 06:29 am
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quote:Originally posted by jbrown1977

Thanks for all the responses...a few more questions.

Are the baffles in the stock airbox, or further up the intake piping?
The quick answer is YES!! Open up the air box, take the filter out and you will see one BIG white silencer. Lose it (it comes apart easily and then slides out if you take the air box off the car it is easier to do). There is another one in the air box to turbo plastic pipe. About the only way to get rid of that one is to change to a custom turbo to air box intake pipe (thanks AMX1397) or a turbo up filter replacement. There is a third one in the snorkel on the fresh air side of the air box. You can take that one off but then you are breathing warmer air. I just pulled mine out, put tape over the holes and put it back together. Others have cut off most of the snorkel inside the air box.

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